My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1321 - The World Is at My Feet
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Chapter 1321: The World Is at My Feet

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Mu only swiftly added layer upon layer of water spiritual barrier around herself.

When she had successfully encased herself in four layers of water spiritual barrier, Fan Qiuhe became excited. “Her body is very peculiar! Capture her alive.”

“You still want to capture me for research?” Qiao Mu cracked a gloomy smile.

In that split second, she moved first.

She fiercely punched out her level-14 mystic energy as well as swiped out her ferule.

A streak of fire subsequently struck out.

But in reality, she was only doing this to stall for time.

Today’s situation was rather precarious, especially considering this woman in front of her was most likely a great spiritual cultivator. Compared to that level-four spiritual cultivator Brother Tu, she possessed a much more powerful aura.

The middle-aged woman was very strong!

But she also never admitted to being weak!

Although it was difficult for us to imagine the vastness of the world.

But all paths in the world were formed by having people tread on them!

Because the entire world... was at our feet!

The punch that Qiao Mu struck out was instantly swallowed up by the fire dragon. On the side, Fan Qiuhe’s eyes had turned wide in exhilaration.

He thought he would witness the middle-aged woman capturing Qiao Mu in one move.

Yet the truth proved that this was merely his fantasy.

Fan Qiuhe’s face stiffened as he saw Qiao Mu’s four-layered water spiritual barrier warding off the fire dragon.

The fire dragon penetrated the first layer of Qiao Mu’s water spiritual barrier, then the second layer... When it was the third layer, it no longer had the strength to break through. After bashing against it twice, it promptly transformed into red ashes and vanished before everyone.

After so many successive battles, Qiao Mu had expended quite a lot of mystic energy already.

Particularly when she had punched that Brother Tu 36 times earlier in order to frighten Old Monkey’s companions.

Cough, cough, that’s right. Even though she shouted that it would be 26 punches, she actually punched him 36...

So just now, she had been recovering her body’s mystic energy even while hanging in mid-air.

Although she hadn’t completely recovered, she was able to deal with the present situation since she had three more branch arteries than other people.

She also wrapped two more water spiritual barriers around herself, and she stared icily at Fan Qiuhe and the middle-aged woman through the now four-layered water spiritual barrier.

“You think a four-layered water spiritual barrier can save your life? You’re too naive!”

Before the middle-aged woman could finish speaking, Qiao Mu twisted the defensive thunder barrier around her finger. Thus, a half-transparent barrier descended upon the middle-aged woman.

“He’er, careful!” The middle-aged woman hastily pulled over Fan Qiuhe with a flash. Subsequently, they saw that defensive thunder barrier cage four to five zombies and then use the thunderbolts to chop them into mincemeat in moments.

“Spiritual weapon.” A hint of surprise flashed past the middle-aged woman’s eyes. However, this only lasted for one second.

A thicker fire dragon spiraled behind her back again. She put her hands together and held a fan adorned with airy feathers.

Every time she waved the fan, the thick fire dragon behind her would grow a bit.

This should be a spiritual weapon that augmented mystic techniques!

Qiao Mu’s eyes flickered as she gripped a vine as thick as a person’s finger.

This woman was about to release her ultimate!

The middle-aged woman released an angry roar, and when she waved her hands, that fire dragon split into two. They then stormed at Qiao Mu with unstoppable force!

Qiao Mu’s pupils contracted. Just as she planned to dodge, she found out that the woman had used her spiritual conscious to lock her in place, preventing her from moving even the slightest bit.

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