My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 346
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Chapter 346

The hunters struggled, but the more he struggled, the deeper he fell. Even the hunters with flying abilities who tried to reach him could not pull him out because the mud was sucking him in like a power glue. There’s nothing they can do about it.

Zhou Jianhong’s heart was astonished.

The hunter screamed. From his legs, arms, then to his cheeks, black mud slowly covered his body. The flying ability user didn’t dare to continue pulling him out. He released the poor hunter into the black swamp. His whole body sank soon. No longer screaming or struggling.

“It’s toxic, very strong toxicity, and very strong corrosive.”

Zhou Jianhong also saw clearly the black shadow rushing out from the black swamp.

It was a mutated beast like a crocodile covered in scaly black armor; it opened its mouth filled with sharp cold teeth. Once it jumped into the swamp, it melted into it and was extremely difficult to distinguish.

There wasn’t only one black swamp crocodile. With the first crocodile, more and more black shadows appeared. Pouncing on the hunters stepping on the stone.


“I thought we won’t meet any danger!”

“Maybe there are too many of us this time and we have alerted the monsters living under the swamp!”

“Do something quick! The range of motion is too small to deal with these crocodiles!”

An ice ability hunter burst out and opened his hands. Cold air gushed out, freezing the surrounding swamp into ice in a moment.

“Stand on the ice surface, and we can take on them!!”

The frozen ice surface did not last long before the swamp corroded and melted it. There were even black swamp crocodiles rushing out and cracking the ice surface to pieces with one claw.

These black swamp crocodiles were very strong. Most of them were at the Sixth or Seventh Awakening Stage. Some even reach Eight or Ninth.

If it’s a Sixth Awakening mutated beast on flat terrain, the Expedition Group were fully capable of handling them. But their movements in the black swamp were greatly restricted. On the contrary, the black swamp crocodile is like a fish in water and can play two hundred percent of its combat power.


At this point, the front of the team had already reached the other side of the black swamp. But, unfortunately, the end of the group was still right in the middle of the black swamp. The most dangerous part of the swamp.

The head of the team gave an order with a serious face. “Flying ability, quickly go up to support and…” He ordered dozens of well capable hunters with medium and long-range killing ability to enter the black swamp again to support the team.

The rest of the people can only wait at the opposite bank.

There weren’t many rocks to stand on the black swamp. It cannot accommodate too many people. Rashly go up to support will only cause hindrance.


The human hunters stepped on the rocks and quickly ran towards the opposite bank of the black swamp.

Gu Le was Jingcheng City’s Ancestral Dragon leader with wing transformation ability. He opened a pair of white feathers behind his back. With a flap of wings, he can fly a dozen meters away.

In order to minimize the loss of the Expedition group and set an example, Gu Le took the lead, flying sharply over the black swamp and quickly swept down by the dim light.

There was a famous hunter who kept retreating as the black swamp crocodile rushed forwards. His stepping space was getting scarcer. If this continued, he would eventually fall into the swamp.

Gu Le’s eyes concentrated, the bow in his hand was stretched, and the arrow made of special metal flew out, piercing the black swamp crocodile. The swamp soil was blown up and splashed everywhere. The hunter who was chased by the black swamp crocodile was surprised. For a moment, he hurriedly twisted his body and jumped towards another landing point in a slight panic.


At this time, the sonic boom of an arrow exploding into the air reached the ears.

“The arrow can’t be picked up.” Gu Le felt a little pain and quickly swept away his gaze.

At this time, the people who came in to support were the top masters. However, not everyone who has the ability to fly was like him, is good at bows and arrows. It is difficult to effectively kill the black swamp crocodiles. They can only fly at low altitudes against the black swamp crocodiles. They even have to be careful of the crocodile leaping into the swamp.

Gu Le was under great pressure. He could not save everyone and could only prioritize helping the hunters who were in the most dangerous situation.

At that moment, his eyes fell on another place…

A hunter was being targeted by three Black Swamp Crocodiles, and it was almost certain that he would die.

Gu Le immediately pulled back the bowstring and was about to release his hand when he suddenly froze and opened his eyes wide.

A black swamp crocodile lunged. There was no other landing point around, but the man did not panic. He did not resist. His toe point stomped and took a high leap, by a hair’s breadth, to avoid the black swamp crocodile’s bite. Seeing that he was about to fall on the marsh soil, he suddenly kicked on the scales on the side of the black swamp crocodile. With the reaction force, his body flew out toward the right side and stepped firmly on the back of the other black swamp crocodile.

He lowered his center of gravity and slashed his combat knife towards the head of the black swamp crocodile.


The hard-scale armor of the crocodile was easily broken open, leaving a narrow and fatal wound.

In the next moment, the knife-wielding hunter stomped and stepped. His body flew through mid-air, twisted, and his combat knife sliced through the lower abdomen of another Black Swamp Crocodile that lunged…

He finally landed steadily on the stone where he was standing at the beginning.

“Awesome… He used the black swamp crocodile as a pedal, not afraid of accidentally falling into the swamp!”

As a bystander, Gu Le felt alarmed watching!

It was clear that the person with the knife whose breath was only the Seventh Awakening Stage could only have a 50/50 split with the Sixth Awakening Black black swamp crocodile on the ground, let alone in the swamp.

However, that person’s balance, his grasp of the battlefield, and his control of his own force were too precise!

If it were Gu Le himself, even if he had the strength of the Ninth Awakening Stage, in that position, he would not be able to do this step!

“And that battle knife, it’s too sharp. It was breaking through the black swamp crocodile’s scale armor just like cutting vegetables, could this be a high-level rune battle knife brought out from some secret realm?”

Many thoughts surfaced in Gu Le’s mind.

The situation was urgent, so he stopped thinking about it. Since the hunter in front of him did not need his support, Gu Le immediately turned his attention to another place.

Three hunters were gathered together, but there were seven or eight Black Swamp Crocodiles around.

“Damn, it’s easy to be confused about each other when gathered together.” Gu Le saw the two hunters, jumping towards a landing spot that was only the size of a book at the same time in the confusion.

As a result, both have sunk to the bottom of the black swamp, their corpses are gone.

“Now there are three people, there are seven or eight black swamp crocodiles around. I can only kill one instantly, the support may be too late……”

Thinking this way, Gu Le still pulled the bowstring. However, the next moment, the bowstring that was drawn full shrank back… The tree hunters cooperated with each other and surprisingly killed three or four black swamp crocodiles in a few seconds.

“Another foot-stomping crocodile.”

“Did they grow eyes behind their backs?”

“What kind of weapon is it that is so sharp.”

When the black swamp crocodiles swam, most of their bodies were potentially under the swamp, and only a small part was exposed.

Using the black swamp crocodile as a landing spot is not something no one has thought of. But, because it was too difficult, not many people can do it ……

‘No, it’s not right.’

Gu Le was stunned.

On the Black Swamp, most of the hunters rushed to the opposite shore quickly, with a little chaotic pace, and it was even more incomprehensible to deal with the Black Swamp Crocodile attack.

However, there are a small number of people who step on the sloping and slippery stepping points like they were walking on the ground.

As if they had experienced the same scene a thousand times, they had the leisure to talk while killing the enemies, making the other hunters glance at them and look at them sideways.

A few minutes later…

As the last hunter stepped onto the land on the other side, many people sighed in relief—especially the hunters who had come back from the Black Swamp, returning from the deadly situation.

“There were six hunters who died this time, and the remaining three suffered minor injuries…” The head with a touted eyebrows said.

Before, they had accidents on the Black Swamp, and normally dozens of hunters died.

Others also knew that the casualties were much lower, precisely because of those level swings… It should be said that they were hunters whose strength was far beyond what they expected.

Those people belong to different forces, but they all seem to come from the same large shelter.

Lin Dong.

There were also several cities around Lin Dong, Hengcheng, Shuohu. The performance of these hunters was beyond imagination.

From all parts of Tiannan, including the Jingcheng hunters who had a sense of superiority, they couldn’t help looking highly at the people from shelters in Lindong. But similar to Kuncheng, the performance of their hunters was extremely poor, and the people who have just died are the Kuncheng hunters.

The Kuncheng leader’s face became even darker.


After the expedition group crossed the Black Swamp, they passed through the Shattered Stone Forest, skirted the Mirror Lake, and went over the Elephant Trunk Mountain……

There were a few hunters who died on the way. But, however, compared to the previous exploration team of Jingcheng, this time, it was undoubtedly too much better.

The distance to the destination was getting closer and closer.


The expedition group walked in a dense forest different from the ordinary forest; the leaves here were light blue and fluorescent.

“Did you guys hear any sound?”

A man from Kuncheng with a tattoo on his arm looked around suspiciously. He suddenly saw several translucent shadows behind the ancient trees with twisted roots.

“What’s that?”

“Just a few spirits, I can’t imagine that the people of Kuncheng are so timid.” The hunter from Jingcheng shook his head and snorted.

The man with the tattooed arms glared angrily, then looked at the few vapors floating over, “Timid? Hmph, this kind of spirit, I can beat ten of them alone!”

The tattooed man was dazed. But there were strange voices. At this time, the spirit body had appeared. He sensed the aura of a Sixth Awakening.

The man lunged forward with a combat knife in his hand, his body lit up with flames like a burning man from afar. The knife was wrapped in flames and cut down towards the spirit monster.


The knife cut through, distorting the spirit’s transparent body. It looked thinner, but the powerful attack didn’t immediately kill the monster.

The man with the flowery tattoo didn’t believe in ghosts. He swung his knife and slashing. Swinging 6 slashes in one second, each wrapped in his flame-shifting ability.

The surrounding spirit vapors distorted and faded but did not stop drifting and continued to advance.

The man with the flowery tattoo wielded a dozen slashes. He saw that he was about to wipe out the spirits. But, the rest of the expedition group noticed that the knife wielded by the man with the flowery arm became broken. Even the flame attached to it burned out at times.


The Kuncheng leader was the first to rush up.

But the man with the flowery arms suddenly shouted, “Don’t… kill… uh… ah-”

He moved abruptly and froze, and the next moment, he fell to the ground facing forward.

The Kuncheng leader wiped out a few of the weakened spirits and crouched down to pluck the flower-armed man over to take a look, “Dead.”

The flower-armed man’s face was pale and blue, and there was no breath left.

“How did he die so suddenly?”

Jingcheng City hunters didn’t mock him; they were also feeling puzzled.

No matter how weak the people of Kuncheng Shelter were, they wouldn’t be able to be killed back by a few Sixth Awakening stage spirits, right?

After looking at the corpses, the head with the warped eyebrows raised his head and looked around, “We are surrounded. These spirit beings are not less resistant to the elements and should have the ability of mental attack type. Be very careful.”

The spirit body emerged from behind the ancient tree, a glance at the number of thousands, very dense. Seeing it, the people went numb.

It’s like entering a ghost nest.

The head sitting in the center calmly commanded, “Those with special ability can harm the spirit. You all stand outside, others stand in the inner circle. Once the existing group appears abnormal, carefully remove him from the battlefield.”

The battle exploded in an instant.


Zhou Jianhong looked at each other with a few other hunters he knew well, “On or off?”


Chen Feng smiled with a heated spirit, “Although my ability is also not suitable for dealing with spirit bodies, we are not the only means of special ability.”

Zhou Jianhong darted to a spirit body with a few steps, his qi and blood running like a burning oven. He slashed out his sword, a dense red light wrapped around the body of the sword, carrying a full blood-damaging aura as the battle sword chopped down.


A strike that condensed the power of qi and blood was not only enough to hurt special creatures like spirit bodies. The blood qi aura carried by the blood slash was even more deadly to spirit bodies!


This spirit body burst open and dissipated without a trace.

Not far away, Gu Le was astonished.

Facing the spirit body, he could not do anything at all, and attaching his source qi to the arrow, he could only cause weak damage. But now… A hunter who wasn’t even an Ability, relying on the power of qi and blood, which was inferior to source qi, had killed a Sixth Awakening spirit monster in seconds?

Where did that dense blood-death aura come from?

Could it be that he had received some kind of miraculous encounter?








The corner of Gu Le’s mouth twitched, isn’t this a strange encounter? How come each one of them can come out with the attack with a strong blood fury aura?

He noticed that most of these hunters who had blood light wrapped around their weapons were the hunters who had performed beyond imagination in the Black Swamp lands before.

It seemed that……

All of them came from the area around Lin Dong?

What exactly could be there?

Gu Le could not help but think, but soon, he was not optimistic. Although the strength of the hunters in the Lin Dong was beyond imagination, these attacks with blood aura’s power consumption were also massive…

More importantly, many people in the expedition group find it difficult to hurt the spirit body, and the number of spirit bodies in the forest was too much.


With the spirit body approaching, several hunters in the front row poofed and fell.

Seeing that, the head’s calm face also showed a few anxious expressions, thinking of ways to break the situation.

And at this time, at the front row of the expedition group, The Battle Alliance leader Lin Qingtian had already abandoned his shield. Holding a war hammer with lightning flashes on it, each strike could kill a spirit monster.

Battle Alliance leader gasped for breaths, suddenly his figure swayed, and quickly stood firm. He saw a number of people around the poof fell. Even Zhou Jianhong and others were also pale.

He took a deep breath, “Cover me, I’ll open the big move.”

After saying that, the Battle Alliance leader clenched his hands on the war hammer and raised it high.

Zhou Jianhong, Chen Feng, and other hunters thought of it and rushed to Lin Qingtian’s side. Their battle skills exploded without reservation.

A few seconds later, a beam of blazing white pillar of light rose to the sky from Lin Qingtian’s hand, holding the silver-white war hammer.

In an instant, a pale blue fluorescent light illuminated the dim Mirage Mountain Range.

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