My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1465 - Whos Afraid of Whom
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Chapter 1465: Who’s Afraid of Whom

Qiao Mu’s eyes lit up as she reached out to hook his fingers. “There weren’t any tricks?”

“How is that possible?” The crown prince informed with a frown, “She even had someone send me a letter yesterday.”

“Where is the letter??”


Qiao Mu eyed him in surprise. “You didn’t see what she had to say?”

“What could she say?”?It didn’t matter anyways since she would be a dead person soon…

Qiao Mu was unable to respond to that as she looked at him. “Who knows, she might have wanted to divulge some secrets.”

“Secrets?”?Then just let her carry it underground to tell the King of Hell.

The crown prince gave the little fellow an amused look. “What kind of lousy secrets could she have. Don’t worry.”

Qiao Mu thought that to be the case too. Afterall, Yi’an was merely a girl who had been sheltered in the boudoir. Even if she had some kind of secret, it probably wasn’t of much consequence to them.

Seeing her stomp her short legs, Crown Prince Mo cheerfully helped her up. “The heaven-ascension stairs will open in twenty or so days. Qiaoqiao, why don’t you stay inside the cultivation ground and properly cultivate these next couple of days. Don’t wander about randomly, hm?”

However, Qiao Mu cast him a suspicious glance. “Is there something special that’s about to happen?”

“What kind of special thing could there be.” The crown prince stood up mirthfully as he walked up to her and grasped her petite hand. “It’s only that so many mundane affairs have happened recently, and look at you. Isn’t it bad that you’re lagging behind in your cultivation.”

“Mhm, mhm, it is bad.” Qiao Mu nodded.

“Your Highness.” Xiao’xi’zi jogged over docilely and bowed. “Your Highness, Her Majesty the Queen has issued a decree. She has invited the noble ladies from the other kingdoms to admire lotus flowers at Jun Mountain’s Yating Court the day after tomorrow, and requests the crown prince consort’s company.”

Mo Lian: …

What the heck? He had just instructed the little fellow to chill at home, but now his mom jumped out to mess with his plans.

“She’s not going.” The crown prince waved his hand impatiently and replied, “Go and inform Royal Mother that the crown prince consort has not been feeling well these last two days and needs proper rest.”

Qiao Mu blinked, but she didn’t say anything.

The wife goes along with whatever her husband decides, after all, so whatever Hubby says goes.

After seeing Haitang carrying in a bowl of rice porridge along with several tasty and refreshing dainty dishes, Qiao Mu sat down to eat.

She hadn’t really eaten after finally getting to rest in the middle of the night yesterday. When she smelled the rice porridge’s savory aroma now, she realized that she truly was hungry.

As Qiao Mu scooped the porridge into her mouth, she heard Xiao’xi’zi advising bitterly, “It will not do, Your Highness. Her Majesty the Queen has already singled out the crown prince consort to accompany her. If Her Majesty gets such a response, would it… not be too good?”

As Xiao’xi’zi carefully dissuaded their capricious lord, he would occasionally gesture to Qiao Mu with his eyes.

Crown Prince Consort, why don’t you say something!

Yet Qiao Mu merely looked down at herself bewilderedly, after which she still continued to spoon porridge into her mouth.

What could she say? She wasn’t willing to go either, so it was perfect that Hubby was rejecting for her…

Who had the leisure to go admire flowers with a bunch of women? It was better to stay at home and cultivate.

Xiao’xi’zi was distressed by this, and he stammered, “Your-Your Highness, the crown prince consort, thi-this, the person whom Her Majesty the Queen dispatched with her decree even stressed that the crown prince consort must accompany her there.”

Mo Lian knitted his brows and turned to walk outside. “I’ll go talk to Royal Mother.”

“Forget it.” Qiao Mu pursed her petite lips and remarked, “If you go, she will think I am instigating you behind her back again.”

She’d just go. It’s not like she was afraid of anyone!

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