My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1130 - : Mutated Zombie Rat Pack
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Chapter 1130: Mutated Zombie Rat Pack

Instantaneously after skewering that rat’s head, Qiao Mu instinctually bolted deep into the forest without delay.

Seeing her anomaly, Qingluan promptly dashed after her, as well.

Furthermore, when the little white squirrel saw this, it transformed into a furry ball with a whoosh before hopping onto Qingluan’s shoulder. It even attempted to kick down the egg that Qingluan was carrying in his arms.

Qingluan: ...

These two fellows are really going at each other’s throats!

Qingluan quickly deflected Chirpy’s paws and consoled, “Alright, this egg is our companion from now on! Don’t hit him for now! Let’s go and see what Little Master discovered.”

“Phooey! I’m not his companion,” two prideful voices declared indignantly at the same time.

After failing to be a peacemaker, Qingluan simply didn’t bother with those two anymore. He merely shuttled through the trees, chasing after Qiao Mu while carrying the egg in his arms and the little squirrel on his back.

After sprinting for several minutes, Qingluan stopped upon seeing his little master halting up ahead.

After focusing his gaze, he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

Up ahead was a densely packed rat pack that numbered upwards of ten thousand, attacking Mu Boming, Dou Heping, and company together.

The people from the Qin Estate had long disappeared without a trace, with two unfamiliar teams showing up beside Mu Boming and the others instead.

Qingluan leaped in front of his little master. “Master, don’t go over there.”

Qiao Mu didn’t have the intention of going over there either. She jumped up onto a tree branch and just looked down from above at this group of people besieged by the rat pack.

Should several wildly squeaking blind small rats scurry in her direction, she would dispose of them quickly and ruthlessly, simply not giving anything the chance to close in on her.

Mu Boming, who was in a bitter fight with the rat pack down below, almost fainted from anger upon looking up and seeing this child.

He couldn’t resist roaring up at the branch, “Miss Qiao, could you let your summoned beast come down and fight?”

Yet Miss Qiao simply gazed at them expressionlessly while squatting on the branch, seeming truly indifferent and heartless.

Mu Boming was so angry that he felt a clot of blood choking in his chest.

Mu Zhilan also hollered uncontrollably, “Family Head, what are you wasting your breath for. How would people like her be so easily willing to intervene and save us?”

“Herd the rat pack in that direction.” Mu Zijun furiously kicked a disciple beside him. “Are you an idiot? I told you to circle up and prevent the rat pack from making a breach by all means.”

At present, Mu Boming and Dou Heping’s parties were at the center of the circle, with many Dou Clan and Mu Clan disciples standing around them.

The disciple that Mu Zijun kicked had actually long felt his limbs aching and limp from slaughtering the rat pack. After suffering this kick, he felt furious and unwilling. Because of his unstable emotions, he screamed as several rats pounced on him before shredding him.

He lost his footing and immediately fell down, losing his life on the spot.

Several dozen large rats immediately pounced over and dragged him into the rat pack. All it took was several moments for his corpse to be nibbled without any remains.

Mu Zhilan shuddered fiercely upon seeing this, and she wailed, “What to do, Family Head.”

Mu Boming’s head also exploded as he looked at the rat pack that blotted out the sky and covered the earth. He gnashed furiously, “Summon your flying mystic beasts, we’re evacuating.”

Mu Zhilan widened her eyes. “But Family Head, there are fallen trees and interweaving branches everywhere. It is impossible for us to take flight.”

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