My Children Are Fierce and Adorable!

Chapter 40
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Chapter 40: Crucian Carp Soup with Noodles

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The next morning, everyone in the village was talking about the barking of the dogs last night in frustration. Many people were so disturbed that they did not sleep well. They had to get off bed early in the morning and went to work with their eyes drooping.

Ye Lulu was sleeping soundly and did not notice that Guan Chibei had come to the house in the middle of the night.

As soon as she woke up, she was greeted with the sight of the triplets’ fair and chubby cheeks and their large black eyes.

The babies woke up together with her!

Ye Lulu was overjoyed by their cuteness. She leaned over and planted a kiss on one of the babies’ foreheads. However, she felt that it was not enough and pinched each baby’s cheeks one by one. Only then did she stop in satisfaction.

Mother Rong, Eldest sister-in-Law Guan, and Second sister-in-Law Guan walked in and rubbed their hands together before carrying a baby. They smiled and said, “Oh my! The babies are so obedient.”

They then quickly helped Ye Lulu change the babies’ diapers.

“Did the children cry last night?” Mother Rong said, “I don’t know why the dogs in the village started barking like crazy last night. It was so noisy that we couldn’t sleep. I was worried that the children would be shocked.”

Ye Lulu said, “The babies were very obedient. They didn’t cry.”

“So bold? They are indeed good men!” Mother Rong laughed.

“Lulu, what do you want to eat today? Shall I cook you brown sugar eggs for lunch?”

Ye Lulu thought for a moment and nodded.

Although the Guan family siblings were surprised by Guan Chibei’s purchases, they did not say anything.

They were not like Auntie Tian who had crooked thoughts. Although Guan Chibei had bought food back mainly for Ye Lulu, the family had their share as well.

Furthermore, the children from the Guan family could eat as well!

As a result, the atmosphere in the Guan family was harmonious and they weren’t affected by Auntie Tian’s thoughts.

The breakfast that Mother Rong made for Ye Lulu was a fish soup with white noodles. The fish soup was the remaining bowl of crucian carp soup that she made for Ye Lulu yesterday. The white noodles were handmade. Served in a hot bowl sprinkled with some green onions, it was simply fragrant.

At the Guan family’s dining table, the children were also given a small bowl each. They ate non-stop.

Guan Chibei had said that for the food he bought for Ye Lulu, if there was enough, he would also make a portion for the children to eat. Hence, the faces of the children of the Guan family were much tender and fairer.

Eldest sister-in-Law Guan and Second sister-in-Law Guan looked at their children lovingly. The Guan family had eaten two steamed buns together this morning. Together with the pickled radish and sweet potato porridge, they were considered to have had the best breakfast in the village.

Food had improved after Guan Chibei returned from hunting.

The adults were also enjoying their breakfast. After breakfast, Father Guan and the other men went to the city to do some odd jobs while Eldest sister-in-law Guan and Second sister-in-law Guan carried baskets and went out to pick wild vegetables.

Even though every family had planted many vegetables, the women in the village would still come out to pick wild vegetables because the vegetables planted in their fields could be pickled and eaten during winter.

Ye Lulu heard that her sisters-in-law were going out to pick wild vegetables. She swallowed her saliva and suddenly felt like eating buns.

She called Guan Chibei in from the window. “Guan…”

As soon as the word left her mouth, Ye Lulu searched through her memories and suddenly realized that she was very happy to have married into the Guan family and end her wandering life. She listened to everything the Guan family said. She even looked up to Guan Chibei like he was a god.

She usually called Guan Chibei ‘husband.’

Ye Lulu smiled.

Ye Lulu, who was lying on the bed, was at a loss for words. After uttering a single word, her face froze.

When Guan Chibei heard her voice, he had already walked out of the window and looked at her with a questioning gaze.

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