My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 444
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Chapter 444


Chapter 444

“Jia Xu! Surround him!” Liu Mang was seething in anger as he picked up the sword . He did not intend to show mercy to the barbarian that almost killed him .

“Understood!” Jia Xu replied while feeling frightened . Even without Liu Mang’s words, the four Third Grade generals had already surrounded the barbarian and no longer showed any leniency . Liu Mang had also prepared himself to kill this barbarian .

“You stabbed me with a pitchfork, so I will repay you with a sword!” Liu Mang was very quick with his movements as he aimed at the barbarian’s neck

The barbarian himself was not any slower . He roared as he protected his neck with the pitchfork .

“Hmph!” Liu Mang sneered as his sword immediately changed directions . The target was not the barbarian’s neck but below his clavicle1 . To begin with, Liu Mang never had the confidence to kill the barbarian in one strike which is why he did not go for the neck .

Blood splashed out as Liu Mang’s sword struck that location . It was the same location as Liu Mang’s own injury . This showed how angry Liu Mang was at the barbarian .

“Kill him!” Liu Mang was not the only one to attack . The other four also joined the fight .

The barbarian had already been injured . On top of that, he had to fight against five people, one of which was as strong as him before he got injured . Him losing was only a matter of time .

“Over there! Over there!” A voice shouted while Liu Mang and the other four were ganging up on the barbarian, a lot of people suddenly appeared . They were all carrying torches .

“Milord . The city defenders of Xiangyang is already here!” Jia Xu said to Liu Mang .

“Xiangyang defenders?” Liu Mang frowned . They were about to kill the barbarian when the defenders appeared . Although the people were allowed to carry swords in Xiangyang, it does not mean that they were allowed to kill . If the soldiers finds them, Liu Mang would be in prison instead of Kuai Liang’s residence .

“Let’s go!” Liu Mang thought to himself for a moment and decided to leave . Although he wanted to personally kill the barbarian, he had to think of the bigger picture . Liu Mang who had a carriage could leave quickly but the injured barbarian would definitely be caught . Either way, the kidnapping barbarian would be dead .

“These are not Xiangyang defenders!” Kuai Ran shook his head . Kuai Ran had joined the Xiangyang defenders for a short while . He wasn’t with them very long but it was enough to know that the defenders have good armor that makes a lot of noise . On the other hand, the approaching people did not have that armor noise . That was why Kuai Ran guessed otherwise .

Regardless, Liu Mang should not linger so he had to let go of the barbarian .

“Milord! Look!” Jia Xu pointed as he shouted towards Liu Mang .

“Hm?” Liu Mang was stunned . The barbarian had suddenly knelt down and stopped moving .

“He is dead?” Liu Mang frowned as he looked at the barbarian carefully . It would be a huge joke if this was the barbarian’s bluff .

With a single command from Jia Xu, one of the Third Grade general carefully stepped forward to check . Eventually, they found out that the barbarian had only lost consciousness .

“Milord! He has lost consciousness! We can just kill him!” Jia Xu said to Liu Mang . Originally, they wanted to kill the barbarian but they had to give up because people were coming . Now that the barbarian had fainted, it should be easy to just take his head .

Liu Mang nodded . Just as he was about to kill the barbarian, Kuai Ran suddenly voiced his surprise . “Eh? Isn’t this the barbarian princess?”2 Without anybody noticing, he was already beside the barbarian .

“This guy really wants to die!” Liu Mang thought to himself speechlessly . If the barbarian was faking his death, Kuai Ran would already be dead . All of Liu Mang’s efforts of saving him would be wasted .

“Barbarian princess?” Liu Mang stepped forward and realized that the woman was the barbarian princess from the sweet feast .

“Why is she here? Did the barbarian buy her?” Liu Mang asked .

“If so, they would not be here!” Jia Xu shook his head . The price of the barbarian princess was so astronomical that even nobles could not pay that amount . How could a barbarian pay for her? If he had bought her, they would be at the brothel or be sent back home by the brothel enjoying their pleasure . The barbarian would not be half dead over here . Something must have definitely happened .

“Quick! They are in front!” The ones carrying the torch were getting closer .

Liu Mang could not understand and decided not to think anymore . What he needed to do now was leave . “Men! Put them both on the carriage!”

“Understood!” Liu Mang’s men placed the barbarian princess with the women . They also tied up the barbarian man and placed him into Jia Xu’s carriage .

Jia Xu felt helpless from the strong smell of blood . He also could not tell Liu Mang to let go of the barbarian man and could only clench his teeth . There were no good endings for employees that goes against their bosses .

“Let’s go!” Two of the drivers were killed by the barbarian and the remaining one had already ran away . As these people were sent by the brothel, Liu Mang could only have Kuai Ran send back the carriages . Fortunately, Jia Xu’s men could also drive carriages . The three carriages started to move

“Wait! Stop the carriage!” The crowd carrying torches shouted .

“Keep going!” Liu Mang ignored them . As long as the carriages kept moving, the people behind would not be able to catch up .

“I am telling you to stop! Did you hear me?” The person in charge of the crowd shouted again but the three drivers ignored him and raised their horsewhips again .

“Fine! Archers!”

“Stop!” Liu Mang could only order them to stop as the carriages may not be able to outrun arrows .

“Since when could people other than the soldiers use bows?” Kuai Ran reminded . Bows were supervised weapons, especially strong bows . While weapons like swords could be dealt with depending on a person’s martial skill, very few could block arrows . Not even Guan Yu and Sun Jian could do it .

Guan Yu was badly injured while Sun Jian was turned into a porcupine . This showed how powerful strong bows were . That was why only the army could use bows . The noble’s private troops would not have bows . Even if they do, they would not dare to take it out . They were afraid of the soldiers disobeying orders .

“Hmph!” The crowd surrounded Liu Mang’s carriage when the carriage stopped .

On the other hand, Liu Mang’s face was red with shame and anger after he stopped the carriage and saw that there were no bows . He was initially afraid of the bows but how could there be any bows here? He was tricked . The reputable Jia Xu who did not say anything was also tricked . How could he not feel angry?

“Haha . ” Jia Xu laughed awkwardly . Jia Xu had also suggested that they stop . Without his words, Liu Mang would not have stopped the carriage . This is because Jia Xu was afraid of death .

“Hmph!” Liu Mang coldly snorted . Although the carriage had stopped, he did not get down the carriage . Instead, he kicked Jia Xu off to deal with others . Jia Xu was initially supposed to be seated with the barbarian man but he had brazenly enter Liu Mang’s carriage instead .


Based on the description “Shoulder nearer the chest area”, it should be right below the clavicle . So you are telling me, a carriage that left to the outer parts of the city, an entire brothel bidding session early, was overtaken by a barbarian carrying a person, on foot . The same barbarian who chased the carriage that was most likely heading to the inner parts of the city one session after the first carriage, and had to kidnap a woman on top of that .

This carriage is absolutely worthless .

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