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Chapter 37 Joint Combat Exams 5
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Chapter 37 Joint Combat Exams 5

With graceful agility, I continued to evade William's fierce attacks, all the while keeping my focus on the true purpose of this encounter. My intentions were far from violence; I had come here to engage William in a conversation about the impending devil contract he was likely to enter. To sweeten the deal, I even brought along a well-crafted manual on a unique Spear martial manual that didn't exist in this world, as an offering in exchange for the critical information I sought.

While the knowledge contained within this manual was standard fare in my previous world, it was a complete deviation from the norms of this world. I anticipated that William would likely view it as a priceless artifact, given the marked disparity in understanding between the two worlds. freewebnovel. com

Despite the fact that William hadn't yet cemented the devil contract, I could sense the sinister presence of the malevolent entity lurking within him, biding its time to ensnare him with irresistible temptations.

The novel had strongly suggested that the devil had already begun whispering honeyed words of persuasion to William's subconscious, particularly after his loss to Tristan in the Joint Combat Exams.

As I observed William's fighting style, I detected subtle hints of the demonic influence, a presence that was subdued yet discernible. I decided to utilize my unique authority,

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow - Passive]

[William: Struggling to comprehend why his attacks continually missed]

[Maliel: Amusingly relishing in William's frustration, playfully suggesting that he relinquish control of his body to take over the fight]

A dark and enigmatic smile spread across my lips as I acknowledged the existence of Maliel, the devil within William. At this moment, I was certain that if Meralda were to witness my expression, she would undoubtedly recoil in disgust at the eerie transformation that had overtaken my countenance.

Swoosh...! With lightning-quick reflexes, I narrowly dodged William's devastating attack. He had suddenly deviated from his standard thrusting motion and opted for a powerful swing, but I managed to evade it just in time. Hovering above in the air, I watched in awe as the crescent trail of luminous green energy shot forth from his spear, noting his exceptional control over his aura. His precision was even more impressive than that of many swordsmen I had observed at the academy.

Then, something extraordinary happened. The air crackled with the gathering of green electrical sparks, all converging into a single point. My eyes widened as I beheld the sheer magnitude of aura that William was channeling into his spear.

"Three Ways of the Snake!" he cried out.

"Viper!" he shouted, releasing the immense energy built up in his weapon. His spear hurtled toward me, leaving behind a trail of condensed green energy that carved through the night.

My instincts kicked in, and I knew that facing this attack head-on would be excruciating. "This is going to hurt!" With a resigned exclamation, I activated my White Veil

Boom! An explosion of colossal proportions rocked the densely wooded area, as a massive green orb of pure energy burst high above the forest, casting an ethereal radiance across the surroundings.


As the echoing explosion began to fade, William, still panting, extended his hand. Green streaks of light, resembling intricate patterns, crisscrossed through the air and converged into his palm. In mere moments, his spear returned to his grasp, flying effortlessly back into his hand.

"I don't know who you are, but not many people have pushed me to go all out like this, be proud unknown assassin" William acknowledged, showing respect for the mysterious assassin who had just weathered from his strongest attack.

The assassin, hidden in the smoke-laden air, responded, "I appreciate your kind words, but I'm still here, you know."

As the dissipating smoke revealed the assassin, William's astonishment was evident. His most potent attack had seemingly done no damage, and the assassin, floating effortlessly in the air, appeared entirely unscathed.

"Not even a scratch?"

"You're kidding me, right?" William exclaimed in pure disbelief.

"Not quite" William's eyes widened Without warning the assassin was now right in front of him, and struck William's abdomen with a swift and powerful punch.


A pained groan escaped William's lips as he was sent hurtling through the air, his body soaring like a ragdoll before crashing into the ground, and then rolling several times from the force of the impact.

The assassin let out another heavy sigh, his reluctance to engage in violence evident in his actions and words. He had hoped to avoid conflict, but William's unrelenting determination had left him with no other choice.

"I didn't seek this fight," he muttered, the frustration in his voice apparent. "But since you're so insistent on it, I'll grant your wish."

'Huh?' William found himself with no time to react or even catch his breath as the assassin swiftly launched another attack. A powerful kick sent him hurtling through the air once more. Desperately, William attempted to regain his balance by driving his spear into the ground. The pain in his abdomen and the sheer force of the blow, however, made it nearly impossible for him to regain control of his body. His form tumbled uncontrollably, a testament to the strength of his mysterious adversary.

"How disappointing" The assassin mused as he approached the fallen William. "You were so fierce moments ago, but a few hits are all it takes to bring you down like this?"

His footsteps were slow, deliberate, as if he were savoring the moment. William, his body battered and breathing raggedly, watched the assassin with a mix of fear and confusion. "Who is this guy? Why is he so strong? Why did he come for me? Did the Count finally give up on me?" These questions raced through his mind.

Summoning the last of his strength, William managed to pick up his spear and struggled to stand upright. Clap, Clap, Clap

The assassin applauded this feeble display with a few claps.

"That's more like it," the assassin praised.

Desperate for answers, William finally found his voice. "Who are you?"

A purple aura began to envelop the assassin as he spoke. His form disappeared, leaving behind a trail of eerie luminescent purple. "Oh, now you're interested in talking, unfortunately...," he trailed off.

Without warning, a powerful palm strike surged toward William, connecting with his chest with devastating force. He was sent hurtling through the air once again, the intense pain surging through his battered body as a result of the aura-covered strike.

"I had a slight change of plans" the assassin declared, his words echoing ominously through William's consciousness. Those were the last words William heard before darkness claimed him, as he fell unconscious.


I looked at the fallen William with pure disappointment. He couldn't even keep up with that level of speed, and I had even held back a bit. Now that I confirmed that the devil was already within him, asking him for information would be useless when I could just directly ask the devil myself.

Approaching his fallen body, I muttered in the demonic language, "Heed my call, Maliel."

Suddenly, a dark crimson mana seeped out of William. His body moved like a fallen doll as he got up, his red eyes looking at me with pure curiosity. But I couldn't help but think that demons really have the worst smell, even in another world.

"You know how to speak our words, human?" William, no, the devil Maliel asked. His dark eyes, red irises, and the creepy smile that stretched from ear to ear would have sent any ordinary human running in fear.

"Yes, family reasons, you see," I replied to him with a knowing smile, further stoking his curiosity. Making a deal with a devil required finesse, and my father's words echoed in my mind: "If you want to make a deal, you must first make it interesting." freewebnov(e)l

"Hmm?" the devil exclaimed; its interest piqued even further by my cryptic response.

"So, why have you called me?" Maliel inquired.

"Would you like to make a deal—"


But before I could complete my sentence, a sudden explosion rocked the surroundings. A condensed energy of pure darkness surged within me, and black lightning erupted, wreaking havoc on everything in its path. The devil, being at point-blank range with me, was obliterated from existence.

"Shit, did I just accidentally kill William?"

The darkness continued to surge, and a pillar of darkness emanated from me as its epicenter. Meralda screamed towards me, but I couldn't hear her words. My senses were overwhelmed by the sight and noise before me.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

The system messages continued to flash in front of me. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the massive surge of energy vanished, and complete silence descended upon the forest.

"Is it over?"

"Master, are you alright?" Meralda rushed to check my condition. I couldn't help but wonder about her sudden concern. Weren't we supposed to be at odds?

"Master?" Meralda began to speak but was interrupted as a heavy pressure descended upon the area.

A black crack, like a sinister tear in the fabric of reality, materialized just a few meters in front of us. From its ominous depths emerged an eerie sight: a doll, its lifeless features etched into an expressionless face, was walking hand in hand with Elena. The stark contrast between the doll's artificial lifelessness and Elena's usually vibrant presence was chilling.

Elena, who should have been alert and conscious, appeared in a bewildered and dazed state. Her eyes were vacant, devoid of their usual vitality. It was as if she had been robbed of her very essence, leaving behind only an empty shell. The doll, being much smaller than Elena, added to the disconcerting scene, resembling a child holding hands with her mother or older sister. The stark incongruity of the sight sent shivers down our spines, casting an eerie pall over the forest.

The atmosphere grew heavy with uncertainty as we grappled with the bizarre and unsettling confluence of events, trying to make sense of this inexplicable occurrence.

"S-Sis?" I spoke in disbelief.

"@#!##$!!!###!@#!!#$?" my sister uttered unrecognizable words.

Crack! A sound resembling broken glass filled the air. I glanced to the side and saw Meralda coughing up luminescent green blood.

Her body cracked under the intense pressure and the presence of my sister.

She shivered in fear, as her eyes locked on the doll, goosebumps spread throughout her body, trying to find a way to wash the fear she looked at me silently pleading for answers and urging us to flee.

But my mind was too preoccupied to respond to my sister's question.

"Why can I feel you inside her?" my sister pointed at the girl she was holding hands with.

It was a simple question, but no words came out of my mouth.

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