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Character Status and Power Structure
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Chapter -1: Character Status and Power Structure

Many readers were puzzled by the apparent power discrepancy between the MC Adrian, a level 90 in stats, and Tristan, the original protagonist of the story.

However, let's delve into the deeper intricacies of this world's unique leveling system.

So I hope the explanations here helps.

Each person possesses a distinctive and unique soul, and the status granted by the goddess reflects an individual's personal potential.

Take, for example, Tristan and Adrian. (system status' down below)

Although Tristan's level is lower than Adrian's, his personal potential is far higher. As a result, by the time he reaches the same level as Adrian, the disparity in their status will be incredibly significant.

In this world, the numerical level is just one aspect of a character's power, and it's not the sole determining factor. The various attributes and statistics provided by the goddess reflect the multifaceted nature of each character. freewe(b)novel

Nobody is born equal. When two babies are born, their individual stats are determined by the potential of their bodies and souls.

For example:

Baby 1 with higher potential = 50 mana, 50 aura

Baby 2 with lower potential = 25 mana, 25 aura

These unique stats are a direct reflection of their innate potential and can significantly impact their growth and abilities as they progress in life. π˜§π˜³π˜¦π˜¦π“Œπ˜¦π˜£π‘›π˜°π“‹π˜¦π˜­.π‘π˜°π“‚

[Name: Adrian Vulter Tellus (Ian Astrea)]

[Lv: 92] [Gender: Male]

[Age: 18 (23)] [Title: The anomaly]

[Mana: 5500/5500] [Aura: 8500/8500]

[Recovery Speed: A] [Agility: S]

[Stamina: A] [Strength: S]

[Intelligence: A] [Willpower: A]

[Name: Tristan]

[Lv: 80] [Gender: Male]

[Age: 19] [Title: Protagonist]

[Mana: 25,000] [Aura: 35,000/35,000]

[Recovery Speed: S] [Agility: SS]

[Stamina: SS] [Strength: SS]

[Intelligence: A] [Willpower: S]

[Name: Louise Obelia]

[Lv: 85] [Gender: Female]

[Age: 18] [Title: Heroine]

[Mana: 30,000] [Aura: 200/200]

[Recovery Speed: A] [Agility: C]

[Stamina: B] [Strength: B]

[Intelligence: S] [Willpower: S]

[Name: Alex Darja]

[Lv: 90] [Gender: Male]

[Age: 18] [Title: Best Friend]

[Mana: 8,000] [Aura: 12,000]

[Recovery Speed: A] [Agility: S]

[Stamina: S] [Strength: SS]

[Intelligence: B] [Willpower: S]

Ranks: D-C-B-A-S-SS-SSS-EX

You can think of aura and mana as representing the soul's intrinsic attributes, while the other stats pertain to the body's physical capabilities. These body stats, such as stamina, agility, strength, intelligence, and willpower, are not fixed but can be influenced by an individual's training, experiences, and how effectively they use their mana and aura in battle.

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