My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 37 - Please Spare Me!
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Chapter 37: Please Spare Me!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Her piercing gaze—like that of a devil who had descended—caused the pudgy child to cowardly shrink back. When he looked back again, the little girl was expressionless and without a trace of her frightening aura.

For some reason, the pudgy child had a dawning feeling that when the little girl quietly sat in the back row of the classroom, she looked like she did not belong to this world, unbelievably ephemeral.

He rubbed his eyes and furiously turned his head. When he looked up and saw Master Jiang’s livid face, he grew silent.

The teacher slowly became engrossed in his poems and literature, his mood turning pleasant. The students below him were fairly peaceful and recited the poems and essays with the teacher, their heads swaying along.

However, this peaceful atmosphere did not last more than three minutes.

A faint sneer turned up on Qiao Mu’s lips as she inwardly counted down: “Five... four... three... two... one!”

Bang! The pudgy child slapped the table and stood up, the loud noise startling his fellow classmates and halting their recitation.

Master Jiang, who was drunk on his poems and literature, opened his eyes and was stunned as he looked at the chubby child who had the nerve to be impudent during his lesson.

Thump thump thump thump thump! The pudgy child aggressively charged in front of Qiao Mu. He grasped a handful of air with his right hand, bit off from it, and then stuck his nose high in the air as he disdainfully stated, “What rubbish is the teacher...”

Everyone watched the insolently speaking pudgy child, dumbfounded. They all wondered whether the pudgy child was a fool. Say, if the teacher was absent, it was okay to want to look impressive and run your mouth off, but the teacher was sitting right there, yet you actually... repeated the disrespectful words that you previously said without omitting a syllable!

The young kids all reverently looked at the “heroic” pudgy child!

Before the teacher could fly into a rage, the two stupefied lackeys hastily called “Young Master Tao, Young Master Tao” and pulled Zhou Tao back to his seat.

Master Jiang took a deep breath. In consideration of how the pudgy child’s plump dad provided the money to renovate Tiny Herb School, today, the teacher would swallow his... anger?

Bang! The pudgy child robotically slapped the table and stood up again, valiantly marching to the front of Qiao Mu with large thumps. “What rubbish is the teacher!!!”

“Pft...” This time, the children could not hold it in anymore and burst out laughing. Why did they feel like today’s Fatty Zhou was especially comical? Hahahahaha!

Regardless of how dim the pudgy child was, he finally realized there was something wrong with his body. This feeling of his body not being under his own control was truly terrifying.

Seeing Master Jiang’s livid expression, which looked as if it had a layer of black paint over it, the pudgy child slapped the table and courageously stood up for the third time...

The pudgy child had charged to the front of Qiao Mu and started shouting again, but his face had become contorted, fear pervading his slitted eyes and tear tracks shamefully running out of his eyes.

Who could put a stop to this? This was too horrifying! Why couldn’t he control any of his actions and words?

Master Jiang could not withstand this anymore and abruptly stood up, raising his rattan ruler and slapping it toward the pudgy child’s butt.

“How dare you slap the desk and stand up three times! How dare you brazenly insult your teacher! You worthless thing, you will truly anger me to death...”

A perfectly good lesson ended up with chickens flying everywhere and the pudgy child fainting. The talisman that was originally pasted onto the pudgy child’s clothing also fell on the ground as the time limit concluded, and it turned into two normal pieces of paper, unnoticeable.

Qiao Mu bent over to pick it up and scrunched it into a ball as a plan rose in her mind. “I will draw at least 8 or 10 of these when I get home tonight! They are vital to tricking someone!”

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