My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 348
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Chapter 348

Lin Qingtian examined for a while and shook his head, “My ability tends to destroy, there is no way to get rid of that bizarre power without affecting him personally.”

Gu Le’s heart sank for a moment.

“What’s inside? I may have a way, but……”

Gu Le looked up, “Whatever you want, as long as I can afford to pay it.”

Chen Feng was embarrassed to scratch his head, “Saving a life is better than creating a Seven Floor Pagoda. Originally, I should not receive payment. But the thing is it’s a disposable item, but also I spent a lot of spirit stones to buy it, so……”

Saying that Chen Feng took out a two-finger thick scroll from his backpack.

“This is?”

“This is a purification scroll, well, from Tree Shade. As the name implies, it is used to get rid of negative states, that’s what the instructions say.”

“How much is it?”

“Eight hundred spirit stones.”


Gu Le took the scroll, spread it out, and it was inscribed with obscure and incomprehensible runes that made people dizzy at a glance.

“How does…… this work?” He paused for several seconds with the scroll in his hand and asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Tear the scroll open directly, or inject source power to mentally guide the release of the spell.”

Gu Le concentrated, mobilized the source power in his body, and injected it into this ancient scroll.

In an instant, the obscure runes on the scroll came out bright. Gu Le immediately guided the scroll power.

A faint white light shot out from the scroll, enveloped in the fallen hunter’s body…

After two or three seconds, the white light dissipated, Gu Le hurried to look. Only to see the unconscious hunter’s greenish pale face fade. Even taking the candlelight breath in, the wind gradually stabilized.

He hurriedly sought out the Ancestral Dragon Regiment member with healing ability and then looked at the scroll in his hand. The scroll is still there, but the obscure runes inscribed on it have now disappeared.

The scroll lost that mysterious aura and became ordinary.

The fallen hunter who had received treatment also soon woke up. But the person was still weak.

All of this happened in just under a minute, and onlookers were in awe.

“The effect of the purification scroll is amazing.”

“Weapons and other things are okay, but the price of this scroll is too expensive. I can’t afford it or I can’t afford it. Captain Chen is so rich.”


This bizarre forest contains weird killing machines, so it was dangerous to stay longer. After the fallen hunter recovered a certain degree of health and combat power, the expedition group continued to explore.

However, not long after, a sharp voice came out from deep in the forest.

An invisible sound wave with a spiritual impact swept through the expedition group. Instantly, many people staggered. And the hunter who had just passed out was even paler.

A flock of spirit monsters appeared with a number more numerous than before. There were even some advanced spirit monsters amidst the flock that looked like a cloud of black smoke but were much larger and had a much more terrifying aura than normal spirit.

“It’s bad. What the hell made that sound?”

“Can you still use that skill?”

Lin Qingtian shook his head. “It’s a skill that comes with the weapon. Even if I inject in with source power, it would more than half an hour… It’s too late. Isn’t there anything you guys from Jingcheng can do?”

As the organizer and the party with the largest numbers of people in the expedition group, they had nothing as shiny as the people from Lindong. This made people from other regions feel a bit disappointed.

The head touted his eyebrows deeply. “We brought along three secret treasures this time. But it’s not useful enough against spirit monsters.”

As they spoke, there were already hunters of the Ancestral Dragon Regiment, holding a gray hardwood branch, coming to the front of the formation.

With a wave of the hand, the gray hardwood branch grows countless tiny gray limb tentacles. These gray limb tentacles instantly penetrated the approaching dozen or so spirits, swept away the layers of spirit monsters until they burst.

However, compared to the endless number of spirits in sight, the gray hardwood tree branches can only be considered a drop in the bucket.

At this time, a terrifying aura drifted in from afar…

With the light blue luminescence of the forest, it was faintly visible from extremely far away. Countless spirit-like monsters converged and fused, forming a huge, mountain-like spirit monster.

The ear-piercing sound rang out again; this time, even the head, Gu Le, and other top strength hunters had their face pale. Even the weaker ones fainted.

The other Tree Shade registered adventurers who had taken the Spirit Enhancing Serenity Potion were much stronger in spirit than ordinary hunters. Yet, Zhou Jianhong, Chen Feng, and others were likewise pale.

Then, there was another shout from a great distance!

“It’s too scary, retreat!”

“How can we retreat? We’re surrounded!”

The head with the touted eyebrows looked into the distance; although it was not far from the destination, he still decisively ordered, “Retreat! There is a secret treasure that will take us all back, but it will take time to prepare.”

Saying that he took out the secret treasure from his pocket with the size of a palm, like a pocket watch.

Tick-tock sounds spread, a simple teleportation formation appeared at the feet of the crowd and slowly took shape.

“Stop them from destroying the formation.”

Teleportation spells appeared, bursts of fluctuations spread toward the surrounding. Instantly floating over the spirit monsters. As if they were stimulated, the spirits looked crazier and crazier and moved faster. A burst of spiritual impact swept through.

The teleportation spell in the construction swirled and became transparent.


The hunters who still had the power to fight couldn’t care less about hesitation.

The terrifying aura in the distance was getting stronger and stronger. The spirit monster, as huge as a mountain, may move at any time.


Lin Qingtian shouted, the silver war hammer on the lightning light burst out. Killing three spirit monsters with a single blow.

Others also stood at the edge of the teleportation array, making their own pressed moves. Some even went forward to charge and kill for a while, and when they returned to the line, they were already unable to hold up and passed out.

The more the spirit monster pressed closer and closer, the more hunters suffer from the spiritual shock and fall down.

The teleportation spell kept swirling and was also being constructed fast. The chief in the center of the line’s face reddened, and several other ability users are reaching out to put their hands on his shoulders.

Finally, the last stroke was outlined, and the teleportation spell burst into light.

The next moment, the sky was spinning…

Many hunters failed to stand firm, sitting on their butt on the ground, and even more dizzy, looking at everything like seeing a shadow split.

It took a while before they overcame the after-effects of teleportation and looked up again.

The sun was shining brightly outside, not far from the thick steel walls of the transit station, and there were several spirit monsters that were brought along with them. Their figures were transparent and distorted, seemingly also affected by the after-effects of teleportation.

A few of the fastest-recovering hunters rushed forward. They took care of the last few spirit monsters in three or two hits before sighing with relief and sitting on their asses again.

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