My Family in the Novel?

Chapter 2: My Sisters’ Weakness
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Chapter 2: My Sisters' Weakness

"Ahhhrghh" I screamed and slammed the table.

"Bam!" the table and books rattled some even flew high into the air because of the sudden impact.

'Oops I really need to adjust my strength on this body'.

But come on seriously duke do I really need to read all of these materials to pass the exam, is that how hopeless Adrian is to your eyes, and why did you chain me up? All I did was escape the palace to get some fresh air in the garden.

'I really wasn't trying to skip my studies, like really, honestly' I may not look like it but I'm quite studious, I think?.

'Like what's the point of making that huge ass garden, if you're not letting anyone near it' except for the gardeners practically no one can enter the garden without permission.

When he saw me pluck out a flower from the garden although only slightly, I did feel his murderous intent, but it immediately subsided, it seems the trauma from our first meeting still lingers in his soul.

Although I did ask Sis to remove all their memories from that time, it seems Sis' authority was not enough to remove the fear and trauma engraved on his soul, I mean he did got up close and personal with Dad Afterall, the two even made eye contact, I wouldn't have been surprised if his head exploded right then and their.

'But why was that garden so important to him anyway?'.


Suddenly a rumbling noise could be heard 'I'm hungry' I guess I was to occupied of my studying that I forgot to call for breakfast, well it doesn't really matter, she should be here anytime now.

Knock, knock. fr(e)ewebnovel

Speak of the devil.

"Come in"

After being granted permission My personal maid Analise Ventus opened the door and made her way towards my bed.

No matter how much I look at her, I'm still not used to it, Analise Ventus, dressed in a classic maid outfit, she wore it with an effortless grace that elevated the uniform into a work of art.

The outfit accentuated her ample bosom, which seemed to defy gravity in its tasteful embrace. The fitted bodice and delicate lace trim highlighted her hourglass figure, while the flared skirt swayed gently with her every move.

Her jet-black hair flowed like a cascading waterfall, its glossy strands framing her exquisite features with an air of timeless elegance. Her striking golden eyes shimmered with an otherworldly allure, hinting at a mysterious depth that drew you in.

"Good morning young master".

"Good morning, Ana".

Ana looked at the pile of opened books and bunch of paper with something written in them, before swiftly and flawlessly removing them, putting them to the right side below my bed.

"Excuse me young master".

Ana prepared my breakfast and put it in front of my table.

"Looks like I interrupted you on your studies young master".

"No not at all, if anything I'm quite thankful of you Ana, having the loyalty to stay by my side, even after all the things that I've done".

"I don't deserve it".

Analise looked at me with a surprised expression, and soon smiled and giggled.

"Hehe, looks like young master is starting to mature now"

"Never would I have thought the young master to admit his flaws so openly like that"

'I was always mature you know (Ian), if anything it was Adrian who was immature' Adrian thought.

Analise was one of the few people who can speak informally towards Adrian, she just chose not to.

Analise's presence was akin to the older sister Adrian had always wished for. Her gentle and warm personality created a comforting and nurturing atmosphere that enveloped those fortunate enough to know her.

She extended a caring hand, offering guidance and support like a loving sibling, and her kindness served as a beacon of reassurance in Adrian's life, that not all people out their hates him.

But what is that thing that Analise brought? it's sticking out of the closed cloche.

I normally would have ignored it but, I couldn't hold my curiosity.

"By the way what is that?". freeweb(n)ovel

"Oh this? Hehehe" Analise giggled, she wore a proud expression o her face.

"I had a hard time acquiring this you know young master".

"Wait could it be?".

'Please don't let it be what I think it is'.

Analise then slowly opened the lid.


"It's the food you absolutely adore".

"Fire mammoth's tongue mixed with salted pork and glazed pickles ".

I suppressed the queasiness that surged as soon as I laid eyes on the dish in front of me.

I'm sorry Analise it might be Adrian's' favorite dish, but it sure as hell is not mine, who in their right minds would want to eat a fiery mammoth's tongue, isn't that the same as French kissing that damn elephant.

Based on Adrian's memories the dish itself was not bad nor was it good if anything it was average at most, the only reason Adrian beloved that dish was because you made it, the first and only person who personally stayed by Adrian's side from the beginning until the very end of his short story.

My mindset as Ian was preventing me from eating the dish in front of me, but that look, I looked at Analise with eyes full of expectations of me to enjoy the dish she meticulously acquired.

Pressured by the expectant gaze of Analise I had no choice but to eat the food.

"Mmhm, how I missed this flavor it's really good" I lied as naturally as I breathed.

"Thank you, Ana,".


"You are most welcome young master".


After finishing my meal, I asked Analise for my schedule today.

Today was finally the day I'm free from these damn restraints.

Clank, chink, Analise removed the chains tying my feet onto my bed.

'Ah finally freedom!' I exclaimed inwardly.

"Other than the usual study routine and the family dinner that you're required to attend to tonight, not much is scheduled for you today young master" Analise replied.

"So, in other words I'm literally free for the day".

4 days from now Estelle academy's entrance exam will take place, the academy is located at the center of the continent and it will roughly 2-3 days to reach the Academy via a carriage, the duke must have intended for me to make use of whatever I want on my remaining time here, should I thank him tonight?.

"Ana prepare my clothes; I'm visiting the town today".

Analise tilted her head and looked at me quizzically.

"Oh? I thought you hated crowded places young master".

"Today is probably my last day at this place".

Adrian continued "I wish to create lasting and cherished memories of this place before I leave, at the very least".

Analise suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

"What an admirable attitude you have! I will dress you up in the finest manner imaginable".

Before I could even reply to just dress me up normally, Analise already approached her task with utmost dedication, determined to adorn her handsome master in attire that would amplify his nobility.

She carefully laid out the suit, each component chosen to elevate his already regal presence. In the soft glow of the room, she draped a finely tailored suit jacket over his shoulders, ensuring it hung with an air of authority, its fabric exuding a sense of opulence.

A meticulously pressed dress shirt, crisp and immaculate, awaited beneath. She fastened elegant cufflinks, adding a touch of refinement to his ensemble.

The trousers, expertly tailored, flowed gracefully over his frame, emphasizing his stature.

To complete the transformation, she chose a silk tie of royal elegance, knotting it with precision, with each step, her deft touch and keen eye for detail reaffirmed her commitment to bestowing upon her master an appearance of unparalleled nobility.

As she stepped back to assess her work, it was clear that he now exuded an aura of dignified refinement and nobility that befitted his station.

'Wow Analise didn't have to go this hard'.

I looked at myself in the mirror, Adrian really is handsome as hell too bad he ended up becoming a villain though, blessed with striking handsomeness, he had a head of lustrous black hair that framed his face with a natural allure.

His ashen gray eyes possessed an enigmatic depth, like stormy skies on a quiet evening, and they seemed to hold secrets and mysteries waiting to be unraveled, as Analise meticulously dressed him, his tall and commanding presence became even more evident.

His features, chiseled and defined, exuded a sense of aristocratic refinement. The contours of his jawline and cheekbones gave him an air of regal distinction, while his posture conveyed a natural grace.

Draped in the carefully chosen attire, he appeared as though he had stepped out of a bygone era, a vision of timeless elegance.

The combination of his striking physical attributes and the fine clothing bestowed upon him by his devoted maid made him an embodiment of captivating charm and sophistication.


Analise was smiling widely looking proudly at her work.

Looking at Adrian checking himself out in the mirror Analise chuckled inwardly.

'Looks like young master is still a child Afterall'.

Even though she doesn't have any right to call Adrian a child when she's only 3 years older than him, for her even if a year, 10 years, or even 100 years were to pass, he would still be the young crybaby little master she served 11 years ago.

Looking at him doing some ridiculous poses in front of the mirror, she suddenly had the urge to prank and tease Adrian.

Analise suddenly moved forward and called out to Adrian.

"Young master".


Analise got close to her young master Analise grabbed hold of his hands, interlocking their fingers together.

"Young mas, No Adrian" Analise said affectionately.

Adrian was bewildered by the sudden situation, but Analise didn't give him time to analyze the situation she moved her face forward within kissing distance of Adrian's face, Adrian felt their breaths mixing together and blushed heavily.

Adrian looked at Analise, jet-black hair that flowed like a cascading waterfall, mesmerizing golden eyes. that were like two orbs of liquid sunshine, radiating warmth and depth.

Her gaze was both intense and comforting, like a flickering flame on a chilly evening, her lips, a delicate shade of rose, were slightly parted, inviting him to speak or, perhaps, to draw nearer.

He noticed a faint blush on her cheeks, a gentle flush that added a touch of vulnerability to her otherwise composed demeanor.

In this close moment Adrian found himself utterly captivated by the contrast between her dark, luxurious hair and her striking, golden eyes.

It was a combination that made her uniquely enchanting, and he couldn't help but appreciate the beauty that was so close to him.

Analise asked sensuously with a deliberate, alluring pace.

"Adrian, am I beautiful?".

"Yes" Adrian said absentmindedly his mind and reasoning was still clouded by the sudden situation.

"Hmm" Analise replied seductively.




Adrian's heart was beating so fast.

Analise got even closer grabbed his hands tighter then pressed her body against Adrian, her ample bosoms were making direct contact on Adrian's chest, Adrian shivered at the feeling of two soft and majestic lemons pressing against him.

'Oh no, Did I tease him a bit too much?'.

As Analise gazed upon Adrian's profoundly entranced expression, she struggled to suppress her laughter, contemplating whether to conclude the prank at that very moment.

'Hmm?' Analise suddenly had a realization.




Analise's heart raced rapidly and loudly at this very moment.

'I wonder if he can hear it?'.

'My body is getting got for some reason'.

'I think it's time to end this charade before things go bad, Hehe I really had my fun their'.

As Analise was about to move her head towards Adrian's ear to try and whisper that this was just a prank.

But before she could do that, Adrian suddenly caught her face.

Their lips connected.


Their tongues intertwined.


Analise tried to push Adrian away.

"Wa-ait!, Mmmm"

Only for her tongue to get swallowed once again.

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