My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse

Chapter 86 - Meet People You Know
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Chapter 86 - Meet People You Know

Translator: Jostena


“Brother Zhan!” A man limped out of a dilapidated house and called out Zhan Yun’s surname.

Zhan Yun looked at the other person in surprise. He didn’t have any impression of this person.

“Brother Zhan, I’m Zhang Maorong!” The man also saw Zhan Yun’s doubts and quickly showed his identity.

Although he said his name, Zhan Yun felt some familiarity with this man but still couldn’t remember who he was.

It’s Su Ruizhe who remembers. Isn’t this the Physical type ability user who set up a small safety zone alone and took in a group of survivors while protecting them with martial arts? Su Ruizhe can think of this person because Chen Huizhen and Su Qiming also appeared in the security zone.

Su Ruizhe quickly reminded Zhan Yun in a whisper, and Zhan Yun finally remembered. His impression of this man is okay, because he didn’t want to be the king of the mountain when he set up the safety zone, but he really wanted to save more people. When there was a danger, he would be willing to rush to the front.

Zhang Maorong and he have changed a lot in this time. The original big bald head has grown hair. There is no hairstyle to speak of. It looks like a chicken’s nest. His body is as strong as before, but there are many scars and his left leg had a limp. The leg is bound in place with wood which shows it’s a broken bone.

“What’s the matter with you?” At best or not, he is also a physical type ability user. How could he fall into such a bad situation? Didn’t they say that the treatment of the ability users in Lincheng base is very good?

Zhang Maorong hesitated, a little speechless.

“Ah! Brother Zhang! Let me say it! ” At that time, another young man came out of the house. He was the one who was in charge of guarding the gate in the security area. He was also the one interested in their SUV before and wanted to dedicate it to brother Zhang.

This young man, named Du Jiang, has a flexible mind. After the outbreak of the apocalypse, he was saved by Zhang Maorong from the zombies. Since then, he has been following Zhang Maorong. fre(e)webno(v)el

Du Jiang is very articulate. He soon started to tell Zhan Yun what happened after they left the group before. After Zhan Yun and the others left, it began to rain. When the rain stopped, the strength of the zombies increased by a lot. As Zhan Yun had reminded them at the beginning, the zombies could not be stopped by the gate alone, and the small security area was soon broken by the zombies. However, thanks to Zhang Maorong’s efforts, most of the people survived. Zhang Maorong and the rest of the people escaped from the city, and then half heard that there was a survivor base here, they escaped without saying anything.

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However, Zhang Maorong, after all, is only a physical type ability user. He can only fight in close combat and cannot attack far away. As a result, his team is often in danger, not to mention spending a lot of materials to buy gas and weapons. Gradually, some people became active and began to cling to other ability users. The number of Zhang Maorong’s team became smaller and smaller, leaving behind a group of old, weak, and disabled.

With Zhang Maorong holding on, their life is hard, but at least they can survive. freewebnove(l).com

But later they met an evolutionary zombie. It was hard to deal with the evolutionary zombie with Zhang Maorong’s ability. At last, he killed the zombie with all he’s got, but he was also seriously injured.

There were more people leaving at that time, only a dozen people left. They appreciated the efforts of Zhang Maorong and worked hard in the base to earn some rations.

Looking at the people standing in the ruins and looking at them timidly, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe can’t help but have some sympathy for them. Winter is coming. Zhang Maorong and his family will continue to live in the Lincheng base. There is only one road for them which is death.

Zhan Yun thinks that Zhang Maorong is reckless, but he has a good heart. These people still choose to stay to take care of him after Zhang Maorong’s injury, all of them have some conscience. It’s only when they live in a place like Lincheng base that they live so hard. If they want to go to the south base, they can live a good life as long as they are willing to work and don’t cheat.

Thinking of Lin Jia, Su Ruizhe felt a move in his heart. His ear whispered a few words in Zhan Yun’s ear. Zhan Yun nodded and approved his proposal.

“Would you like to leave?” In fact, Zhan Yun was willing to help them, so he gave them a general description of the southern base and asked for their opinions.

Lincheng base is not too far away from the south base. It’s only two or three days’ journey. After the rain stops, you can go on the road immediately. Maybe you can reach the south base before winter. And according to Su Ruizhe, he wants to save Lin Jia. Lin Jia has a rare healing ability. Going to the south base must be very helpful to the base. But they are in a hurry to go to the northwest. They can’t take Lin Jia with them. If they are willing to go to the south base, they can take him with them. And that Xu Fengying, although she has a strange and noisy personality, her character seems to be okay. If she can be the same as them, the road will be much safer.

“Of course! Of course! ” Zhang Maorong and Du Jiang both nodded like chickens pecking at rice. How could they imagine that there was a place like the southern base that treated all people equally and treated ordinary people well? It was completely different from the Lincheng base. It was such a big good thing that they could not ask for it. How could they disagree?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen.

“Well, you can’t live here either. Come to the opposite side with us.”

Although there are not many rooms in the three-story building, the place is spacious. After laying bed sheets on the floor, it should be okay for these people to squeeze a dozen people into the living room. Anyway, they are ready to leave when the rain stops, so they don’t need to be too particular.

They ran to the opposite building in the rain.

Zhan Yun and the others were dressed in ski suits, so they were not too wet. But Zhang Maorong and others were all soaked. Their clothes were ragged, and they stood at the door shaking. They looked very pitiful.

“I remember there are some old clothes upstairs. I’ll take them down.” Su Ruizhe blinked at Zhan Yun and ran upstairs.

“Come in, all of you. It’s windy outside.” Zhang Shuoliang could not help saying.

“The floor…” Looking at the clean and tidy wooden floor, Dujiang is really embarrassed to go inside.

“What nonsense! Come in here.”

As soon as Zhan Yun’s eyebrows stood up and his face was flat, these people immediately walked in obediently.

Su Ruizhe ran down from the upstairs, holding a stack of half new and old clothes that he managed to get out of the space. They were collected on the way when he participated in the search and rescue in City A. Now they are finally in use. He is followed by Song Chengshu. He carries two big buckets and fills them with hot water for these people to scrub their bodies.

Wu Jing and Cheng Jiao also came down from upstairs to help them. They took a pack of milk powder in their hands and used the hot water provided by Song Chengshu to brew a cup of hot milk for each of them. They were packed in disposable cups and distributed to each of them.

After simply scrubbing the body and changing into soft and comfortable clothes, those people are holding hot milk and drinking it a small mouthful at a time and savoring it slowly. The tears in their eyes have burst. They are living too hard these days. At the moment, they feel like they are dreaming.

Su Ruizhe took several quilts down from upstairs, two of them were the original quilts in the three-story building, and the other two were taken out of the space by Su Ruizhe. The sheets in the small building were stained with dust and they threw them away, but the quilts were still clean and they used them as cushions. Now they are used to pad them on the ground, which is just right.

Zhan Yun and the others took some biscuits and distributed them to fill their stomachs.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen.

“Have a rest early. When the rain stops, we’ll go right away.” Lincheng base has never paid attention to ordinary people. Zhang Maorong has broken a leg now, which is no different from being abandoned. They believe that if they want to leave, Lincheng base will not care at all.

“Thank you! Thank you! ” People kept saying thanks.

Zhan Yun waved and went back to the room to rest.

Although the people in the living room are sleeping together, they have the most comfortable sleep in days.

After Su Ruizhe and Zhan Yun went upstairs, they did not go directly to their own rooms, but went to Wu Jing and Zhang Shuoliang’s room. They went to find Wu Jing. They wanted to save Lin Jia, but before they could save him, they had to help him solve the problem of his energy overconsumption. Wu Jing’s ability is very special. Even if the place where Lin Jia is imprisoned is more tightly defended, it is useless in front of Wu Jing. She can go in and out at will.

They plan to ask Wu Jing to go to Lin Jia’s place quietly, send him some crystal nuclei, supplement his powers, recover his strength as soon as possible, and then tell him about the situation of the south base. As long as he is willing to go to the south base, they will find a way to save him.

Although it’s said that Wu Jing is a little sick because of her eldest aunt’s presence and a cold. They’re sorry to let her go out in the rain, but they have no time. They don’t know when the rain will stop. They don’t have much time to delay here. Fortunately, Lin Jia is not far away from here. It doesn’t take much time to go back and forth. It’s more convenient to take advantage of the dark and rain.

The author has something to say:

After watching “Bleeding Steel”, I came back. It’s really old-fashioned. Brother Jackie Chan is so hard at it. I feel that there are many movies released this year ~ ~ it’s very good to watch ~ ~ it’s great to kill time with. Anyway, I bought a special ticket for 9.9, which is still very cost-effective ~ ~ in other words, the actress with short hair, whose name is Xia Hou, looks like Yang Zi. It’s beautiful to watch. It’s great to watch~~

By the way, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!! Love you!!! Kisses!!!!

[Little Theater On The Street]

Zheng Jiahe: Xiaohei can’t bite everything, especially those who are just like a dog!

Xiaohei disdains and spits two fireballs at you.

Zheng Jiahe: Wow! Murder!

Su Xiaozhe: Xiaohei’s ability is a little strange.

Zheng Jiahe: Xiaohei, I’ll tell you that when you meet weaker enemies in the future, you can go there with one paw, without saving face. If it’s more powerful, bite him, copy his power, and then deal with him with his power. If it doesn’t work, the soul will change.

Dr. Song: but is soul exchange to let Xiao Hei hurt his own body?

Zheng Jiahe: how can Xiao Hei hurt himself? Isn’t soul exchange limited? Then let Xiaohei make trouble and commit suicide in this period! Let the enemy face their own death!

People: this kind of creature is terrible!

Wow, we meet some people once again that maybe some of you forgot about like I almost did… But I’m glad they can help them out in their time of need like that!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen.

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