My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 347
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Chapter 347

Members of the expedition group’s vision were filled with white light. It was not blinding. It’s just that many people were not sure what had happened.

The blazing white light, which lasted only for a moment, quickly faded and disappeared.

In the foothill battle, members of the expedition group from various places had their eyes stunned and widened. The spirit monsters that surrounded them in three layers, at this moment, quickly melted. Like ice and snow that met the blazing sun,

“They… are all gone?”

“What was that white light just now? We actually have such powerful teammates, won’t we be able to walk back and forth in the Mirage Mountain Range in a minute?”

The hunters from Kuncheng City, Rainbow City, and other large shelters had excited faces. They all guessed where the Jedi master had emerged from and turned their heads to look around.

“A supreme expert? Ridiculous, the strongest ability of our Jingcheng City can’t come out with an attack like that.” Someone said, “It should be a secret treasure. However, to be able to wipe out thousands of spirit monsters in an instant, it’s considered stronger among secret treasures.”

“What secret treasure?” The Kuncheng leader had a dark face yet still asked.

A Jingcheng hunter who was affiliated with the Ye family clan experts said, “Many people must have heard of the secret realm that was almost synonymous with treasure. But not every secret realm has high value items. Some secret realms hold powerful treasures if you know how to dig out the value inside.”

“For example, this axe in my hand.” He spoke while lighting up a huge axe that was over two meters in length, “This is a high-level rune weapon that comes with a bleeding cut effect. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s useless against spirit monsters, I can pick three demonic beasts of the same awakening level alone!”

“This axe was found in the secret realm. It’s far stronger than our own production of runic equipment… Oh! I forgot to say, our Jingcheng City mastered nearly ten types of runes, and was able to produce various parts of low-level runic equipment. Although they were low-level, compared to the equipment made by ordinary means, they can also be said to be a divine weapon.”

A few hunters in the Expedition Group look down vaguely at their own weapons with quite a bit of embarrassment.

Ye family expert continued, “The middle and high level rune equipment is scarce. We can only find them within the secret realm. But above the high-level rune equipment, there are certain equipment with extraordinary power, or with extremely special effects. These items we in Jingcheng City uniformly refer to as ‘secret treasures’.”

“Only by setting a unified standard, equipment can be better circulated and traded… Of course, to the level of secret treasure, few people are willing to sell. And even if there is, it can’t be measured with Spirit Stones. Not even our Ye family ……”

He sighed and turned his head to look around, “The pillar of light seems to have burst out from a war hammer, in the end he used the secret treasure.”

Ye’s expert gaze fell in the distance, a hunter wearing a red and black battle suit with his hands clutching a silver war hammer, still maintaining a raised posture.

Quite a few people in the expedition group also noticed, and some eyes flickered as they walked forward.


Around the head of the Battle Alliance, a dozen hunters who had registered as adventurers in Tree Shade gathered.

Zhou Jianhong and the others also had their mouths slightly open as they looked up at the modest silver war hammer in Lin Qingtian’s hand.

“This is a B1 level weapon? It’s too strong. It’s invincible!”

“Is that move just now the skill that comes with the weapon? It makes me want to buy a weapon with its own skill too.”

“Wake up! The highest weapon we can exchange at most is C1 C2 level. We can only exchange a B1 level with two specific commissions. If it’s easy, then the two commissions won’t be sitting idly at the adventurers guild by now.”

Lin Qingtian’s face was a little pale. He slowly put his hand down. He hung the Warhammer around his waist. He picked up the shield thrown at his feet and held it behind him, with a smile on his unsmiling face, “It’s just the skills of the warhammer to restrain these spirits, plus this warhammer requires my abilities to burst out this kind or power.”

“So it is a custom weapon, I heard that the price of custom weapons is three times that of normal weapons, and only B-grade weapons are accepted for customization. As expected of Prime Big Brother.”

“Yes, Prime Big Brother is also the only one of us to ascend to the 60th floor of the Tower of Trials. He’s really a real big brother.”

“Pass the drink to the big brother.”

The boast was from the heart.

The Ye family experts who had come closer and were ready to poke around the Secret Treasure War Hammer, as well as some other hunters from Jingcheng, were full of confusion.

‘What is a B1 level weapon? Shouldn’t it be called a secret treasure?’

And C1 C2 C3. It seems to be a complete, detailed set of equipment ratings? Above the B-grade, isn’t there an A-grade?

Customized weapons? How can a secret treasure be customized! It’s hard to believe that someone has mastered the secret treasure… B1-grade weapon-making method? How is that possible!

And what is the Tower of Trials?

At this moment, Ye Family’s experts and others were broken inside.

Can these people talk in a language they can understand?!


The word had spread, and the hunters from Jingcheng City and other regions nodded in a daze.

Kuncheng’s dark-faced leader also disdainfully glanced at the Jingcheng City hunter who boasted just now. However, now he had the same look of confusion. They still had to nod so they could pretend they understood.

“You guys say that all these rune equipment is produced by a shelter called Tree Shade? Where you can become strong as long as you have spirit stones?”

“Selling runic equipment and teaching battle techniques… Wait, these battle techniques are the kind of stuff that makes qi wrapped around the weapons in red light?”

“What exactly is the Tower of Trials? Ah, I still can’t understand.”

A lot of Jingcheng City hunters couldn’t believe it. However, the fact was these Lindong… oh, according to them, they should be called Tree Shade registered adventures. They just need some hits to kill the spirits.

And, there’s a lot of people witnessing this.

They failed to figure it out before when they crossed the Black Swamp. But now they saw it. These ‘Tower of Trials’ things and the Tree Shade’s registered adventurer’s sharp weapons can not be faked.

Thinking of this, a lot of Jingcheng City hunters felt a bit down.

But Kuncheng hunters looked somewhat happy, as if they discovered a secret treasure.


Lin Qingtian opened a big move to quickly solve the spirit, so not many hunters died from this battle.

After a few minutes, in addition to the few hunters who were severely injured and died like the man with the flowery tattooed arms, the others who suffered spiritual shock and fell unconscious had come to their senses and got up bewildered, rubbing their swollen and painful heads.

The expedition group took a temporary break and set up some defensive measures around the area.

“You guys come take a look, something is not right with him.” Gu Le squatted beside an unconscious hunter, frowning.

Unlike the other unconscious awakened, this person, although his breath is still there, it was like a candle in the wind. There is a danger of being blown anytime. His face looked green and sick.

The head with the touted eyebrows came over and gazed at him for a while, “There is some kind of weird power in his body. It’s eroding his life force.”

“Chief…is there any way we can still help him?”

The head lowered his head and sighed, “I can blast that power away from his body, but he is too weak, and pulling out this power will inevitably cause damage. And with his current life force… he can’t carry it.”

Looking at his good brother, who had fallen to the ground and was about to pass away, Gu Le clenched his fist, his eyes became slightly red, and suddenly shouted, “Whoever has the ability to save him, I can pay a sufficient price!”

His gaze was tinged with earnestness as he looked at Lin Qingtian and the others.

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