My CEO Ex-husband Wants To Remarry Me

Chapter 258 - 258: Why are you explaining so much (2)
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Chapter 258: Why are you explaining so much (2)

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After the group of people entered the private room on the second floor, the man from before brought in a male and a female stylist and said,” These are our two senior directors, Mike and Mina. Mr. Jing, they will be serving you today.”

Jing Muchen carried Jiujiu to a red chair and signaled for the stylist to start working.

Mike’s face was fair and handsome. He had dyed his hair into a

non-mainstream purple color. He extended a hand and invited Su Ruowan,” Miss, please sit here…”

Su Ruowan glanced at Jing Muchen. Was she going to cut her hair too?

Jing Muchen looked at her.” Do you want me to carry you?””

Su Ruowan’s face turned completely red with a bang…She touched her hair, lowered her head, and walked over to sit on the chair awkwardly. Then, Mike began to work.

“May I ask what style Miss would like to do today?”Mike took out a comb and combed Su Ruowan’s long hair as he asked.

“Uh…” Su Ruowan hesitated. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

“Miss, your hair is black and long, and the quality of your hair is also very good. I suggest that you can have your hair permed and dyed. The color can be maroon or burgundy. This will make you look more feminine. Our products…” Mike began to give his suggestion.

At this moment, Jing Muchen said,” Trimming the ends of her hair a little. There’s no need to do anything else.””

After saying that, he turned to Mina and said,” It’s the same for children. Just trim the ends of their hair a little.”

Mike was stunned. He looked at Jing Muchen and did not say anything else. He quickly started trimming his hair.

Jiujiu’s hair was cut very quickly. Her shiny black hair fell over her small shoulders. She looked as delicate and cute as a porcelain doll. Jing Muchen nodded in satisfaction.

Jing Yanxi, who had just finished using the toilet, opened the door and ran back. He ran over and climbed onto the chair.” I want a perm!””He shouted at Mina.

Su Ruowan, who was at the side, quickly tried to dissuade him.” Yanyan, children can’t perm their hair!”

Jing Yanxi was stubborn and danced around as he said,”I want this side…” Raise it up like this, and then roll it up like that…” He explained to Mi Na in detail.

Jing Muchen said to Mi Na directly,” Help him cut his hair short. It’ll be more refreshing.””

Mi Na nodded as if she had been relieved of a heavy burden. She then picked up the scissors and began to trim Jing Yanxi’s long doll head.

Jing Yanxi pouted, his heart filled with dissatisfaction!

Mina cut Jing Yanxi’s hair a lot shorter, revealing his full forehead. His delicate and beautiful facial features looked even more refreshing and beautiful. Jing Yanxi looked at himself in the mirror and saw that his handsomeness did not decrease. He finally put down his pouting mouth.

After a while, Su Ruowan finally succeeded. Mike was a little unwilling. It would be a waste not to curl such good hair…In the end, she blew her long hair into a fluffy curl, which was slightly bent and draped over her slender shoulders, making her look very feminine.

Jing Muchen nodded his head in satisfaction and left Yu Se with the three of them.

Next, Jing Muchen drove the Range Rover to a famous shop in the city center.

The shop assistant with exquisite makeup welcomed him warmly.” Welcome, Mr. Jing.” The clothes that you and the young master had ordered to be made here have already been sent over.”

The men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, and accessories in this store were all very outstanding, but they were all expensive. Jing Muchen actually customized clothes for children here. How extravagant! Su Ruowan’s heart was full of complaints.

Every suit and casual wear that Jing Muchen wore had a matching children’s style for Jing Yanxi to try on. When the two of them stood in front of the fitting mirror in the same color and style, it was as if their outstanding facial features were carved out of the same mold. One was big and one was small, one was tall and one was short…Su Ruowan couldn’t help but be a little dazed..

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