My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 3147 - 3147: Here It Comes…
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Chapter 3147: Here It Comes…

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

MO Lian produced another Demon Eyes Viscount and ejected it from the Star Domain.

Soon, the outside world materialized in a swirling maelstrom created by spiritual energy.

“Eh?” Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao’s eyes brightened.

Her husband was indeed clever. By attaching the Demon Eyes Viscount to plants in the external realm, he could manipulate these plants and capture scenes from the outside world.

This approach would greatly facilitate her ventures in and out of the Star

Domain for assigned missions. No need to worry; when he broke out of the Star Domain, he would coincidentally encounter her.

Meanwhile, in the shadowy outside world, a somewhat familiar-looking man battled a zombie.

The zombie wielded immense strength; a single stomp cracked the ground

beneath it, the quake resonating in all directions. Nearby mountains seemed to crumble from the sheer force.

“Is that guy on our team?”

“Mhm, yes,” Duan Yue affirmed. “He’s a student from Hong Estate Academy.”

He likely ventured alone and, unfortunately, encountered a zombie on his way.

“The group that infiltrated the matrix probably brought a substantial number of zombies,” Crown Prince Mo remarked in a hushed tone. “The team is in

considerable peril.”

“Qiaoqiao, should we go out and assist him?” Duan Yue inquired.

Qiao Mu shook her head, then exclaimed excitedly, “I’ll go!”

“Absolutely not.” The two men immediately vetoed her decision in unison.

“We’ll discuss it after you’ve recovered,” Mo Lian said with exasperation.

This little girl’S intellect was not even as substantial as other zombies’ arms; she seemed to be merely fooling around. fre

Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao lowered her head, glancing at her small hands and feet, feeling a hint of defiance.

“This is my size, right! I may have shrunk, but it’s not like my cultivation has

diminished. Their rejection is utterly unreasonable!”

“After some thought, let’s go out together,” Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao


Having been inside for a while, they calculated that less than an hour remained before the day changed. With this consideration, Mo Lian agreed, reaching out to hold the little fellow’s hand. “Qiaoqiao, with your short limbs right now, it’s inconvenient for you to do anything. Take good care of yourself and be obedient!”

Duan Yue couldn’t help but release a sigh and rub his forehead.

Wasn’t this guy a bit too arrogant?

“You’re the one with short limbs! Your whole family is short-limbed!” The little one roared, startling Fairy Huanghe, who was refining medicine on a remote island.

“Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao, when are you bringing me back?” Fairy Huanghe raised her small, charcoal-black face, breaking free.

Mo Lian subconsciously touched his ear, carrying the little one and saying, “Hubby didn’t mean that.”

Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao looked at him expressionlessly, then turned her petite head, asking in confusion, “Did you hear Huanghe’s voice just now? Is Huanghe calling me?”

“No,” Mo Lian pouted. “Fairy Huanghe doesn’t even have time to refine medicine on the island every day, so why would she ask you to do it?”

That made sense. Qiaoqiao thought about it and nodded. “Let’s hurry. That guy can’t hold on anymore.”

“I’ll go too, I’ll go too,” Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal ran over from afar.

This tall, slender figure wore a bright red bewitching robe, bringing peach blossom petals that fluttered around her jade-like body. It was as if a peach blossom rain had fallen, creating a gorgeous scene.

Her Excellency Lady Qiaoqiao immediately felt a bit dazzled..

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