My Ex Wants Me So Badly After Divorce

Chapter 241 - What Are You Unhappy About?
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Chapter 241: What Are You Unhappy About?

Bai Lian’s motive for coming here was very obvious.

This time, it was for no other reason than to rectify her relationship with Jing Chen!

She would make others speechless!

She wanted those people to target Su Wan!

If Jing Chen was in the office today, unless he did not leave, if not she would definitely not let this opportunity go.

Every day at the villa, he would go straight to his bedroom after he returned and leave after waking up.

One night, Bai Lian waited for him in the living room until two am. She tried to grab the opportunity to tell him, but was stopped by a few words from Jing Chen. Nothing practical had been resolved.

Bai Lian felt rather angry, so she was determined to win this time!

Even if Jing Chen had never seen Su Wan, not even once, Bai Lian was still filled with dissatisfaction.

She wanted more…

Zhao Lin brushed her off as usual. “Then Miss Bai can go to the lounge and wait. Young Master Jing will see you after he’s done.”

“Don’t you know if he’ll come? Just tell him that I’ll wait outside his office. He doesn’t mind being embarrassed, I don’t mind waiting here forever.”

Bai Lian said it righteously and did not show any mercy. She was also angry.

The current situation was completely different from what she had expected.

Hearing this, Zhao Lin said awkwardly, “This is Young Master Jing’s decision. Miss Bai, don’t make things difficult for me.”

“It’s always been this sentence. Go ahead and get busy. I won’t make things difficult for you. I’ll wait here. I don’t believe that he won’t come out today.” Bai Lian snorted and sat down on the chair she had just sat down on.

Jing Chen, who was about to leave the office, naturally heard their conversation outside.

He stood there silently for a while before opening the door. He looked at Bai Lian and said coldly, “Come in.”

Bai Lian raised her eyebrows and slowly stood up from the chair. She walked in under everyone’s gaze.

“What’s wrong with them? Didn’t they say that President Jing’s first love is this woman? But according to my understanding, this woman has been rejected by President Jing for several days.”

“Maybe they quarreled? Or are the rumors fake? She’s not President Jing’s first love at all?”

“I really want to hear what they’re saying. I can’t hold in my urge to gossip anymore. I even read all their gossip overnight, even that of the one called Su Wan. I finished reading all their gossip.”


Zhao Lin was standing at the door seriously, waiting for Young Master Jing. After hearing these words, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He gave the voice a look and it immediately became much quieter.

After Bai Lian entered, she even closed the door considerately.

The moment the door closed.

Jing Chen’s cold and warning words came. “Bai Lian, don’t go overboard. Otherwise, I have the right to end things with my own hands.”

The threat was obvious.

However, Bai Lian was not afraid at all. She sneered. “Unless you say that you don’t like Su Wan anymore and you can let her live a life worse than death, you won’t dare. Jing Chen, if you can really be so ruthless to Su Wan, so what if I die?”

Jing Chen looked at her indifferently, cold and silent.

Bai Lian looked smug, but her heart was sour. This feeling of certainty and discomfort was not a good feeling.

“It’s not because of anything else. Recently, don’t even mention other places, there are rumors that we don’t have a good relationship even in your company. The outcome I want has changed, so we need to deepen our relationship.”

Bai Lian’s words were mundane, but Jing Chen was frustrated.

As long as he did not have to deepen his relationship with Bai Lian, Jing Chen could do anything.

But in reality!

Bai Lian spoke about their relationship everywhere!

“What results? What are you dissatisfied with?”

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