My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1026 - Suffering from Illness?
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Chapter 1026: Suffering from Illness?

Even Dou Fengchi glared in disbelief at that Eastern Ying Kingdom midget who was rambling on to himself.

“Pfft!” Qin Susu bluntly gave a snigger before escalating into a belly laugh.

You’re certain he didn’t come to provoke laughter?

The Eastern Ying Kingdom’s Eldest Crown Prince was such an idiot? No wonder the Eastern Ying Kingdom had been forced by Northern Mo to a small island along the coast. They had retracted into their turtle’s shell and not dared to stir for so many years already.

“What are you laughing at!” Seemingly perceiving Qin Susu’s ridicule, the Eastern Ying Kingdom’s Eldest Crown Prince, that flat-nosed midget whose looks really didn’t meet the mark, glowered at Qin Susu. “Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! I’m telling you people! Even if I can’t dispose of you all right now, wait until we enter the secret realm, ha ha! Humph!”

“Kill him,” Qiao Mu ordered in irritation.

Where did this blockhead come from? She was unwilling to even waste her breath on him.

Several dark figures abruptly appeared in mid-air, and without a word, Lightning and the other hidden guards promptly grabbed towards the midget’s neck.

“Ah!” The midget screamed. It seemed like he hadn’t processed the fact that there would actually be so many hidden guards beside the crown prince consort.

He shrieked furiously, “You’re breaking the rules! How can you bring so many people? Your Northern Mo Kingdom at most has six quotas for entering the secret realm!”

Everyone stared at him as if looking at a fool.

You moron, why did you have such a different view of the world? Were we inside the secret realm right now? We haven’t even entered the Mystic Beast Forest at the moment! Didn’t you also bring a group of attendants with you, so why couldn’t the crown prince consort of the Northern Mo Kingdom bring people?

Even Dou Fengchi couldn’t resist bursting out in laughter. “Oh my! Could it be that everyone in the Eastern Ying Kingdom only possesses this amount of intelligence? Then don’t enter the secret realm to lose face! Because it’s useless even if you enter! With this intelligence of a three-and-a-half year old, you’re courting death by going inside.”

“Stop!” The other Eastern Ying Kingdom leader who had stayed taciturn spoke out at this moment.

“Third Brother, Third Brother, save me, wah, Third Brother!” The Eldest Crown Prince had pissed his pants in terror before bolting towards that person with a slap on the flying hawk’s butt.

The taciturn Third Crown Prince Ying Fa knitted his brow coldly. He directly evaded the person who was pouncing at him, and he steered his black hawk towards Qiao Mu and the others.

After cupping his fists, he spoke quite politely, “Ever since the Eldest Crown Prince suffered from excessive fright several years ago, he would intermittently suffer from mental confusion, so will everyone please excuse him.”


Qin Susu and the others truly couldn’t hold it in anymore, and they burst out in laughter again.

“It looks like his brain really isn’t working well!” Little Sixth Zheng shook his head in all seriousness before turning to ask Qiao Mu, “Miss Qiao, since the other party has a mental problem, then we won’t fuss with him. How is that?”

Qiao Mu nodded indifferently, yet she spat out an icy order. “Slap his mouth!”

Slap! Lightning, who was closest to the Eldest Crown Prince, cut to the chase and gave him a big slap across the face.

“Ah!!” Being caught off guard, the Eldest Crown Prince staggered from his footing on the hawk and plummeted downwards.

Third Crown Prince Ying Fa hastily turned his hawk around and rushed to catch the Eldest Crown Prince. Yet just as he turned this head, intending to question Qiao Mu sternly, he saw a black flittering light shooting straight for the person in his hands.

Third Crown Prince Ying Fa was promptly freaked out into a body of cold sweat, and he hastily wanted to throw the Eldest Crown Prince behind him.

Yet no sooner said than done—

Qiao Mu’s figure flitted across the sky like a phantom, appearing beside the two crown princes of the Eastern Ying Kingdom in the blink of an eye.

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