My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 11 Elaine’s Strength
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Chapter 11 Elaine’s Strength

Translator: SumTLMan

For a moment, the sky looked as if it suddenly changed colours. In the previous moment, the clouds above are completely black. But in the next moment, the clouds have been dyed with a layer of icy blue crystals.

No, not dyed…

Chen Haiping only felt a sharp chill come across his face. Then he saw a tiny blue awn appear in the centre of the flock of demonized sparrows. It can be visibly seen expanding to the naked eye as if painting the cloud of demonized sparrows blue. In just a moment, nearly ten demonized sparrows were directly frozen into ice sculptures. The rest of the ones nearby were influenced by the icy splash as they fell from the sky.

Not far away, Elaine’s pretty expression looked serious. With her hands held high, an ice-blue, crystal arrow as thick as an arm was condensed inch by inch. Then, it was immediately shot, causing ripples as it sailed through the air.

The icy shot burst into the flock of demonized sparrows. When the icy power struck the flock, the cold air gushed forth…

This is ice power!

Chen Haiping didn’t expect this seemingly delicate and weak girl was an extremely rare awakened one who had a special ability!

In a group of one hundred awakened ones, there won’t necessarily be one person with a special ability!

This special ability is innate, so Chen Haiping couldn’t be envious. But Elaine’s power is still beyond his expectation.

From Chen Haiping’s original impression, he only thought Elaine was a weak awakened one. But now, seeing Elaine’s face neither flustered nor breathless while she is condensing one Ice Spike after another. He felt an indescribable shock in his heart as she wiped out the waves of demonized sparrows.

If this were just a newly discovered awakened ability, no matter what ability, using it once or twice would already be the limit. He has also seen a person like this from his original shelter. This person could produce powerful flames. Once he used his ability, though it was powerful, he couldn’t sustain his ability for long.

By contrast, Elaine looks as light as the clouds and gentle as the wind. Whether she is condensing a cold fog into Ice Spikes or controlling her firing direction, it all gives the impression this girl still has space capacity!

It may be difficult for Chen Haiping to comprehend what a profession system or spell is in this life, but this is her advantage. In fact, the fault lies not with him, because even Tang Yu himself doesn’t understand these things. He only knows of these things in a conceptual sense.


Elaine heaved lightly, calming the magic that was surging in her body.

Compared with Chen Haiping’s strong inner shock, she now feels… very happy.

Everyone defines their happiness differently. Some people are happy while eating delicious food, some people are happy after killing godly super beings. As for Elaine, realizing her own value and helping her lord makes her feel very happy.

After the deaths of the demonized sparrows, hundreds of invisible waves radiated like rivers flowing into the sea as this flow is continuously converging into her body.

In an instant, Elaine’s crystal-clear eyes were wide open.

This is…

She awakened three years ago, but until she found the incomplete magic book, Elaine had no way of improving her strength. Even if she could sense the strange flow of energy around her body, her manipulation of her ice power remained very weak.

After discovering the magic book, she learned the most basic ability of a mage, meditation.

Meditation is the most essential way of enhancing strength. Elaine has heard that other professions have similar methods of enhancing their strength. But after killing the flock of demonized sparrows, pure energy continuously flowed into her body, something which she thought was impossible before.

This energy is simply too pure!

As long as there is a little cultivation, she can transform this energy into her own power. She doesn’t know how much faster this way of cultivating is than meditation and there are no side effects at all.

In these three years of meditation, her strength has reached the peak of second order awakened. If she follows her previous pace of meditation, she may be able to successfully break through to third awakened in another six months. But now, Elaine believes that as long as there is more of this energy available in her body for cultivation, she can directly break through and become a third order awakened.

This ascension speed is like a dream.

Elaine remembered what the Lord had told her yesterday. He said there would be a surprise after killing the demonized beasts called spirit power.

It turns out this is spirit power.


Tang Yu was also very happy at having this problem expressly solved and having a batch of demonized sparrows delivered to his door.

This kind of demonized beast is weak, so the probability of leaving behind a source crystal isn’t very likely. But these demonized beasts win in quantity. With this problem solved, Tang Yu is still very happy to start the crystal collection operation.

On second thought, he is no longer alone. He has just set up the first hauling team. At this time, he called them over to collect the crystals, this can be regarded as making the best use of labour.

Yesterday, Elaine looked rather timid. When she first arrived, she was panicked and still at a loss when facing the resplendent and smooth floor of the castle. She had to stand on her toes before she dared to take a single step inside… Now, in the face of these demonized sparrows, Elaine doesn’t have the slightest trace of panic on her face.

Thinking of this, Tang Yu somewhat understood. Although Elaine isn’t old and had little combat experience. Yesterday, after all, she experienced a difficult defensive battle in the outer city wall. By contrast, that battle dwarfed the fight with these demonized sparrows.

After getting off to a good start, Tang Yu still went ahead with the original plan of cleaning up the demonized beasts in the resort area region by region. At the same time, he is searching for items left behind by the original shelter which can still be of use.

It wasn’t until the evening that Tang Yu returned to the villa area.

Carefully counting the source crystals in his pocket, Tang Yu showed a tiny smile. Then the most exciting part of the process had arrived, the time to construct a new territorial building.

This is known as spending crystal currency.

Coming from a distance, he saw several survivors pushing carts.

The middle section of the villa has already been filled with debris. It now looks like a rubbish heap in a garbage dump. This pile of rubbish are mostly from the damaged wreckage of buildings, like concrete slabs and steel bars. There are also many damaged appliances among the rubbish heap. These are all things nobody wanted before the doomsday. But for Tang Yu, these things are exactly what he urgently needs.

“Move everything to Villa No. 3.”

Tang Yu refers to the inner side of the villa area as Villa No. 3, and central inner area as Villa No. 2 and the castle. There is still a long-distance between the castle and the high cliff behind the area since this was originally a deserted space. But this space is now occupied by Tang Yu. This space also happens to be the safest place he can place his core territorial buildings.

Tang Yu is going to use this place as a forbidden area. As long as he blocks the gap in front, he can completely seal off this area. Although this area is inaccessible to others without Tang’s permission. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Tang Yu will still limit access to the core territorial buildings in the area for the survivors.

Not long after, several survivors pulled a large pile of rubbish and materials in front of Villa No. 3.

Villa No. 3 already looks very dilapidated, with many bullet holes, claw marks and even traces of black scorched earth left after explosions. When this rubbish was pulled into the inner villa area, it seemed to cause the garbage dump image to appear more distinct.

This image isn’t too good… Tang Yu slightly shook his head. After the main core building has been built, the territory must be well managed. If he wants to develop this site into a shelter, the external image of the shelter can’t be this bad. He doesn’t want to walk out from the castle every day and see such a scene. It will certainly leave him in a bad mood.

After leaving the cart behind and sending the survivors away. Tang Yu called out to No. 1 and No. 2 to pull this valuable “rubbish” and material to the open space behind the castle.

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