My Family in the Novel?

Chapter 3: My Sisters’ Weakness 2
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Chapter 3: My Sisters' Weakness 2

(R 18) Warning

Adrian Vulter Tellus, her young master for which she considers as her little brother, the one and only person on this very world that she considers family, was gently pulling her closer to his embrace.


Their lips were still connected, their warm breaths collided, Analise not knowing how to react closed her eyes.

Adrian then slowly pushed Analise to the bed, Adrian was now on top of Analise, a strand of saliva stringed around their mouths, as they let go of each other.



Analise rugged breaths could be heard, before she even realized it, Adrian unbuttoned her maid uniform and as if waiting for this very moment her ample breasts popped out, Analise then suddenly screamed "wait" and tried to cover her chest with her hands, but it was futile.


Analise flinched as his warm breath suddenly tickled her neck, Analise was still confused by the sudden situation, but for some reason she didn't want to stop him, Adrian slowly ran his tongue on her neckline all the way down to her collar and kissed it, Analise squirmed, Adrian then continued to play with her neck alternating from licking to kissing.

Analise's body tensed up, this type of feeling was new for her, her heart was pounding, her mind was confused, and her mouth continued to let go of vulgar noises inappropriate for a professional maid of the Tellus family.


Her resistance slowly subsided, the hands that were covering her inviting melons lost their strength, Adrian seeing the opportunity got Analise up in a sitting position and with one swift motion effortlessly removed her black seductive lingerie, Analise's pink nipples presented themselves, like freshly plucked cherries they stood firm and proud.

Adrian slowly put Analise back to bed, no resistance could be seen from her eyes, instead a deep sense of craving could be seen, like a hungry dog waiting for its master to feed her, in Adrian's eyes she looked like the perfect prey ready to be eaten.

"Ah" 𝗳𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Adrian gently grabbed one of her breasts and brought it in his mouth, while his other hand gently caressed the other, he sucked her puffy pink nipples and twirled his tongue skillfully, switching from nipple to nipple, Adrian quickly got aggressive.

Quick and long moans left Analise's mouth.


Analise should've been ashamed by her current display, this was not something she should be proud of, but the pleasure was just too much for her to bear, ignoring her sense of morality, Analise's moans continued to grow louder and louder, His legs suddenly got in between her legs pressing it against her most precious treasure.


Slowly Adrian's right hand made it's way down between her legs, he got surprised by slimy feeling he felt, he looked at Analise in the eyes with a smirk on his face, Analise blushed and averted her eyes from Adrian's mischievous gaze.

Adrian sat up in between her thighs, then gently pushed her long maid skirt upwards, he then proceeded to spread her legs, Analise's slimy black underwear with a black garter belt in between her thighs, were reflected on Adrian's eyes, the man then chuckled as if finding this situation quite funny.

Analise tried to say something to stop Adrian from teasing her too much, but she immediately clenched her wet slit, her lower abdomen slightly arched from the intense pleasure.


He had already moved her underwear to the side, and inserted his fingers inside her, with careful and gentle movements, Adrian made a hook shape finger inside her and began to rub her insides from above, below and middle of her watery slit, Adrian then straightened and twirled his fingers.

Her insides tightened and looking at Analise's face that was about to cry, made Adrian realize his sadistic nature, the face she's making right now was something he always wanted to see.

Adrian rubbed faster.


He then finally paid attention on Analise's untouched clitoris and pressed it, the intense pleasure made her hold onto the bed with both hands, her lower abdomen arched and matched his finger movements, his hands and her lower body were now in sync, Analise's sudden movement only made Adrian rub faster relishing at the fact that Analise was enjoying every movement of his fingers.


"A-hnngghhh, Adriiann!"

Analise screamed as she came, she reached an ecstasy she never knew existed, her eyes crossed upwards and her tongue protruded, her lower body arched up as she kept squirting, her slimy liquids spreading on Adrian's face, Analise felt like she was about to meet the goddess at this very moment

As Analise was still trying to calm down, Adrian kissed her intimately, after 2 minutes of intense French kissing Adrian whispered to her ears.

"We're not done yet"

Analise smiled! with an expectant look on her face, she wanted more.

She saw Adrian slowly taking off his suit, she felt a bit regretful of him removing the suit, since she's the one who meticulously dressed him up, but the erotic thoughts on what was about to happen next, made her more excited.

But then Adrian suddenly stopped.


With a slightly ragged breath Analise asked.

"Hah-hah, Adrian?"

But instead of replying Adrian just looked to a certain direction, Analise followed his eyes that lead through the door, there she saw Lilliana Vulter Tellus with eyes wide open, visible shock was written all over her face…


'What's going on?'

Analise moved forward and grabbed my hands and interlocked our fingers together.

'Why is she suddenly holding my hands?'

"Young mas, No Adrian"

'Huh?? Wha-what's going on?' Question marks popped all over Adrian's face, 'and why is she suddenly calling me Adrian all of a sudden'

it feels weirdly good? no this feeling, this is 'SATISFACTION'

Like a child who successfully got their parents to buy them the new PS5, or a grad student successfully getting their master's degree.

Intense happiness was welling up inside me, as if all my relentless endeavors had finally came to fruition.

Badump, badump, 'wha-what the? My heart!'

Suddenly Analise shoved her face closer next to mine, I got stunned, our breaths mixed, my heart started beating faster

'Her-her face isn't it a bit too close right now?'

I moved my head back ever so slightly, to try and stabilize the intense emotions I'm feeling right now, but now that were so close together, I can see why Adrian fell for her, those Ebony black hair that cascaded down like a beautiful waterfall, and those two golden eyes that exudes a strange sense of intensity and warmth…

'Wait what I fell for her?' I quickly rammed through Adrian's memories, after a few moments of memory reading, I came back to reality, so that's how it is huh.

Although Adrian and Analise considered each other as family, at the end of the day they weren't exactly related by blood, Adrian at first considered Analise as the kind and mature older sister he always wanted, but as the years passed by so did their minds and bodies, as Analise got more mature and developed so did Adrian's growing consciousness of her, at first it was just a simple crush but later developed into something more.

Analise was oblivious to this fact, and just continued to be affectionate towards Adrian, Adrian felt conflicted on having these feelings for Analise, especially every time Analise teased him this growing sense of confliction almost ripped him apart, he couldn't exactly push her away, since he didn't want to hurt her and Analise was the only one he could rely on this house. free

I chuckled inwardly 'this girl is probably teasing me right now' the look in her eyes as if waiting for a grand reaction from me, I can almost hear the laughter seeping out of her mouth, as the new Adrian, I guess I should follow the script and let her have her fun.

'Hahh' I sighed inwardly should I also follow the script once I enter the academy? And proceed to annoy the living shit out of the protagonist?

Well, it's not like I'll actually die if he kills me, it's gonna hurt as hell though, and I've always wanted to try playing a villain, though only 3rd rate Adrian was still a villain, if anything I'm curious about Adrian's master which was veiled in complete mystery, I've read up to the 6th volume of this novel but no information regarding his master ever appeared, other than his short interactions with Adrian, and his title of Pride, they are basically an enigma, should I really follow the script and die? Or start a new beginning for Adrian and mess up the story??

"Hmm, what to do?"

"Adrian, am I beautiful?"

Oh, I got lost on track their, back to acting mode

"Yes" Adrian I said absentmindedly

"Hmm" Analise replied seductively

Badump, badump, badump

But seriously, how much did you like this girl Adrian, your basically head over heels in love with her, your heartbeat can probably outrun a horse right now, if this keeps up even, I will have a hard timeee…

Analise suddenly got closer to me

hey woman what the heck are you doing, thi-these soft mounds I'm feeling right now

Badump, badump, badump

'Ahhh' I can't take it anymore

Analise moved her face closer to mine

I'm sorry Adrian, but I'll be taking her, ok? Don't worry, I swear to take care of her until my eternity ends.

I caught Analise's face and kissed her, everything else happened after that….


"Lilliana Vulter Tellus"

First daughter of duke Frederick Tellus, Lilliana Vulter Tellus, was widely regarded as the quintessential embodiment of grace and beauty within the empire. Her reputation as the "flower of the empire" stemmed not only from her exquisite physical features but also from her exceptional qualities and accomplishments.

With her enchanting presence and refined manners, Lilliana was the epitome of elegance at every social gathering and court event. She possessed a captivating charm that drew the admiration of both nobles and commoners alike. Her poise and charisma left a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of meeting her, beyond her physical attributes, Lilliana was known for her intelligence and wit. She displayed a keen intellect and a love for literature and the arts, often engaging in insightful discussions on various subjects. Her talents extended to music and the performing arts, where she graced the stage with her melodious voice and mesmerizing performances.

Lilliana's philanthropic efforts were also highly esteemed. She dedicated herself to charitable causes, working tirelessly to improve the lives of the less fortunate within the empire. Her compassion and generosity earned her the admiration and gratitude of those she helped.

In addition to her public endeavors, Lilliana was a devoted daughter, sister, and friend, known for her unwavering loyalty and support. Her warm heart and genuine kindness endeared her to her family and close companions, making her a beloved figure within her social circle.

Truly she was the empire's flower and house Tellus's brilliant diamond.

'Based on Adrian's memories we shouldn't have any animosity towards each other, in fact we can be considered close?'

Even though all my other siblings tormented me, she was the only one who openly approached me, as the flower of the empire Lilliana was always busy attending social parties, and other activities she was involved in, so whenever she comes home, it was weird that she always visits me for some reason, well it's probably to raise her reputation even more, I'm worthless to this family, so other than that I couldn't see any benefit in getting involved with me.

Although Adrian was happy that at least one of his siblings doesn't downright bully him, Adrian considered her acts of kindness burdensome, as every time she pays attention to him, the eyes of everyone around him suddenly turns hostile, even though her smile and kindness are probably genuine, I can't believe someone like her would fail to notice that.

'Is she doing it on purpose?'

'Anyway, damn she just had to show up in the most awkward situation possible'

I looked at her she had a surprised look on her face, but she quickly changed into her benevolent smiling face

'Wow, this girl you can probably rival me in my acting skills'

"Adrian what's going on here?"

Freeze, a chill suddenly trickled down my spine.

'What the?'

What's with this intense chill, I'm feeling right now, my heart thumped but not from love, rather is this fear?

I looked at her again

'Is it just me or did the shine in her eyes got darker?'

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