My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 33 - Golden Talisman Jade Tome
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Chapter 33: Golden Talisman Jade Tome

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The gold light was more radiant than the rays of the sun. The first light arc appeared to shatter, dividing into two arcs, then four arcs, and so on.

The twirling light sent Qiao Mu’s mind spinning, and she wanted to struggle awake a few times; however, it was as though there was a bundle of energy pressing down on her, and she could not open her eyes no matter what.

These arcs of light nearly made her throw up, and her brain turned muddled and started uncontrollably twitching in pain.

Sometime later, the different arcs of golden light gradually merged together and transformed into a golden book that was half a human tall.

Qiao Mu was completely dumbfounded and stared foolishly at it for a moment. She could not tell whether she was dreaming or truly experiencing this.

Then, the golden light slowly dissipated, and one by one, carved golden characters in a semi-cursive font slid onto the cover of the book. It read: “Golden Talisman Jade Tome”?

Qiao Mu surprisingly managed to comprehend those four large, flamboyant characters with a fleeting glimpse. “Golden Talisman Jade Tome? I can’t possibly still be dreaming about this bizarre situation, right?”

The golden book turned a page by itself and rows of small characters appeared one after another, their appearance just as swift as their disappearance. Thankfully, Qiao Mu had more superior eyesight than most people and was capable of reading 10 lines at a glance.

The small characters read: “At the dawn of all living things, there were two energies—yin and yang. They intertwined and melded with each other, permeating heaven and earth. If they were obstructed from each other, then malicious energy would generate. At the beginning of the universe, there already existed the magnificent powers of the gods.”

“The Golden Talisman Jade Tome was born concurrently with the universe and utilized the powers of the gods as its guide. It recorded every known omnipotent talisman method in heaven and earth. As an offense, its attack could kill anything in the world and provoke yin and yang to clash together. With a flick of a finger, you can destroy a city and suck the life out of all living things. As a defense, it could stabilize your godly conscious and automatically trigger a guard around your godly spirit, nullifying all living things, and give life to what had withered, cleansing all that it touched like the showers of spring.”

“Heh, what a good dream this is! This so-called Golden Talisman Jade Tome is described like it’s real! Why doesn’t it just bluntly say it’s unrivaled in both offense and defense!”

What were the magnificent powers of the gods? What in the world was godly conscious? Or godly spirit? Were there such peculiar things in this world? This was her first time hearing such baffling words one after another.

This lousy book did not even know how to plausibly fabricate tales. If it were only catalyzing mystic energy and protecting her mystic conscious, she would still find it somewhat believable.

She was someone who had lived two lives. It was not that she had not seen any formidable talisman masters in her previous life, but the few talisman masters that existed in the world were all elderly people who were several hundred years old.

The sole talisman patrician family in Sikong Planet resided far away in Guanlan City, and the talisman masters within that family clan did not easily present themselves to the world. Also, talisman techniques were passed down generation after generation and were taught step-by-step, so talisman practitioners were rarer than mystic cultivators.

Although the art of talismans was fairly magical, she had never seen a talisman practitioner turn someone into ash with a flick of his fingers! If it was not done right, the talisman practitioner might have just thrown two talisman papers, but the mystic cultivator would have already sidled up and killed him in a flash...

“Where did the ability to destroy cities and suck the life out of all living things with a flick of a finger come from? Are you sure you aren’t joking?”

The child scoffed and tried to force herself to wake up from the rocking golden light.

However, the result was a bit saddening.

The immense pressure that emanated from the Golden Talisman Jade Tome caused her to be unable to move a single centimeter, let alone open her eyes.

Just what was this d*mn book doing!

Our dear Qiao Mu was incredibly angered and had no choice but to focus all of her attention on the book. After the rows of small characters on the Golden Talisman Jade Tome swiftly disappeared, another page turned.

Beginner-level talisman method?

Why was this dream so real? It truly recorded the mind techniques and finger gestures for the talisman method?

Qiao Mu was slightly dumbfounded, the fog in her head further intensifying.

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