My Enchanting System

Chapter 419 Cain’s awakening, The Enchanting System
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[The circuit has been completed, checking for the body’s structural integrity, all set]

The Magic that Cain made Alice cast on him started activating as he was about to wake up. He had her cast two spells, the first was to control his evolution and the second was to tinker with his second brain a bit.

The goal of the second spell was to make Cain’s two brains act separately while still being the same person. This simply meant that he could converse with two people at the same time (When he isn’t limited to his mouth such as with the spell [Message]), naturally being able to think about two things at the same time, never needs sleep as whenever he is using only one brain, the other will be sleeping and vice versa. As well have different opinions which will help in analysis and deduction.

He is essentially two people that agree on everything in one body.

Cain opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. ‘I need to check my stats, I need to check on everyone.’ Two voices rang in his body.

‘I will start with my stats as that will be faster, let’s start moving at the same time.’

Cain’s abdomen started inspecting his stats while his head brain guided his body to change clothes and get ready simultaneously.


<Name: Cain Lisworth><Race: Abominable Chimera><Level: 25/40<Exp: 432200/670000>

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<HP: 725/725><MP: 2301/3600><SP: 625/625>

<(Passive Mana regeneration)PMR: 10/min><(Active Mana regeneration)AMR: 20/min><(Sleeping Mana regeneration)SMR: 30/min>

<Strength: 16><Dexterity: 17><Constitution: 17>

<Intelligence: 26><Wisdom: 24><Charisma: 20>

<Primordial Spawn traits>

[Dual mind]: +4 to intelligence and +4 to wisdom as each brain corrects the other.

[Rigid Mentality]: Immunity to illusion, and all forms of mental damage.

[Spawn presence]: The mad soul mixed with the Abominable Chimera presence has caused the effect to be projected. You can, at will, cause people with weak mental stats, who gazed upon you, to go insane by projecting the mad soul on them. This effect is controllable.

[Eldritch Body] Grand +4 to physical stats in humanoid form and a +6 in the Eldritch shape.

[Eldritch Shapshift]: Allow you to transform into the eldritch body of an Abominable Chimera

[Mouldable body]: The ability to move your organs freely inside your body. An Abominable Chimera naturally has three hearts and two brains. The extra organs are located in the abdomen cavity.

[Evolving physic]: You can surgically add organs or remove them. The Abominable Chimera body will adapt to them in two days. Survival is possible with at least one of each organ.

[Unnatural life]: Since your body can’t follow the natural rules of living things it is considered an aberration to the world. Enchanting magic work on your body.

[Extreme digestion]: Your stomach can process all types of food that can be eaten by all standard creatures. It allows you to digest meat, bones, grass, some weak poisons, rotten meat, and magic-infused food (Such as Mana potions). And even dirt.

[Abominable Chimera fundamentum]: What was a Draconis fundamentum has slowly evolved into the core of an eldritch being, instead of generating elemental energy, this core now generates raw magical power to be used as magic.

[Cursed Seal]: The raw cursed magic granted by the Devil Alice Furberg, allows the generation of devil magic as well as controlling the original devil Alice Furberg. The seal is established across the body but centered on the spine and the first heart.

[The Enchanting System]

Soul fragment: 0

[Increase Mana regeneration]: consume one soul fragment to increase PMR by 1, AMR by 2, and SMR by 3 permanently.

[Stat increase]: Enchant one stat temporarily by 1 for one minute. Use one Enchanting stat point.

[Permanently increase MP or HP or SP]: Permanently increase MP/HP/SP by 10 for 1 enchanting point.

[Empower spell]: Increase the power of a spell by one tier, this doesn’t use Enchanting points unless you’re going for above ninth-tier

[Eldritch Gift] Use one Enchanting point to grant a first-level spell to a creature that serves you. The amount consumed is equivalent to the granted spell tier.


‘Finally, at such an early level as well’ Cain smiled inside. In his past life, he never achieved this until his last days. With this, he was done tinkering with his own body for the time being.

The enchanting system was the tool he used in his past like to increase MP, in fact, he only increased his MP since he wanted to spam high-tier magic. Who wouldn’t like throwing a meteor after the other? Well, everyone besides the caster.

Now all that remains is farming the soul fragments. If he remembers correctly it was an ancient dragon soul for 1, 1800 human soul for 1. Simply the stronger the individual, the better.

Cain smiled as he exited the recovery room and walked out of his room. As he walked in the hallway, he could hear everyone and what they were doing. Even his senses seem to have gotten sharper, or this might be just because he was asleep for so long.

Lexi was just behind the corner cleaning when she heard a faint thud behind her. “Are you busy Lexi?” Cain asked.

Lexi jumped as he scared her, “Master, you’re awake?” She gasped, for all she know, he might not wake until the next day.

“No, I’m sleepwalking. Sorry for cutting your work but I do want to have a bath. All the water and stuff from the recovery room need to be cleaned.” He waved his hands.

Lexi flinched as his scent reached her nose, he smelled like a newly born baby, that smell wasn’t pleasant. “You remind me of our training days when we were learning how to assist in giving birth.”

“I know…Hurry before I give you a hug then.” Cain opened his arms and she ran away.

Cain stared at her rush away, “Well of course I would smell like that, I was just evolving.” He smiled.

After a while, Klara was the one to approach him. “Master, the bath is ready.” She said with a slight bow, an attitude that wasn’t something he expected from his maids.

“Why the serious face? You could just speak normally.” Cain asked.

“It was Lady Alice’s orders, since last time I caused troubles with Miss Hati and Bela, I was ordered to stay formal.” She replied.

Cain thought about it for a moment, “Did Alice punish you for that? She was a bit furious if I remember.”

“Yes, but she was lenient, I got out with just a few lashes and a scolding,” Klara replied.

Cain stood up, “Hope you’re fine,” he feared she might start to hate working there.

“You needed to worry, it didn’t leave any scars,” Klara replied with a smile.

Cain was a bit worried but he decided not to press further, if a problem arose they sure would bring it to his ears.

“I’m going to the bath, care to join?” Cain asked.

“Ara, shouldn’t you be taking the ladies’ permission first? I don’t want to get in more trouble…” Klara twisted her body making fun of Cain. Even if she was ordered to be serious by Alice, this had her worked up a bit.

“Nothing like that, I’ve been asleep for a week and my whole body is feeling heavy. Just need some massage to get my blood moving again,” Of course not moving would have a toll on him.

Cain walked toward the bath with Klara.

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