My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2283 - 2283 It Burns Everything Except You
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2283 It Burns Everything Except You

No matter how busy she was in the future, she would come peek at him and give him kisses. Qiao Mu joyfully decided.

To not bother his concentration in forging, she then quietly disappeared from Fish Orchid Planet.

After some time, a small crab popped out on the beach and waved its claws as it shuffled blindy toward where Mo Lian was sitting.

Yet just ten feet away from the sacred fire, it sensed a horrifying heat surge over.

However, before it could turn around and flee, there was a sizzle.


This pitiful, blind crab had burnt into a crisp.

The fine white sand at Mo Lian’s feet billowed outward and turned into white smoke, disappearing into the air.

Sacred fire was the supreme yang fire in the world. It had always been known to burn all evil things in the world.

As long as the sacred fire was unwilling, no living things could get close to it…


When Qiao Mu found her second aunt-master at the market, she was currently in a heated bargaining battle. In the end, she bought a cartload of quality cotton cloth at an extremely discounted price.

Qiao Mu: …

“Aunt-Master, why are you buying so many daily necessities?” Qiaoqiao had all these!

“Child, you won’t know how expensive daily necessities are until you’re the one managing household affairs! I’m telling you! We have so many people, with your 200 senior sisters. Once we get to the Divine Province, that greedy and unforgiving place, if we don’t accumulate these things first, it’s possible we won’t even have enough money to buy cloth and make clothes!

“I have long heard that even common goods in the Divine Province are so freakin’ expensive!

“Apparently, spirit currency is considered low-end currency. It’s a place that truly uses spirit stones for money. Spirit stones, gosh. If we had spirit stones, we would’ve used them for our own cultivation. Would we even use them as currency?” Yang Xirong rambled nonstop as she walked beside the shop assistant pushing the cart.

Qiao Mu blindly followed suit behind her with her hands behind her back.

As she watched her nagging second aunt-master walking in front of her, Qiao Mu felt like those beautiful memories from the past seemed to have returned.

“Yes, yes, yes. Second Aunt-Master is the best at budgeting.”

“Isn’t that so. I’m telling you, spirit stones aren’t even the highest-end currency. I heard that some bigshots who purchase pills, talismans, weapons, and other dharma treasures, etc., use divine stones or level-14 spiritual beast cores and above.

“Oh my goodness, isn’t this just cutting our flesh!” Second Aunt-Master continued to prattle.

Qiao Mu skipped to catch up to her second aunt-master.

Yang Xirong turned around and beamed at her. She grasped Qiao Mu’s petite hand and exhorted, “Second Aunt-Master has to save up money for you and your senior sisters’ dowry! Think about it, if we buy items here at a low cost then sell them in the Divine Province! We would earn a fortune!”


Qiao Mu’s eyes curved as she nodded repeatedly: As long as you’re happy, Second Aunt-Master.

“My lady!” When the cart reached the residence, eight young men streamed out.

Yang Xirong reflexively grabbed Qiao Mu’s hand and took a step back. “Who are you people? How come you’re in our house?”

“Come and greet my second aunt-master, Peak Master Yang.” Qiao Mu beckoned to the eight people.

“This disciple is Zou Huan.”

“Qi Hua.”

“Greetings to Peak Master Yang,” they chanted in unison.

Yang Xirong walked around the lads and nodded solemnly.

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