My Family in the Novel?

Chapter 17: Truthful Rewards 2
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Chapter 17: Truthful Rewards 2

I ventured deeper and deeper into Kaksan Forest, encountering some wild beasts along the way. Thankfully, they posed no significant threat, so I continued my journey uninterrupted.

I also periodically used my authority on nearby trees to ensure I didn't overlook the specific tree I was searching for.

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: asking the sun to give him more!]

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: feels good transforming his insides, he feels really, really good!]

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: wants their seeds to be taken!]

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: flowing their fluids up to their leaves! While in extreme ecstasy]

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: mad at another tree for taking his nutrients]

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed tree: glad he could spread their flowers]

The mental states of these trees flooded my thoughts with a headache-inducing amount of trivial information. I couldn't help but furrow my brows in annoyance.

Seriously this is so ridiculous, you guys don't even have a brain why do you guys even have mental thoughts.

It made me remember those horrible memories back in my previous world, the first time I used this authority on those plants, I seriously lost my innocence during that time.

"Haah" I sighed, how I wish I didn't let my curiosity take over me that time and just accept the innocent looking nature of plants and trees itself.

Although I was hoping to find the thousand-year-old tree before night falls, I guess I have to give up on the thought, considering my mind would probably break from using my authority too much, especially if it's being bombarded by useless tree thoughts.

I looked at my bag and checked the food I brought

"This should be enough to last me a day or two" I took a bread and sat dawn a nearby tree, I only prepared two days' worth of food thinking this was going to be easy, considering how easily Tristan found the tree in the novel.

"This tree feels really nice for some reason" I was about to rest and wait for the night to come when suddenly I heard a growling sound

"Grrr" I looked to my side and saw a Venom leopard, with silky black fur and fangs protruding those red venomous fangs I whistled in amazement.

"Do you see me as prey little cat?" I chuckled in amusement. Although these guys were considered a B rank monster in this world, compared to the monsters back in my previous world, these guys look cute.

But instead of immediately lunging at me the leopard just continued to growl and threatening me by showing its venomous fangs.

"Hmm, What's wrong with him?" I used my authority to check

[Authority: Eyes of the Wandering Crow: {Passive}]

[Unnamed Venom Leopard: Warry of you finding her cubs]

"So, it's a female," I murmured and scanned the surroundings for her cubs. However, my actions only seemed to make her more wary and agitated.

The leopard roared and growled even more menacingly, its crimson venomous fangs appearing to glow even brighter.

"Alright, alright, you win. I'll move to another tree," I said aloud, hoping the creature could somehow understand my intentions.

After all, monsters in this world still possessed a certain level of intelligence.

I rose from the tree where I had been resting and began to move elsewhere.

But within moments, the leopard pounced at me from behind.

Before her fangs could reach my neck, a white, translucent veil materialized out of thin air, protecting me.

Her fangs made contact with the veil, and I could see them crack slightly.

[Authority: White Veil: {Active}]

This authority was undoubtedly overpowered, as it blocked attacks completely, transferring any damage into direct pain for the user. I couldn't help but mutter in disbelief.

"It's seriously the perfect defense authority for masochists."

While it was true that I had a high pain tolerance, I couldn't imagine using this authority to save others, as I personally disliked pain.

However, it seemed perfect for goody two shoes' heroes like Tristan, who spammed it like crazy during the subjugation arc to protect Louise and the other students from Kaksan's attacks.

I pondered the idea of Tristan sharing the same authority with me at this moment.

It seemed highly unlikely, considering that he had only started receiving blessings and authorities after encountering the Saintess and engaging in their daily morning prayers at the academy church.

I couldn't help but wonder about the potential consequences if Tristan were to eventually be blessed by the same authorities I possessed.

I then looked at the leopard after ignoring my useless thoughts.

It appeared to be in pain after its failed attack on the veil. It must have been experiencing an intense toothache by now.

The leopard looked at me once before turning away running.

As the leopard attempted to distance herself, she hadn't gotten too far when I swiftly grabbed one of my healing potions from my bag. Without hesitation, I hurled it towards her, the glass vial shattering upon impact.

The soothing liquid washed over her face, instantly mending her venomous fangs and alleviating her pain.

The leopard blinked, her eyes wide with surprise and confusion, as if unable to comprehend the sudden change in her condition. She didn't growl or threaten me anymore. Instead, her demeanor seemed to shift from hostility to a mix of gratitude and puzzlement.

"What? I'm not heartless enough to harm an unwitting animal, especially a mother who's just trying to protect her cubs," I muttered to the bewildered leopard, hoping that somehow my words would convey my intentions.

With her fangs now pain-free, she wasted no time and disappeared into the depths of the forest once more, her graceful form blending seamlessly with the lush foliage.

"Seriously, what a strange encounter," I mused, watching her vanish from sight. It was yet another unexpected twist in my increasingly unusual journey.


"Yo, Louise," Alex cheerfully greeted as he and Tristan strolled into Estelle Hall's cafeteria.

"Good afternoon, Louise," Tristan added with a warm smile.

Their arrival signaled the beginning of their customary lunch gathering, where the 4 of their usual friend group usually met up to share a meal.

Louise, however, seemed to be in a world of her own, and her response came a bit belatedly.

"…. Oh, yeah, good afternoon, guys," she said, her gaze distant as if lost in thought.

Alex couldn't help but notice the absence of their fourth member.

"Hmm, where's Adrian?" he inquired.

Louise's tone turned a bit somber as she replied, "I heard from his classmates that he seemed to have taken a leave of absence for a few days due to family-related problems."

"Oh, that's unexpected," Alex remarked, attempting to lighten the mood. "I guess we'll have lunch just the three of us, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so" Louise replied and nodded timidly, the weight of the situation casting a shadow over their usual group lunch.

Tristan, a bit attuned to Louise's feelings, voiced his concern, "What's wrong, Louise? You seem to be lost in thought."

Louise hesitated; her troubles evident in her expression. "It's nothing, really… it's just I can't tell you right now," she replied, her tone apologetic. freewe bnovel .com

Tristan considered pressing for more details, but he ultimately respected her wishes and chose to let it be. Alex, meanwhile, decided to playfully tease Louise.

"Oh, are you sad Adrian's not with us right now?"

Louise dismissed the notion quickly, asserting

"What? No, well I mean yes, but not really. Although I'm sad Adrian's not with us right now, I've got another reason, okay?"

Alex, always one to keep the banter going, responded, "Yeah, yeah, we truly believe you, Spirit Princess," while letting out a whimsical whistle.

Louise's irritation with Alex grew, and she couldn't help but call upon her fire spirit. "Cecilia."

With her command, the atmosphere in the cafeteria tensed up, and a hissing sound filled the air. Behind Alex, a giant snake eyeball materialized, revealing itself as Cecilia, Louise's Gigantic fire spirit.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Alex quickly knelt on the ground, clasping his hands together in apology. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, okay? I was just kidding."

"Hahaha" Tristan's laughter soon echoed through the cafeteria, effectively diffusing the tension.

He addressed Alex, attempting to smooth things over, "Alex, I know you love to tease us, but you know Louise was getting uncomfortable, right?"

Alex continued to bow his head, sincerely apologizing once more. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm sorry, Louise."

Tristan chimed in again, trying to mend the atmosphere, "And Louise, you know Alex was only joking"

Louise, feeling somewhat embarrassed by her outburst, replied with a timid smile, "Yeah, I forgive him."

In an effort to dispel the lingering tension in the air, Louise didn't waste any time.

With a flick of her wrist, she conjured a small magic missile that soared into the air before bursting into a dazzling display of sparks. In its wake, a golem materialized, its stony form taking shape before them, ready to serve.

"May I take your order, please?" the golem politely inquired, its voice a gentle hum in the cafeteria's ambient chatter.

Alex, always one to break the ice, was quick to respond. "I'll take a blazing steak and two random sides, please," he ordered with a cheerful grin.

Tristan was next in line, ready to make his selection. He began, "Then I'll take…" but before he could finish, his words trailed off as he noticed Louise's distant expression. She seemed lost in thought, her focus drawn elsewhere.

The golem patiently awaited her response while the chatter of other students in the cafeteria continued around them, unaware of the inner turmoil Louise was grappling with.


A while ago, Louise found herself wandering the corridors of Estelle Hall. Her class had ended earlier than usual that day due to a practical training session outside. Louise possessed the unique ability to summon high-ranking spirits, which had earned her exemption from participating in the practical training. Instead, she generously offered her guidance to her classmates on the intricacies of spirit summoning.

As she strolled through the hallways, her thoughts turned to Adrian. Louise couldn't help but think about how he usually visited her during such breaks.

She contemplated what his reaction might be to the sudden change in her schedule. A light chuckle escaped her lips as she entertained the thought. "Hehe," she mused inwardly.

Determined to meet up with Adrian, Louise made her way to the second floor, specifically heading for the alchemy department classrooms.

Time seemed to be on her side as she noticed the alchemy department students gradually exiting the classrooms. It seems their class had just concluded.

Louise quietly lingered outside, hoping to surprise Adrian. However, as the minutes passed, she grew restless, realizing that Adrian was taking longer than expected, questions immediately popped in her mind.

"Why was Adrian taking longer than usual?"

"Is he in another classroom?"

"Had he become engrossed in a particularly captivating experiment or an enlightening discussion with a professor?"

Pondering his whereabouts, she approached a pair of passing alchemy students.

"Excuse me," Louise inquired politely.

One of the students turned to her and responded, "Yes?"

"Is Adrian still inside?" Louise asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

The student immediately replied, "Oh, if you're looking for Adrian, I'm afraid he's not here right now. He took a leave of absence for a few days, it seemed to be family-related matters."

Accepting this unexpected turn of events, Louise responded with a simple "Thank you."

She couldn't help but wonder why Adrian had suddenly been called away for family matters but chose to dismiss it, knowing that such issues were not uncommon among high-ranking nobles.

A sigh escaped Louise's lips, disappointed that her plan to surprise Adrian had been thwarted. Just as she was about to head to the cafeteria to join her other friends, a voice called out to her.

"Hey, you!" A girl's voice broke through her thoughts.

Louise turned to see who had called her. It was none other than Euphemia Dunhaven, the girl who seemed to shadow Adrian's every move.

"You're the girl who's always with Adrian, right?" Euphemia inquired.

Louise nodded in affirmation. "Yes, that's right," she replied, a bit puzzled by Euphemia's sudden interest.

Euphemia leaned in; her expression serious.

"Let me give you some piece of advice. As I've observed him more closely than anyone else in this entire school"

"Stay away from him, the Adrian you're seeing and meeting right now is fake"

Louise's brow furrowed in confusion.

"What do you- "She was about to ask for an explanation when Euphemia's voice suddenly rose, cutting her off.

"Just stay away from him!" Euphemia's loud declaration echoed through the hallway, drawing the attention of nearby students.

Louise opened her mouth to respond but was left standing there, baffled by the unexpected confrontation.

She watched as Euphemia turned and walked away with a disdainful snort, leaving her in a daze, surrounded by curious onlookers.


"Louise, Louise!" came the urgent call of Tristan, snapping Louise out of her reverie. She turned her attention in the direction of his voice, and reality swiftly reasserted itself.

Tristan's concern was palpable as he asked, "Are you okay?"

"Hmm?" Louise responded; her mind still partly adrift in her thoughts.

"I'm completely fine," she assured him with a faint smile.

"Says the one who's making our dear golem wait," Alex chimed in, gesturing towards the imposing figure of the Golem that stood patiently by Louise's side, awaiting her commands.

"Oh, then I'll be taking..." Louise began giving her orders, but her thoughts involuntarily wandered back to the recent encounter with Euphemia.

"Just stay away from him!" Euphemia's words echoed resolutely in her mind, disrupting her concentration.

"Who is she to tell me that?" Louise muttered under her breath; her irritation evident.

Her words caught Tristan and Alex off guard, and they exchanged puzzled glances, uncertain about the source of Louise's vexation.

This marked the first time in her life that Louise felt genuinely irritated by someone's words, no this was the first time in her life that she hated someone.

The encounter with Euphemia had left an unsettling impression on her, and it seemed to linger in her thoughts, overshadowing even her magical pursuits and the duties at hand.

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