My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1103 - Leng Hao, My StomaChapter Hurts
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Chapter 1103: Leng Hao, My Stomach Hurts

Leng Hao strode forward and snatched the phone from the female secretary’s hands.

The female secretary was shocked. When she saw Leng Hao’s murderous gaze, she shrunk her neck and left the room obediently.

Leng Hao looked down at the number on the phone screen. It was a call from the villa.

“Hello...” He picked up the call.

Ye Xiaotao heard his voice. It was a familiar voice. She couldn’t help but sob softly. Her stomach wasn’t feeling well, so she tightly covered her bulging stomach.

Leng Hao was shocked when she heard her cry. He didn’t expect her to call him. She had ignored him for a long time.

His gloomy frown quickly softened. But when he remembered her bad attitude last night, he deliberately put on a serious face. “Why are you crying? If you have something to say, say it.”

Ye Xiaotao could not hear any warmth in his voice. Her tears fell like pearls on a broken string. She sobbed and said, “Leng Hao, my stomach hurts...”

Her stomach really hurt.

Little Xiaotao was exercising intensely inside. The mother and son were connected so she could already feel Little Xiaotao’s uneasiness and discomfort. She felt that something was slowly drifting away...

She really wanted to keep it, but she couldn’t.

Leng Hao frowned. “Ye Xiaotao, how many times have you said that your stomach hurts? Next time, can you think of something different... If you miss me...”

Before he could finish his sentence, the other person had hung up.

Leng Hao cursed in a low voice and immediately wanted to throw his phone away. Was this how she was going to act? Actually, he wanted to say that if she wanted him to go home and accompany her, he would immediately fly back as long as she was willing to say it out loud. She just needed to say one sentence.

But she had already hung up.

Leng Hao threw his phone on the big bed in frustration and took off his bathrobe. He elegantly put on his pants and shirt, took the car keys, and left the bar.

After getting into the Lincoln car, he drove straight to the airport. Since she didn’t want to see him, he would just leave.

But as he drove, he realized that he had taken the wrong road. This was the road home. He felt a strange tightness in his chest, and his right eyelid kept twitching. A voice kept telling him — Leng Hao, hurry up and go home.

He frowned. Then, he stepped on the accelerator.


Ye Xiaotao hung up on Leng Hao and immediately dialed another number.

The melodious ringtone rang once, and the phone was picked up quickly. Father Ye’s kind voice floated over, “Hello, Xiaotao...”

Hearing her father’s voice, Ye Xiaotao cried out, “Daddy, save me... The house is on fire...”

“What?” Father Ye was shocked. He shouted, “Uncle Fu, Uncle Fu!”

“Yes, master.”The butler, Uncle Fu, rushed in.

Father Ye gave a few instructions and Uncle Fu quickly went to carry out the order. “Xiaotao, listen to daddy. Don’t panic. I have already sent the nearest fire brigade to your place. Daddy will be there soon. Five minutes. Xiaotao, you must hold on.”

“Okay.” Ye Xiaotao nodded vigorously and hung up the phone.

She turned her head. Leng Mu was still lying on the ground. Ye Xiaotao propped herself up and ran over to help him up. The fire was too serious, here. The room could collapse at any time.

She wanted to bring Leng Mu out.

Clenching her teeth, she finally helped Leng Mu to the door. At this instant, there was a creaking sound. Ye Xiaotao looked up and saw a wooden stick falling from above her head.

Ye Xiaotao’s pupils constricted.

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