My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1028 - At Daggers Drawn
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Chapter 1028: At Daggers Drawn

Of the present leaders of all the kingdoms, the old king of the Eastern Ying Kingdom was definitely a weirdo. Even if you were to casually pick out an unreliable king from the other kingdoms, none of them were like him.

The king of the Eastern Ying Kingdom fathered around a dozen sons, and he left them alone in their scramble for the position of crown prince. One would be poisoned to death today, while the other would be assassinated tomorrow. Yet he thought nothing of the chaos!

The old king of the Eastern Ying Kingdom was still as composed as always, watching as his sons vied in this conflict that surged like a gathering storm.

This struggle for the position of crown prince lasted for a full seven to eight years. During this time, the old king of the Eastern Ying Kingdom had been attacked on multiple fronts by Northern Mo, Northern Wei, and Southern Baili. In the end, they split up and gobbled up Eastern Ying Kingdom’s territory, forcing them to settle on an island.

Yet this wasn’t the end of it!

His sons simply had no thoughts of going out to open up new borders nor recovering their lost territory. Instead, they continued to set their gazes on that shrinking cake inside their kingdom, fighting bloodily for the position of heir apparent.

In the end, however, this oddball old king once again astonished people with a bizarre feat.

He numbered his sons that had survived the internal struggle according to age before conferring them all as crown princes...

In reality, there was no difference in conferring all of them as crown princes.

But the crown princes of the Eastern Ying Kingdom were excited, since each person felt that they were only a half-step away from that throne.

Even if they were residing on an island the size of a sesame seed, they were freaking still a future king!

After the Second Crown Prince died last year, there were only seven crown princes of the Eastern Ying Kingdom left.

Even though the Eldest Crown Prince Ying Jian wasn’t intelligent, it couldn’t be helped that he had a powerful wife helping contend for him. In addition to his own strength as a level-nine mystic cultivator, he was indeed not all that weak. Hence, he was one of the longer-living crown princes.

The Third Crown Prince Ying Fa was taciturn, and he only possessed level-seven cultivation. His mother also wasn’t of high status, so he didn’t have a maternal clan supporting him. Hence, he had always been giving counsel to the Eldest Crown Prince as his shadow.

After plummeting from high up in the air, these two people were finally saved after their royal guards fought desperately to cushion them.

After sacrificing two royal guards, the two unlucky devils, who were bruised black and blue, rushed to the adventurer base in their tussled state.

By coincidence, Qiao Mu and Sixth Zheng had already gone in, while the rest were still negotiating with the adventurer base’s junior manager whether they could reduce the amount of grain and so forth.

Therefore, when the two sides met, they were instantly like two cocks meeting in a fight, at daggers drawn.

Seeing that they were about to fight in front of the adventurer base again, the junior base manager gave an angry holler, quickly appointing the guards to separate the two parties.

“Who dares to fight in front of the adventurer base? No matter who! If you violate the adventurer base’s rules, we’ll immediately send you away.”

Are you joking? You think this was one of the large fortifications in the cities?

That there were tens of thousands of soldiers to defend the city, city gate towers that reached a thousand feet, and sufficient defensive items to fend off all attacks!

Their small, poor adventurer base didn’t have anything!

The tower in front of the gate, and the defensive walls and trenches in the perimeter, had all been slowly dug and constructed with just manpower during these few years.

Their commander spent who knows how much effort to increase this small base’s defense!

So if they made a large commotion, on the one hand, it would attract the wandering zombies nearby, while on the other hand... it was very possible that it might trigger a terrifying beast tide.

That was no joke!

This small base had already been assaulted by a beast tide ten years ago.

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