My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1128 - Crying from Fright
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Chapter 1128: Crying from Fright

That small, pink and tender fist in fact possessed invincible force!

It then struck the disciple’s face, promptly punching his face in and completely deforming it.

Before that disciple could even get the chance to let out a scream, he fell backwards onto the ground heavily without breathing.

The surrounding disciples were unnerved by her horrifying tactics, and they made a run for it while screaming.

Yet when Qiao Mu flitted past, she picked up several disciples that had made a movement like they were chicks. After flicking her finger vigorously, several snaps could be heard.

Those people’s necks all dropped down without breathing again.

“All of you don’t move!!!” Second Young Sir Dou was simply enraged at this group of brain-less fellows, who insisted on moving when he had said not to. How disheartening was it to carry this bunch of pig teammates.

Could it be that they did not notice that Miss Qiao did not react in the slightest at the beginning? What happened subsequently was because one of them had attacked her, making her ballistic.

In other words, as long as they didn’t move, she should quietly calm down...

After Second Young Sir Dou finished hollering this, no one dared to move about carelessly again.

On the other hand, Mu Zhilan was crying from fright, her body trembling as she shed her tears. She stared fixedly at Qiao Mu, who had walked past her with a flick of her sleeve. It was only after seeing Qiao Mu going a bit further away that she dared to relax her breathing as she continued sobbing softly.

In Qiao Mu’s extended spiritual conscious, there were no longer any enemies that were obstructing her from cultivating.

She only saw human-sized wood stumps with her spiritual conscious. There were simply no rowdy people that were hindering her anymore.

Therefore, this little fellow turned around, unwilling to pay any more attention to them. Subsequently, a pale-colored figure hid within the flowers and trees with a flash.

Meanwhile, when the phoenix egg nearby saw the situation, it also hopped up and down as it followed along.

“Xiao Bao.” Eldest Young Sir Qin wanted to chase after her in his anxiousness, yet Yang Fengyan fought desperately to stop him, screeching, “Cousin, what are you doing? You want to leave with this murderous she-devil? She killed so many of our Qin Family’s disciples just now!”

Before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, they saw the shrubbery ahead shaking, and a big, furry head popped out.

“A rat!!” Yang Fengyan shrieked with bulging eyes.

A rat the size of a hill, ahhh!

Who had ever seen such a boorish rat?

“So blind!” Mu Zijun harrumphed. “It’s clearly a large squirrel.”

As he spoke, the large squirrel’s white, furry tail abruptly swept over, and with a boom, it shocked the people into retreating several hundred feet.

After seeing that no one was pursuing anymore, this large squirrel then stared at them in warning. Subsequently, it turned around, shifting its large, fat butt as it left while huffing and puffing.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

“Could it be, that was Miss Qiao’s mystic beast?” A Dou Clan disciple asked weakly.

“Tsk, impossible! Where would she get so many mystic beasts from!” Mu Zhilan spat, “Doesn’t she already have the heavenly bird Qingluan? Now she even picked up a phoenix egg contract!”

“But Miss Qiao can draw summoning talismans. Seventh Master Mu has also clarified that that heavenly bird Qingluan is Miss Qiao’s summoned beast.”

“True that.”

Mu Zhilan clenched her fists. “What is so amazing about summoning talismans. Our Mu Clan also has a summoning talisman. Perhaps it can even summon a super rare sacred beast.”

Upon hearing the Mu Clan’s only summoning talismans get mentioned, Family Head Mu’s expression looked like he had stepped on dog sh*t.

Because he had discovered that the Mu Clan’s precious summoning talisman was missing.

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