My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1028 - I’ll Give You a Lollipop
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Chapter 1028: I’ll Give You a Lollipop

Ye Xiaotao humbly begged for help. A wise girl knew when to submit. She was also able to yield and endure.

She originally thought that Leng Hao would help her when he heard her plea, but this man completely ignored her. He kept walking like nothing was happening and even pressed the elevator button.

Ye Xiaotao was speechless.

At this time, Master Lin’s bodyguard had already caught up to her. Ye Xiaotao’s face was red with anger. “Leng Hao!” She gritted her teeth and called out to him.

Leng Hao glanced at her coldly. The girl was staring at him angrily with her watery eyes. She looked like a cute and harmless kitten that wanted to scratch Leng Hao. She could melt anyone’s heart with that look.

The man did not save her. Seeing the black-shirted bodyguard’s hand reaching over, Ye Xiaotao felt a deep sense of crisis in addition to her anger. She could not be captured. How could she save herself at this time?

Got It.

Ye Xiaotao’s eyes lit up. “Honey!” She called out sweetly. Then, she came to Leng Hao’s side and stood on tiptoe. She reached out two small hands and hugged his neck. Finally, she kissed his thin lips.

The bodyguard stopped. Even Master Lin was shocked.

Leng Hao also did not expect this. He knew that this girl was very bold, but he did not expect her to be so bold. He wanted to push off her slender arm that wrapped around his neck.

“Mmm, honey!” Ye Xiaotao hugged his neck even harder. She could not let him push her away. Once he pushed her away, all her efforts would be in vain.

She called out softly and then pecked on his thin lips twice. Seeing that he was not moved, she opened her small mouth and sucked his.

Leng Hao’s large palm that was holding on to her slender arm stiffened. Neither of them closed their eyes. Her clear and bright eyes were watery. Her pink lips were very soft and pecked at him like jelly.

Leng Hao could not help but straighten his waist. An electric current ran through his entire body and all of it flowed towards a certain part of his lower body.

He didn’t get hard when the women at the bar rubbed their chests on him. But now, he was easily aroused by her kiss.

He had to admit that this girl tasted good.

Ye Xiaotao kissed him and then let go. She blinked her beautiful big eyes and said coquettishly, “Honey, sweetie, help me, okay? I’ll serve you well when we go back tonight. I’ll let you eat... lollipops.”

After saying that, Ye Xiaotao licked her pink lips with her pink tongue.

Leng Hao’s breathing quickened, and his gaze suddenly became vicious. This shameless girl, he wanted to strangle her to death. Did she know what she was saying?

Eating a lollipop...

How many evil thoughts did she have in her little head? She couldn’t be any dirtier.

At this moment, the elevator door opened. Leng Hao forcefully pushed off her slender arm and then walked into the elevator with his long legs.

“Honey, wait for me.” Ye Xiaotao quickly entered the elevator and hugged his arm. She raised her head and waved at Master Lin. “He really is my husband.”

“Young master Leng, umm...”Master Lin was confused.

Leng Hao looked at Master Lin expressionlessly and said, “She’s right. She’s the pearl of the Ye family and also my... wife.”

“What? “Master Lin was shocked.

The elevator door had already closed.


The elevator went to the first floor. Leng Hao took the lead and walked out. Outside the bar, there was an extended business limousine. Ah Chen sat in the driver’s seat and was waiting.

Seeing Leng Hao come out, Ah Chen quickly opened the back door. Leng Hao bent down and got in.

Ah Chen was about to close the door when he heard someone yell “wait!” Ye Xiaotao was running towards them, panting. She got into the back seat numbly and smiled sweetly at Ah Chen. “Thank you.”

Ah Chen nodded respectfully. “Young madam.”

The luxury business car drove out.

After leaving the frightening bar, Ye Xiaotao was finally relieved. However, at the same time, her whole body was on fire. She looked angrily at the man beside her.

Leng Hao sat in the back seat with his legs crossed. He held a document in his hand and looked at it attentively. Under the city’s neon lights, his face emitted a charming light. Although he was born in the mafia world, his aura was cold and noble.

Ye Xiaotao snorted. If she didn’t know what kind of person he was in advance, she might have been deceived by his appearance.

“Yo, Leng Hao!” She called out impolitely.

Hearing this, Ah Chen, who was in the driver’s seat, immediately looked into the rearview mirror. In all these years, no one had dared to call the young master in such a tone, including Bai Lingyun.

This new young madam’s courage was commendable.

“Yo, Leng Hao, let me ask you. What did you mean back there? That old pervert caught me and I asked you for help. Why didn’t you help me? Are you really going to watch me get raped by that old pervert?”

Leng Hao’s gaze was still on the document in his hand. He slowly curled his thin lips and said with a cold smile, “What do you being raped have to do with me?”

Ye Xiaotao almost spat out a mouthful of blood. What was he talking about?

“Leng Hao, I’m your wife. If I really got raped, you’ll be cuckolded. Are you a man or not?”

“Humph, Miss Ye knows better than anyone else whether or not I’m a man. Also, I have to remind you that you’re the one who kept telling me not to reveal the news of our marriage to the public. You’re also the one who kept saying that you would break up with me after giving birth to the child. Oh, and you said that we’re not husband and wife at all. We’re just temporary collaborators. I’m your... partner.”

Leng Hao raised his eyebrows as he thought of the word “partner.”

Ye Xiaotao was at a loss for words. Was she wrong to say “partner?” She didn’t want to marry him in the first place.

“Then, then why are you so cold-blooded? Even if it was a stranger getting raped by an old pervert, you shouldn’t just stand by and watch, right? Where is your conscience?”

This time, Leng Hao slowly raised his head. His gaze was deep, and the corner of his mouth revealed a sneer. “Miss Ye, what is conscience? Do you want to teach me?”

Ye Xiaotao was speechless.

“This world follows the law of the jungle. There are so many weaklings. Do I need to start a charity and become a philanthropist, or do I need to become a superhero?” As he spoke, Leng Hao glanced at Ye Xiaotao from head to toe. “Besides, do you need saving? A married woman and a pregnant woman. It’s already eight or nine o’clock at night, and you’re still fooling around in the bar. Didn’t you enjoy yourself when you went on stage and danced on the pole to seduce those men? That Master Lin wanted to rape you, how do I know if you weren’t playing hard to get? Maybe I’ll ruin your plans if I act rashly and save you.”

Ye Xiaotao was so angry that her entire body was trembling. Very well, he had really humiliated her. In his eyes, she was someone so shameless.

Leng Hao ignored the fury in the girl’s eyes and resumed reading the document in his hand.

But in the next second, the document in his hand got snatched away. The window was opened and Ye Xiaotao threw the document out.

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