My CEO Daddy

Chapter 8 A Reunion Of Old Friends
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Fiona could not help but frown at Gregory's words.

She was annoyed with Gregory because he was using her to do business. Since he couldn't find a better backer, she decided to help herself look for a new man.

Observing Gregory, she saw a subtle hint of interest in his eyes. She was becoming a little worried that he would fall for Nicole again. She could abandon Gregory, but it didn't mean that he could abandon her.

"I don't care whether she is useful to you or not. Take care not to go too far."

Fiona threw Gregory a warning look as she stretched out her right hand and poked him in the chest with her index finger.

"Don't worry. I love you and you are the true love of my life," Gregory said gently.

He then bent over and gave her a chaste kiss on her right cheek.

"Can she really help you? Maybe I can..."

A small but sharp light flashed and caught Fiona's attention. Behind Gregory, she suddenly noticed the back of Kerr, the CEO of the Gu Group who was lighting his cigarette with a lighter. Taking advantage of this opportunity, she pushed Gregory to the side, pulled down her neckline to expose her ample chest, and proceeded to sashay towards Kerr.

"Mr. Gu, why are you smoking here alone?"

Hearing a woman's voice, Kerr turned around. The woman was Fiona, who was also Nicole's acquaintance. He made no attempt to put out his cigarette as he looked at her with a poker face.

"What's up?" he inquired coldly.

Noticing that Kerr didn't refuse her directly, she thought that she still had a chance to win his heart. So she leaned over to him and looked at him with enchanting eyes.

"Everything is fine, Mr. Gu."

The strong stench of her perfume made Kerr instinctively take a step back, but he decided not to leave directly. He was banking on the possibility that Fiona might know something that Jared hadn't found out since she seemed to have known Nicole for many years.

"Do you know Nicole Ning?" he asked casually.

Kerr tried to play it cool but Fiona sensed that he was very interested in Nicole. Once again, her heart was filled with jealousy and bitterness. In her mind, she was calculating how she could seduce Kerr and defeat Nicole at once.

With a cunning look, she replied, "Of course! Actually, I grew up with Nicole so I know everything about her. If you are interested, I can tell you every secret I know. I will tell you everything."

Fiona looked at Kerr straight in the eyes and lifted her hand to touch his chest. It was fairly obvious that she was trying to seduce him.

Meanwhile, in the private room, Nicole was talking to Jeremy about the potential partnership between the Chu Group and Gu Group. Noticing that Kerr had not returned yet, she excused herself and went out to look for him. As soon as she walked out of the private room, she saw the face of the man she hated the most.

"Hi, Nicole. It's been a long time."

Gregory knew that Fiona was now trying to get close to Kerr. He did not mind who between Fiona and Nicole would be able to persuade Kerr to invest in his Song Group, as long as the Song Group would be saved.

As for Nicole, he did not expect to see her again. Seven years passed by without hearing about her.

In front of him, a mature Nicole was wearing a classic-fit business suit which accentuated her natural beauty and feminine charms. Her long black hair was neatly combed and flowed behind her back. She was already beautiful back then, but time seemed to be on her side when it came to beauty.

Gregory fought the urge to comb her hair with his fingers. He had always been obsessed with her long hair, and that did not change even now.

"You and Fiona are a perfect match. Even your opening remarks are the same," Nicole sighed with disgust.

When she saw the weird look in Gregory's eyes earlier, she immediately knew that he was up to no good. She decided to avoid him for the rest of the night but she was out of luck.

Seven years ago, she dumped him upon discovering that he so

ld her and cheated on her. In her opinion, they had nothing left to say to each other. This reunion was purely a coincidence, and she had no intention to reconnect at all.

Nicole wanted to end the conversation so she turned her back to him and continued her search. Her eyes inadvertently turned to the end of the corridor, and saw Kerr's broad back. In front of him, Fiona was standing and batting her eyes in provocative manner.

Seeing that Nicole was about to leave, Gregory hurriedly blocked her way.

"Alright, since you're already here, let's get to the point. I've heard from Fiona that you are with Kerr Gu now. Regardless of what happened in the past, don't forget that we had a good time when we were together.

In consideration of how well I treated you, you should go and persuade Mr. Gu to invest in the Song Group. The group needs a huge amount of money now. Around 50 million is enough," he quoted simply.

He knew that 50 million was a huge amount but it was not a big deal for Kerr Gu. He had never been happier to see Nicole now as she held the key to saving the Song Group.

She seemed to be living a good life. Throughout the years, Fiona had made considerable profit for the Song Group because of her beauty but it was a drop in the bucket.

Although Nicole was forced to listen to his nonsense, she kept her gaze planted on Kerr. She was worried about Fiona who was with him. If she talked about what happened on that night seven years ago, it would be the end of Nicole.

"Gregory, you're a shameless man! Are you really telling me that we had a good time? I remember none of those things. I feel like I was fed to a dog when I was young."

Indeed, it was she who decided to have a relationship with Gregory many years ago. Back when he was courting her, he was gentle, considerate and attentive towards her, so she agreed to be with him.

She didn't expect that the decision would almost cost her life. She had no one to blame for the consequences. It was all her fault.

She pushed Gregory away and was about to walk towards Kerr, but Gregory held her wrist firmly.

"Nicole, don't be so ungrateful. You think you can get everything you want by relying on Kerr Gu. If he knew about what happened to you seven years ago, do you think he will still keep you? Be a good woman and listen to me. If you do so, maybe I will help you hide it from Kerr Gu," Gregory said while grinning lustfully.

Gregory held Nicole's hand and put it to his lips. Not satisfied, he pulled her towards him and lowered his head to kiss her. But before his lips could touch her, she shook him off with all her strength.

At the same moment, Kerr stepped back and avoided Fiona's touch.

He wanted to know what happened to Nicole, but it didn't mean that he would accept her seduction. He utterly hated the smell of her perfume so he turned around and was about to leave when he saw Gregory holding Nicole's hand.


There was a flash of displeasure in his eyes.

"Gregory, I've never seen such a shameless person as you! The Song Group will be destroyed by you sooner or later!"

Nicole couldn't help but get angry at how she was harassed and treated brusquely. She then turned her sight towards Kerr and saw that he was looking at her. When their eyes met, she felt a little guilty.

She was shocked to see anger in Kerr's usually blank face. She immediately guessed that Fiona told him about that night.

As she thought of this, she ignored Gregory and walked straight towards Kerr.

She got more nervous with every step she took.

As soon as Fiona saw Nicole coming over, she made a move to hold Kerr's arm.

Nicole stopped her by grabbing her arm and pushing her away. Fiona almost fell to the floor but she was rescued by Gregory.

"Because you want to get close to Mr. Gu, you should be clear about the situation. Mr. Gu won't listen to any of your nonsense!"

She was trying to hide her panic, hoping that no matter what Fiona said, Kerr would not believe it.

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