My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 440
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Chapter 440

hapter 440

What a joke . How could the old woman agree to the Huang brother’s request? They had spent so much money to obtain the barbarian woman and the sweet feast that day was also for the purpose of selling her off . How could the Huang brothers raise her price to two thousand six hundred gold and then say that they don’t want her anymore .

If they could just refuse to take her, the brothel would lose face . People would also refuse to go to their sweet feast in the future .

“Can we have a discount then?” Huang Kai asked softly even though he was usually more arrogant then his Huang Chen .

“Cannot!” The old woman shook her head . “Huang Kai . Do you not know our rules here at the brothel? A discount? If we give discounts, how are we going to do business?” This is not something they could do . If they allowed this to happen once, the others in the future would also ask for discount or refuse to buy after bidding . If that were to happen, the brothel can no longer do business .

Huang Kai took a deep breath . The old woman’s expression had already changed and her words were becoming less respectful . Huang Kai calmed his anger down . This old woman is one of the lowest in position in the brothel . It was like the position of a dog . Yet, this dog was now giving him a lot of attitude . It would be strange if Huang Kai felt comfortable dealing with this .

“Shameless! How dare you speak to brother like that!” Huang Kai could endure but Huang Chen could not . He stepped forward with the intention to beat her up .

The old woman sneered at Huang Chen . She was not like Chen Ju . Although Chen Ju was talented, he comes from a poor background, had no martial power and no backing . On the other hand, the old woman had powerful backing . If Huang Chen were to attack, he would only be kicked out of the brothel .

Two hired thugs already stepped forward to protect the old woman . They were here to protect the brothel .

“Stop!” Huang Kai stopped his little brother . He too, wanted to beat her up but if he knew the Huang Family would only end up making enemies with the ones supporting the brothel .

With a gloomy expression, Huang Kai decided to call for her superior instead .

“Of course!” The old woman replied and then softly added . “Don’t bid if you got no money!” Although she spoke softly, the Huang brothers could still hear her and felt extremely unhappy .

Soon after that, a familiar voice asked, “What’s wrong? If there is a problem, you can tell me . ” The one that arrived was Manager Liu .

“Manager Liu . You came at the right time . Is this how your people treats their customers?” Huang Chen immediately filed a complaint .

“Haha . Is that so?” Manager Liu laughed and then reprimanded the old woman . “Cui Yun! You see, these people already have complaints about you! You must improve yourself in the future!”

“Understood, Brother Liu . ” Cui Yun was like a mother but she was only about thirty years old and still had her childish voice .

“Alright . Go and deal with the Huang brother’s other payment . After that, we will talk about the price . ”

“Manager Liu . You know that we do not have enough money . ” Huang Kai spoke bitterly .

“No money? You can always borrow!” Manager Liu replied in a simple manner .

“Borrow?” Huang Kai and Huang Chen looked at each other in confusion . What kind of joke is this? Who could possibly lend them four thousand and seven hundred gold?

“Liu Ye . How about we buy the barbarian princess but not the other five women?” Huang Kai gritted his teeth . He and Huang Chen could buy the barbarian princess if they were to take out all of their money and borrow the remainder . However, they would not be able to pay for the other five girls .

“The five girls total up to over two thousand . Do you think we can sell them at the next sweet feast if we don’t sell them now?” Manager Liu asked as he stared at Huang Kai .

“Why not? You can still auction at a high price!” Huang Chen replied without any understanding .

“Haha . Then how about you buy them?” Manager Liu sneered back at Huang Chen .

“Little brother! Shut up!” Huang Kai said to his little brother . This Huang Chen was someone who fails a lot . Even this plan was initially proposed by Huang Chen . Huang Kai even had the slight intention to kill him but in the end, Huang Chen was still his little brother . The brothel can’t sell the other women anymore . Unlike Luo Xiang who everybody wanted to see at least once, the other women would not be able to step out a second time .

It was like an actual banquet where they must never serve leftover dishes . Even if the dishes were untouched, people would not look at this favorably . Even if they didn’t voice their opinions, it would also be impossible to sell them at a high price . If it was just one or two at a low price, the brothel could probably bear the cost . Unfortunately, a full group of five women that total up to two thousand one hundred gold was not something the brothel could bear .

“Manager Liu . How about you tell us what to do . ” Huang Kai finally understood that he was going to suffer heavily . At worst, he was completely finished .

“It is very simple . All you need to do is sign this and stamp your fingerprint . ” Manager Liu said with a smile as he took out a paper . Both brothers looks at the paper . Immediately after that, Huang Chen shouted . “Impossible!” He then tore the paper to shreds .

What was written was a certificate of indebtedness, an IOU, stating that Huang Kai and Huang Chen owed four thousand seven hundred gold to the brothel . This amount needed to be paid by the Huang Family . If something were to happen to the Huang brothers, their family would need to pay the amount . If the one that owned the brothel was just a common individual, they would not dare lay a hand on the Huang Family . However, if this brothel demands the money, the Huang Family would have no choice but to fork it out . It would honestly be better to just kill the Huang brothers at this point in time . Even if Manager Liu did not act, their parents would kick them out of the house . The Huang Family was already weaker than the Cai Family . If they had to pay this exorbitant amount as well, it would become even worse . In fact, the only reason they were still around is because the Liu Biao wanted the Huang Family to keep the Cai Family in check .

“Haha . Why are you so impatient?” Manager Liu laughed and took out another paper . While the paper looked slightly different, the contents were the same .

“Manager Liu . Is there really no other way?” Huang Kai asked .

“There is no other way . Either you sign this and take the women or get arrested while we discuss things with your family . Your choice!” Manager Liu continued with a smile . No one is allowed to leave without paying in his brothel .

“Alright . I will sign . ” Huang Kai gritted his teeth and replied .

“Brother . Have you gone mad?” Huang Chen pulled his brother and shouted .

“I am not mad! Little brother, we do not have any other way out! Since it is a dead end either way, it is better to sign this . At least we get a moment’s pleasure . ” Huang Kai’s words were the truth . Either way, they would need to pay the money . Since they could not pay the money, they were already doomed . While they were direct descendants, they were not the first child of the first wife . Their statuses would be scrapped just like how Huang She lost his status as the heir .

If they keep resisting, they would spend time in the prison . If they sign, they could at least enjoy the women for a while .

“Manager Liu . I will sign this but can I ask for a favor?” Huang Kai cupped his fist as he spoke .

“Speak . ” Manager Liu nodded generously .

“I alone will sign this . No need to let my little brother sign it . Is that okay?” Huang Kai pleaded .

“Brother! Don’t do this! We are brothers born from the same mother! How could it end like this?” Huang Chen was unwilling . “I disagree! If we die, we die together!” Once they sign it, they would be discarded by the Huang Family . To them who was used to the easy life, it would be the same as a death sentence . On top of that, they still had many enemies who would definitely not give up the chance to attack them when they are down .

“Be obedient! After I sign this, it is still possible to find another way out! If we both sign this then we would definitely reach a dead end!” Once Huang Kai signed the IOU, the Huang Family will disown him but Huang Chen could still protect his brother . If the both of them sign it, the both of them would fall together .

“Manager Liu, it is done . I will not forget this favor . ” Huang Kai said as he knelt down .

“Ai! There is no need for that!” Manager Liu sighed as he shook his head . If only they had known earlier . They were the ones that picked a fight against Kuai Ran and Wang Shu . If Kuai Ran and Wang Shu were around, it may be those two instead that suffered while the Huang brothers emerged victorious . All of this was none of Manager Liu’s business . The only thing he needed to care about was earning money for himself and his employer .

“I can promise you this . ” Manager Liu replied . To him, the only important thing was that the debt was acknowledge instead of who signed the IOU . The rest was his employer’s job . It is possible that the Huang Family would just pay out the amount when asked without a fuss .

“Thank you, thank you!” Huang Kai bowed repeatedly to Manager Liu . He then signed the IOU neatly and made a fingerprint .

“Alright . Now that you have signed this, I will no longer interrupt your pleasure time . The women have already been sent to the carriage . The two of you can bring them home at any time . ” Manager Liu smiled beamingly as he spoke . He was good natured to everybody, especially those who spend a lot .

“Let’s go!” Huang Kai said . He seemed extremely tired after signing his name and looked as though he was about to collapse . Cold sweat from his forehead could be seen dropping onto the floor .

“Brother!” Huang Chen hurried forward to support his brother when he saw his brother’s condition .

“Little brother . Let’s go home . ” Huang Kai struggled to stand with the help of his little brother . It seems that it would be his last day enjoying himself crazily . After that day, he would no longer have that chance .

“Brother . I will not betray your trust!”

“Hopefully not . Haha . ” Huang Kai shook his head .

“You! Go and prepare a carriage . Let my brother send all six of the women back!” Huang Chen ordered while wiping his tears . His brother had already sacrificed himself for him . The least he could do was let his brother sample those women first .

“Let’s go . ” Huang Kai looked as though he aged ten years .

“N!” Huang Chen supported his brother down the stairs and then out of the brothel and into the prepared carriage . The carriage then started its journey towards their home .

A short while after the Huang brothers left, a barbarian man followed after the carriage .

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