My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse

Chapter 87 - The Heavy Rain Finally Stopped
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Chapter 87 - The Heavy Rain Finally Stopped

Translator: Jostena


Because of the heavy rain, the guards at the gate of the building where Lin Jia is located entered the building. There was no one outside. Wu Jing, under the cover of the night, easily came outside the building. Her figure quickly turned into fog and floated up to the second floor easily. She went through the burglar-proof window and entered Lin Jia’s room.

He was the only one in his room. At the moment, he was lying on the bed pale, sleeping uneasily.

After recovering, Wu Jing gently pushes Lin Jia.

Because of his discomfort, Lin Jia had a shallow sleep, so he woke up almost immediately.

He looked at the strange and beautiful woman in front of him in surprise, “Who are you? How did you get in?”

“Hello, my name is Wu Jing.” Wu Jing lowered her voice and briefly described her origin. Then she took out several transparent crystal nuclei and handed them to Lin Jia. “These are called crystal nuclei. They are the energy crystals in the zombie’s bodies, which can help supplement his ability. Your body becomes weak because of the overuse of your powers. If you use a crystal nucleus, you will feel much better.”

Lin Jia looked at the crystal nucleus in his hand with disbelief and asked, “How can I use this?”

“Eat it.”

“Eat it?” Lin Jia looked at her in disbelief. How can he eat such a big thing?

“Believe me, you’ll know when you put it in your mouth.”

Lin Jia hesitated for a while, with the thought of trying, he put the crystal nucleus into his mouth. Sure enough, as soon as the crystal nucleus entered his body, it quickly turned into a stream of liquid, making his weak body slowly recover some strength.

Is it really effective?

“Miss Wu, you said you would like to take me out of here?”

“Yes, I wonder if you would like to?”

Lin Jia was silent. In fact, he was struggling. During this period of time, he was like a prisoner in this place where he could not see the sun. Every day, he tried to endure his physical discomfort and went to treat their people according to their requirements. He had already had enough of it. He wanted to leave here, and he was almost driven insane. However, he did not know the woman in front of him. The things she said about the southern base she described looked like heaven to him. Is there really such a place? If he chooses to leave the Lincheng base and go to the south base, will he just get out of the tiger’s den and enter the wolf’s nest again?

Wu Jing did not urge, just sat on one side, quietly waiting for his answer.

Lin Jia finally agreed. He chose to gamble on luck. If he won, he would be able to get freedom and have a new life. If he lost the bet, he would change his place and continue to be locked up. There was no difference.

“How are you going to take me away?”

“This is for the captain to decide. I’m just here to pass the message.” Wu Jing said with a smile, “don’t worry, you will know by then.”

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“Have a good rest. When the rain stops, we may have a hard fight to fight.”


A good night’s sleep.

However, what they did not expect was that the heavy rain lasted all day and night.

It was not until the morning of the third day that the rain gradually weakened, and at noon it stopped completely.

This heavy rain was so heavy that the Lincheng base is full of water, Lincheng base workers are organized to drain it all.

But Zhan Yun’s team began to pack things, since the rain stopped, they were ready to leave immediately.

Zhang Maorong and his wife have a dilapidated van, which can take seven or eight people, but this is obviously not enough. Zhan Yun then asked Cheng Qi to take a small bag of materials to find Xu Fengying, and asked her to help buy a car full of oil.

As a fire ability user, Xu Fengying still had some way to go around in the base, and without much effort, she got a minibus back. Moreover, Xu Fengying heard that they were not only going to leave on their own, but also with a group of old acquaintances, so she asked whether they could take her with them, which saved them the effort of persuasion.

The minibus carries 16 people. All of them have no problem loading Zhang Maorongand his group. They can also make room for Lin Jia and Xu Fengying.

Zhang Maorong’s legs were not convenient, so the task of driving was given to Du Jiang, and Xu Fengying got in the car with them. Zhan Yun asked Du Jiang to drive the car directly out of the base, all the way out of Lincheng, and wait for them to meet at the other side of the highway. They want to stay and try to break Lin Jia out.

At this time, Zhang Maorong heard Zhan Yun’s orders and obeyed. They didn’t ask any more questions. They just drove a minibus to get out of the city.

When you leave the city, you will inevitably encounter some cross-examination, because there are Zhang Maorong and Xu Fengying in the team. Those city guards have no doubt about anything, so they simply let them go.

But when Zhan Yun’s team came out of the villa, they met fifth Ye.

In fact, it can’t be said that they met each other. It should be said that the fifth Ye came to look for them on purpose. The fifth Ye didn’t forget that they said that they would leave as soon as the rain stopped, so he came here to have a look, for fear that they would not leave.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen.

Now seeing that they are all ready to go, the fifth Ye is relieved.

“Hahaha, it seems that I came at the right time to see you off.”

“Thank you very much, but we want to change some gasoline before we leave. Do you know where to go?”

“Of course, of course!” Hearing that they were going to change gasoline, Mr. Wu became more and more comfortable and offered to take them to exchange it.

“Xiao Zhe, you wait for us in the car. I’ll go with Lao Song.”

“Okay.” The two exchanged glances and understood each other’s meaning. freeweb novel. com

Cheng Qi and Cheng Jiao go to the gate with the car key, ready to meet them. Su Ruizhe takes the rest of them to rescue Lin Jia.

Fortunately for them, Lin Jia’s neighborhood house was flooded with water. The people responsible for guarding Lin Jia were all busy draining water on the first floor. No one paid attention to the outside.

Several people smoothly touch the back of Lin Jia’s small building. Dongdong starts his ability to scan the movements in the residential building. After confirming that there is no one in Lin Jia’s room, Su Ruizhe asks Wu Jing to enter Lin Jia’s room with a rope to remind him to keep quiet.

Su Ruizhe then released the vines, quietly opened a hole in the wall on the second floor, so that Lin Jia could get out of the hole directly.

Lin Jia fixed the rope to the iron railing of the window and climbed down slowly. When he got down, Wu Jing quietly blocked the hole with a cabinet, untied the rope, and quietly returned to the ground.

Su Ruizhe took a Hoodie out of his backpack and put it on Lin Jia. Then he helps him put on a mask and a scarf. Then he pretends to go out as if nothing happened.

Everyone was busy draining water, and no one noticed what was wrong with this group.

Until he got on the bus, Lin Jia didn’t get taken back. He felt like he was dreaming. He could not have imagined how easily he had escaped from the cage that had held him for months! At the same time, he was also shocked by the power of these people’s actions. From the beginning to the end, these people did not speak a word. They cooperated with each other, acted quickly, and were very skilled in the use of their abilities. He felt that his views on these people should be readjusted.

“Mr. Lin, you will have to be wronged to have to squeeze in the trunk.” In fact, the location of the trunk is relatively spacious relative to the front, which is the most suitable for people. Cheng Qi and Cheng Jiao sit in the back in a casual way, while Lin Jia lies on the bottom side, which is hard to find from the front.

Lin Jia lay down without complaint. Although the posture was uncomfortable, as long as he got out of the city, he didn’t have to hide.

Zhan Yun and Song Chengshu soon came back with two barrels of gasoline in their hands, followed by fifth Ye and others.

“Then we will go. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“You’re welcome. Come again when you have a chance.”

Both sides gave some hypocritical courtesy with a few words, then Zhan Yun and Song Chengshu also got in the car.

When leaving the city, you can’t help being asked. Zhan Yun and a group of nine people crowded an off-road vehicle to the brim. The fifth Ye spoke to the city guards, so they just took a cursory look and let them go. No one found that there was an extra person in their car.

The car left the Lincheng base, all the way quickly, straight to the meeting point, they met up with the yellow minibus on the highway near the gate.

“Sorry, we have a mission. We need to rush to the northwest immediately. We can’t go with you anymore. However, the southern base is not far away from here. You can travel day and night, and you can arrive in about two days.” Zhan Yun lets Lin Jia get off the car and gets on the minibus. He gives them a map and tells them to go to the south base according to the map. As long as they report his name, they will be picked up.

Zhan Yun also asked Lin Jia to treat Zhang Maorong’s leg injury. On the way, no one can say whether he will encounter danger. It is always good to have more fighting power.

Xu Fengying didn’t know Lin Jia, but she was stunned when she learned that he was a healer. She didn’t expect that Zhan Yun and his team had stolen the “Lincheng treasure” from the leader of Lincheng base. Lincheng base has been recruiting more and more powers, resulting in mixed forces in the base. If the base leader had not had control over the only healing ability, other forces would have many demands of him, and the base would not have been so peaceful.

“Don’t worry, they don’t know that we are from the southern base. They only know that we are going to the northwest. When they find out that something is wrong, they will only chase us to the northwest and will not suspect you.” Seeing Xu Fengying’s shock, Zhan Yun thought she was worried that she would be implicated, so he opened his mouth and explained.

“No, no, no, you misunderstood me!” Xu Fengying has no sense of belonging to the Lincheng base, otherwise, she would not be so eager to leave with them. She heard about the southern base for the first time. However, she felt that Zhan Yun and others had extraordinary strength. She was nostalgic. Even people like Zhang Maorong and others were willing to help. She felt that it was right to follow them. Besides, it must be a very good place with such a group of people. She would like to have a look.

The author has something to say:

Merry Christmas!!! Do you have big sweet apples ~ ~ the end of the month is coming again ~ ~ nutrient solution needs to be emptied ~ ~ remember to water me ~ ~ don’t waste it ~ ~ hee hee hee~~~

[A Stranger’s Little Theater]

Zhan Xiaoyun: I don’t think a southern base can perfectly show my wifey’s brilliance as a leading role.

Su Xiaozhe: so?

Zhan Xiaoyun: if we want to absorb talents and open up territory, we should start from Lincheng base!

Zhang Maorong: please take me with you!

Du Jiang: and me!

Zheng Jiahe: and Sister Feng!

Cheng Jiao: Otaku, who do you want to take?

Zheng Jiahe: goddess! Listen to me. Let her be a babysitter! She cooks, washes dishes, laundry, and mops. She does it all!

Cheng Jiao: haha!

Xu Fengying: haha!

Sorry the chapter is a little late today! My summer classes start tomorrow so wish me luck! My updates will still be on the weekend and I’ll post a notice on Discord any week that it gets too hectic and I can’t post so check there if you don’t see a chapter. Classes are only for six weeks so hopefully it won’t be too hard!

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