My Family in the Novel?

Chapter 30: Foolish Saintess 5 (R18) (REWRITE)
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Foll𝑜w current novℯls on 𝘧𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝑏𝑛𝑜𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝘮

Chapter 30: Foolish Saintess 5 (R18) (REWRITE)


The relentless heat bore down on me as I gazed at the laborers, their expressions a mix of exhaustion and frustration. I felt a growing sense of unease in the pit of my stomach. These were the people I had dedicated my life to helping, and now they seemed to have lost faith in my mission.

"No, this is wrong," I thought to myself, determined to find a way to rekindle their spirits. I knew that if I didn't act swiftly, the doubts sown by that young man's words would take root, and my efforts to uplift them would be in vain.

Summoning every ounce of positivity, I could muster; I addressed the weary laborers. "Everyone, I understand that we're all tired right now. Why don't we take a break and return to our work later?"

As I spoke, I couldn't help but notice that they avoided my gaze, their faces turned away from me. Their silence weighed heavily in the air, and I could sense their disappointment and disillusionment. It was clear that my attempt to motivate them had fallen flat.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows over the weary workers, their responses weighed heavily on my heart. Each word they uttered was like a dagger, and I could feel the despair creeping in.

"I appreciate the effort you've done for us, sister, but this type of work really isn't for me," one of them said, their voice laced with resignation.

"You would still be there for us, right, sister?" another asked, their eyes pleading for reassurance.

"I'm sorry, sister," came yet another apology, delivered with a heavy heart.

The weight of their words pressed down on me, and a sense of helplessness washed over me. I had dedicated my life to serving these people, to lifting them up from the depths of poverty and despair. But now, it seemed that my efforts had faltered, and they had lost faith in the path I had set before them.

I couldn't accept this defeat, not when I believed so strongly in their potential for change. The doubts sown by that young man's words had taken root, but I refused to let them define our future.

"No, this is wrong," I whispered to myself, my determination reignited. I couldn't abandon them now, not when they needed me the most.


"Her eyes are still determined, huh?" I muttered with a sense of disappointment. The saintess's unwavering determination to help the people in the slums despite the setbacks was both admirable and frustrating to witness.

"By the way, good job, Meralda," I praised my spirit companion, who had played a crucial role in agitating the workers with her magic. Meralda didn't seem entirely pleased with my approval and cut straight to the point.

"Are you going to do it now?" she asked, her eyes reflecting a mix of uncertainty and concern.

"Hmm? No, not yet," I replied, leaning back against the rooftop's edge. "I told those guys to do it when the sun falls, so probably anytime now."

Meralda continued to watch me, her emotions a swirling mix of doubt and curiosity. She, too, must have been wrestling with the moral implications of our actions.


As the sun dipped below the horizon and twilight descended upon the slums, I found myself trapped in a moral quandary. My role as the Church of Light's saintess had always been centered on helping those in need, irrespective of their backgrounds. However, the young man's stinging words, which had taken root in my heart, were now casting doubt on my convictions.

I was a third-year student at the academy, well aware that my time there was limited before graduation. My initial determination had been to use my abilities to assist the people in the slums as much as I could. But as the shadows lengthened around me, I couldn't ignore the doubts that had begun to gnaw at me. Had my well-intentioned efforts inadvertently fostered dependence among the slum's residents?

Standing in the fading daylight, I grappled with a growing conflict within me. One part of me still clung to the belief that extending compassion and support could guide these people toward a brighter future. Yet another part, burdened by an increasing sense of responsibility, wondered if it was time to step back and let them learn from their own choices and experiences.

"Should I persist in aiding them, regardless of their circumstances?" I questioned; my thoughts tumultuous. "Or should I adopt a different approach, one that fosters self-reliance and personal growth?"

The weight of my decision bore down on me, and I felt torn between my deeply held ideals and the stark reality I had encountered.


As the saintess continued her determined walk through the dimly lit and ominous streets of the Slums, her heart swelled with compassion for the suffering she had witnessed. Poverty and despair seemed to cling to every corner of this forsaken place. The resolve to make a difference grew stronger within her with each step she took.

It had been a long day of offering comfort and solace to the downtrodden, and she was now making her way to a waiting carriage that would take her back to the sanctuary of her home. The Slums were notorious for their dangers, and the saintess wanted to ensure her own safety as well.

However, as she reached the waiting carriage, a voice suddenly pierced the heavy silence. "Sister! Sister! Wait!" came the frantic cry, accompanied by the sound of hurried footsteps. The saintess turned to see a man approaching her, his breath ragged from the rush.

The man coughed, a result of his hurried sprint to catch up with her. Trying to maintain her composure, the saintess spoke gently, "Calm down, brother. What seems to be the problem?"

Hearing her soothing words, the man's initially turbulent emotions began to settle, and he stammered, "I-it's my daughter. She's sick, and she's acting in a weird way. Please, I don't know what to do. Please help me," he pleaded with desperation in his eyes.

Understanding the urgency of the situation and compelled by her unwavering commitment to help those in need, the saintess nodded without hesitation. "Take me to where she is," she urged, her voice filled with compassion.

The man nodded in gratitude and quickly led the saintess through a labyrinth of dark and narrow pathways. As they navigated these shadowy alleys, the saintess couldn't help but notice the squalor and filth that surrounded them. It seemed unlikely that anyone could live in such deplorable conditions.

"I'm sorry," the man murmured, his voice barely audible amidst the gloomy surroundings. The saintess, straining to hear, asked, "What do you mean?"

The man locked eyes with her and said, "I'm truly sorry."

Confusion clouded the saintess's mind for a moment, but it quickly dissipated as she realized that they were not alone. Four more men emerged from the shadows, their intentions dark and foreboding. One of them moved swiftly behind her and pinned her arms, causing shock and fear to wash over her. She understood the gravity of her situation, her instincts racing to find a way out of this perilous encounter.

As the adrenaline surged through her veins, the saintess's heart pounded in her chest. Her mind raced with thoughts of escape and self-preservation. She couldn't fathom what these men wanted from her, but their sinister expressions filled her with dread.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she stammered, her voice quivering with fear, hoping to reason with them and escape this nightmare.

But the five men remained quiet and looked at the saintess with lust in their eyes, their sinister intentions becoming all too clear. As they tried to push her onto the ground, expecting her to be helpless, the saintess surprised them all. With lightning-quick reflexes, she dodged the man who came at her from the front, his grasp slipping through thin air.

The saintess knew that she couldn't rely solely on her physical prowess. Drawing upon her divine powers, she channeled energy into her body, strengthening her physicality. With a powerful burst of strength, she broke free from the man who had pinned her arms from behind, leaving him stunned and reeling.

"Tsk," one of the assailants cursed, frustrated by the saintess's unexpected resilience.

"Hey, hold her properly!" another one shouted, realizing that they were dealing with a formidable adversary.

Despite her fear, the saintess managed to muster a trembling voice as she asked, "Wh-what are you guys trying to do?" Her voice held a mixture of terror and confusion, pleading for answers even as she remained vigilant, ready to defend herself from any further harm.

But the five men ignored her question and quickly attempted to attack her again, driven by their sinister motives.

A white streak sliced through the air as one of them brandished a knife, slashing at the saintess with menacing intent. They expected her to panic and fall victim to their assault. The man holding the knife couldn't help but smile with cruel anticipation. A part of him yearned to rip off the hood and veil covering the mysterious nun's face, curiosity about what lay hidden beneath. Was she pretty or ugly? He didn't care; all he knew was that they would have their way with her after this encounter.

However, the unexpected occurred. Instead of succumbing to fear, the saintess swiftly positioned herself in a martial arts stance, her hands deftly intercepting the trajectory of the knife attack. With a series of fluid movements, she twisted her arms expertly, disarming the astonished assailant. And as if that weren't enough, the saintess's hands shot forward, delivering a powerful punch to the man's chin, causing his eyes to roll back in agony.

"The Church of Light's martial arts? I thought only the paladins were the only ones allowed to learn that," one of the bewildered attackers murmured in perplexity. They couldn't comprehend how a seemingly random nun who had been helping impoverished people in the slums possessed the skills of the church's elite warriors. The saintess's unexpected prowess had thrown them into disarray.

Although the saintess had been brought up and nurtured by the church to become the perfect embodiment of the Goddess in the mortal world, they hadn't neglected to teach her the basics of self-defense. Even in her role as a spiritual leader, the world could be a dangerous place, and she needed to be prepared.

Ignoring the fallen man, who still writhed in pain from her earlier counterattack, the saintess moved with agility and grace. She couldn't help but hope for his swift recovery, even in the midst of this perilous situation; her unwavering commitment to do good for all people still held strong within her.

The four remaining assailants, momentarily dazed by their comrade's misfortune, quickly regained their composure and closed in on the saintess. The tension in the alleyway grew palpable.

As they advanced, the saintess counted silently to herself, using her divine powers to scan her immediate surroundings. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5," she counted, her senses reaching out for any hidden threats. To her relief, her divine awareness revealed no one else lurking in the shadows. A small breath of relief escaped her lips as she realized that there wouldn't be an unexpected ambush catching her off guard.

With newfound knowledge of her surroundings, the saintess steeled herself. "I don't know why these guys suddenly attacked me," she thought inwardly, her determination unwavering. "But I'm not going down that easily."

She adjusted her stance, drawing upon her training and experience. A part of her longed to unleash her formidable combat divine arts, but she knew that using such powers would likely be lethal. Instead, she chose to rely solely on her martial arts skills, aiming to restrain and subdue her attackers rather than harm them. The saintess stood ready, her movements calculated and precise, ready to confront whatever dark intentions these men harbored and protect herself from harm.

"Get her!" one of the assailants screamed as they lunged at the saintess simultaneously, their collective efforts fueled by desperation. However, their attempts proved futile in the face of her well-honed skills.

To her left, the man's aggression was met with a swift and powerful kick to the chest. The impact sent him staggering backward, clutching his aching chest, gasping for breath. Meanwhile, with a sudden and graceful turn, the saintess executed a karate-like punch straight at the man who came charging directly at her. The force of her blow landed squarely on his face, causing it to redden instantly, resembling a ripe apple. Pain and surprise contorted his features as he absorbed the full force of the saintess's punch.

The remaining two assailants sought to confuse the saintess by attacking from opposite directions. At first, it appeared that their tactic might be working, as the saintess transitioned from offense to defense, shifting her focus to both attackers simultaneously. Yet, it quickly became evident that her martial prowess was unmatched.

With a keen sense of timing and precision, she grabbed the arm of the man attempting a direct punch to her abdomen. In one fluid motion, she utilized her divine-enhanced strength, taking a deep breath to gather her energy. With remarkable ease, she hurled the man with the outstretched arm toward his companion. The two assailants collided with a resounding crash, cries of pain echoing through the alley.

"Ahg!" they both screamed in agony as they collided into each other, their attempt to outmaneuver the saintess ending in a painful and humiliating defeat. The saintess stood her ground, her martial skills and divine strength proving to be an insurmountable obstacle to the attackers who had underestimated her.


The first man the saintess had brought down seemed to have recovered and attempted to slash at her once again with a knife. However, his efforts were in vain as the saintess swiftly adjusted her body, turning slightly to her left to dodge the stabbing attack. The man's momentum caused him to lurch forward, and the saintess seized the opportunity to deliver a swift knee kick to his stomach. With a gasp, the man was sent flying several meters into the air, struggling to catch his breath.

As the saintess remained vigilant, she sensed something approaching her. Tilted her head just in time to dodge a projectile hurtling straight at her. With a swoosh, the rock flew harmlessly past her. It was evident that the other four assailants were growing desperate, resorting to throwing whatever objects they could find.

They began an onslaught of rocks and random items, forcing the saintess to go on the defensive. Her concern for the fallen man behind her was evident, even as they continued their assault. The four assailants found it amusing how this nun still showed worry for someone who had tried to harm her, and they sought to take advantage of her kindness.

One of them glanced at another, sharing a knowing look. He reached into his pocket and hurled something at the saintess. The saintess, busy trying to block and catch the rocks flying her way, had no choice but to take the hit. fre ewebn ovel

Given her enhanced body and defensive divine arts, something like a random rock throw posed little threat. However, the sound of a "crack" resonated through the air as the mysterious glass vial made contact with the saintess's arm. Unknown liquid sprayed into the air and quickly drenched her face and body.

At first, the saintess dismissed the liquid as an ordinary vial they had found, thinking it contained water or some innocuous substance. But soon, she realized that her breathing was growing increasingly labored, and her body was heating up.

"Hahaha, good job, Fred," one of the assailants laughed triumphantly, revealing that this liquid held a sinister secret.

One of the men laughed and praised his comrade, their sinister plan having somehow worked. The saintess's convulsing body betrayed her as she fell to the ground, unable to control the overwhelming sensations coursing through her.

She writhed in pain, her body growing hotter by the moment, confusion and fear gripping her thoughts. "What's wrong with me?" she wondered inwardly, the world spinning around her.

"Ah!" The saintess screamed in agony as one of the men cruelly seized the opportunity and delivered a vicious kick to her stomach.

"You surely did a lot to us, huh, bitch?" he taunted, his disdain evident.

"Hey, don't damage her too much; we haven't had our fun yet," another one chimed in.

"Oh, right, I forgot, hahaha," they all laughed in unison, their malevolent intentions evident.

The saintess struggled to comprehend what was happening, her mind shrouded in a haze of pain and confusion. As one man seized her arms and another spread her legs, a third unzipped his pants, declaring his intention to be the first. The others eagerly assented, their sinister desires fueling their actions.

"Wait, let me cut that bitch's face first," another man interjected, brandishing his worn-out knife. Without hesitation, he slashed straight at the saintess's white veil, revealing her face to them—long, flowing hair, sky-blue eyes, and a visage radiating purity and beauty. Her unveiled face only added to their perverse lust.

As the man who had unzipped his pants approached to commit his vile act, the saintess, still in a daze, realized the direness of her situation and screamed, "Nooo!" In her confusion and fear, her divine power surged uncontrollably, resulting in a powerful explosion that sent the men hurtling, crashing into the alley walls. They groaned in pain, disoriented by the sudden blast.

The saintess, despite her disoriented state, mustered the strength to crawl away, determined to escape this dreadful alley. Tears streamed down her face, and her body trembled as she moved, her senses still clouded, she couldn't help but notice the massive amounts of liquid escaping her womanhood.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"We haven't finished yet, right?"

"Come back here, bitch."

Most of them slowly rose to their feet, staggering towards her with malicious intent, determined to continue their assault. Desperation etched across her face, the saintess crawled, her strength waning.

Tears welled up in the saintess's eyes upon hearing their voices, and her heart raced with terror. She thought inwardly, "Somebody, please help me!" Her plea echoed silently within her mind, a desperate call for salvation.

Then, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness. A familiar voice rang out, breaking through her despair. "Well, would you look at that. I told you these people were nothing but trash, didn't I, sister?"

With renewed strength, the saintess immediately looked up, her eyes locking onto the source of the voice. A surge of hope washed over her, rekindling her spirit.

Tears streamed down her face as she reached out and clung to the man who had spoken.

"Help me, please!" she cried aloud, her voice quivering with fear and relief. The man enveloped her in a protective embrace, his comforting words soothing her frayed nerves.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help" he assured her, his presence a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness.



"Sniff, sniff."

"Waah...! Waah....!"

The saintess's cries echoed loudly as she clung to me with a grip so tight that she resembled a baby koala clinging to its mother. If I were ever to stand up, I would surely carry her with me. In an attempt to comfort her, I gently patted her trembling back before reassuring her.

Her desperate plea was entirely understandable, given the harrowing ordeal she had just narrowly escaped. The threat of sexual assault had hung over her, a cruel and dehumanizing experience that left her traumatized and vulnerable.

"You're okay now"

With a swift and gentle motion, I retrieved my school robe and draped it over her quivering figure, offering her a shield from the turbulent surroundings. The fabric enveloped her like a protective cocoon, providing a semblance of comfort amidst the chaos that had unfolded.

As I cradled her in my arms, her grip on my neck tightened, her fingers clutching desperately as if she believed I might vanish into thin air at any moment. The vulnerability in her touch tugged at my heartstrings, a poignant reminder of the sudden trauma she had to endure.

"Did I push her a bit too much?"

Turning my attention to the bewildered group of men, I noticed their attempts to speak or move were in vain, as an overwhelming aura of bloodlust radiated from me. One of them even succumbed to unconsciousness under the intense pressure.

Their eyes locked onto mine, it seems one of them realized who I was and tried to speak but I only wore a sinister smile in response placing a finger over my lips, signaling silence, before vanishing from their sight, truly they did their jobs to perfection, a chuckle escaped my lips.

"You can take all the time you need, Meralda" I whispered softly before fading away into the shadows of the alley. My words lingered in the air, their echo adding an eerie quality to the deserted passage.

The five men, utterly perplexed by the sudden turn of events, exchanged confused glances, their bewildered expressions mirroring their disbelief. Even the one who had fainted lay sprawled on the floor. Then, as if from nowhere, a radiant green light manifested, giving birth to a stunning green-haired woman with emerald green eyes.

"Trash" she uttered with disdain, and in an instant, vines erupted from the ground, piercing the five men. The punishment for their actions was swift and unforgiving, as nature itself seemed to exact retribution for their wickedness.


"Sniff, sniff." The saintess's tears continued to flow, a poignant reminder of the torment she had endured at the hands of her assailants. I couldn't help but berate myself inwardly for my role in exposing her to such a harrowing experience.

"They almost got their way with her," I sighed heavily, my thoughts weighed down by a mix of regret and relief. I had given those men instructions to attack the saintess and to do whatever they pleased, but their actions had surpassed my expectations, catching her off guard in a horrifying and potentially deadly situation.

Had I been too audacious in my attempt to show her the world? Regret gnawed at me, and I couldn't help but feel like the architect of this planned assault. Well, I am the perpetuator in the firs place.

If my sister were here now, she would undoubtedly condemn me to a century in her timeless realm as punishment for my actions.

"Haa how I miss her doll like face "My mind wandered momentarily to memories of my sister's doll-like face, her gentle presence, and her unwavering guidance. But I quickly shook off the reminiscing, focusing on the saintess's trembling form in my arms.

"Uhm, sister," I began, my voice filled with genuine concern, "I don't have a specific place to take you at the moment. Would it be acceptable if I brought you directly to Lucian Hall?"

The saintess didn't respond with words; instead, she clung to me even tighter, her body shivering with vulnerability. However, she nodded her head ever so slightly, a sign of her consent. I could feel her labored, ragged breath against my neck, a testament to her fragile state.

With her agreement, I swiftly employed my night robe's magic to shroud us in darkness, making us invisible to the outside world. In an instant, we were off, racing through the city. I harnessed my aura and magic, propelling us forward at incredible speed, determined to reach Lucian Hall and safety as quickly as possible.

After what felt like an eternity, we finally arrived at our destination. I turned to the saintess, a sense of uncertainty in my voice as I asked, "Uhm, sister, I don't know which room you belong to, so if you could kindly guide me?"

There was no response, just silence that hung in the air, carrying an unspoken weight of the trauma she had endured.

"Uhm, sister?"



I tried again, but still, no words came forth.

A deep sense of compassion welled up within me as I considered her predicament. "Uhm, you won't mind if I take you into my room then? I don't have much there, but a change of clothes and a nice bath would be helpful, right?" I suggested, my voice gentle and understanding.

The saintess clung to me even tighter, her grip like a lifeline, and she nodded in agreement.

Upon entering my room, I deactivated the night cloak's effect, allowing the ambient light to fill the space. Carefully, I lowered her onto the bed, but she refused to let go, her fear of being alone palpable.

With a simple clap of my hands, the room's lights illuminated the surroundings, revealing its grand furnishings. "Don't worry, sister," I reassured her. "I won't be going anywhere. See that closet over there? That's where my clothes and towels are. You'll even find some pajamas, although they are all for men. I'm sure they'll suffice for you to sleep comfortably tonight."

As I turned to leave, the saintess clung to my arms, her eyes filled with a plea that begged me not to abandon her. A soft chuckle escaped my lips as I realized her fear.

"I'm not going anywhere," I reassured her, my voice warm and comforting. "I'm just going to set up the bathroom, okay?" She nodded quietly, her expression gradually easing as she began to trust that I would be there for her.

With the bath prepared, I gestured for the saintess to enter. As she hesitated, her gaze still fixed on me with a lingering fear of abandonment, I smiled warmly, offering her the reassurance she so desperately needed.

As the saintess soaked in the bath, she continued to call out to me, repeatedly addressing me as "brother." Each time, I would gently respond, "I'm right here." It was clear that my actions had left a deep impression on her, and I couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for the trauma she had experienced.

After her bath, she emerged and changed into my pajamas. I had turned away, giving her privacy, grateful for the spaciousness of the room. But she hesitated, her voice trembling as she said, "Uh-uhm, brother." I turned back to look at her, and she continued, "T-Thank you!" She bowed her head in gratitude, and I smiled in response. However, I noticed she averted her eyes, and I couldn't help but wonder if my smile had somehow startled her. Yet, the blush on her cheeks and the reddish outline of her ears suggested a different kind of embarrassment.

"Well then, goodnight for now, sister," I said, preparing to sleep on the nearby couch. However, before I could settle in, the saintess grabbed my arm again, leaving me wondering what was on her mind.

"Hmm?" I inquired, turning to face her.

"W-wait," she stammered, her grip on my arm firm. "Elena. Call me Elena."

A chuckle escaped my lips as I realized that we had never properly introduced ourselves. "Adrian, my name is Adrian, but you can call me Adrian or Ian, whichever one you like."

"Adrian, Ian" she murmured, testing the name on her lips. "Then, Ian, can I call you Ian?"

"Yes, of course," I replied with a warm smile.

As I moved toward the couch, ready to rest for the night, she once again grasped my hands, her voice and body trembling. Her teary eyes met mine as she spoke


"My body is very hot" her words laced with a subtle urgency.

Confusion and concern swirled in my mind, but when I saw the dampness spreading beneath her on the bed, I quickly realized the gravity of the situation. Shit The aphrodisiac I had given those men was still in effect.

I couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected success of their plan. My intention had merely been to ensure that the events followed the novel's scenario precisely.

Replacing the hypnotic magic one of the assailants in the novels used with my drug, I hadn't actually expected that these common thugs would manage to successfully employ the drug.

In the original narrative, the saintess skillfully thwarted one of her assailants who employed hypnotic magic. I pondered why she hadn't fortified her mental defenses with her divine magic, just as the novel had described. Perhaps she had underestimated the danger, or maybe there was another reason.

Her grip on my hands tightened, and her plea resonated in my ears, "Please help me." Her drowsy sky-blue eyes held a desperate gaze, and sweat trickled down her forehead, causing her hair to cling to her skin. I was left grappling with the dilemma of how to handle this unexpected and sensitive situation.

I reluctantly distanced myself from her, a sense of disappointment evident in her eyes and the tone of her voice.

"W-wait," she implored, her face flushed with embarrassment and uncertainty.

A soft but decisive "click" filled the room as I locked the door.

Turning back toward her, I slowly approached the bed, my fingers undoing the buttons on my shirt with a measured pace.

As I advanced, I couldn't help but notice the complex array of emotions playing across her face—uncertainty, fear, and a visible sense of excitement. It was a tangled web of feelings, and amidst it all, excitement stood out prominently.

I couldn't help but reflect on my own actions, a mix of self-reproach and understanding washing over me.

"Hah, seriously, I'm trash for doing this" I muttered under my breath.

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