My CEO Daddy

Chapter 6 I Dont Like Strange Women Approaching Me
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She looked up and nodded upon seeing the professional look on Jared's face. She didn't think too much about it, but it was what he said next that made her nervous.

"There will be a dinner with the presidents of the Chu Group and the Gu Group tonight. A driver will pick you up downstairs at six o'clock in the evening."

If the president of the Chu Group was also part of this project, then the representative of the Gu Group definitely should not be a small director like her. She stared at the serious expression on Jared's face as her thoughts raced in her mind.

But before she could even open her mouth to reply, Jared had already turned around and left.

After he walked out of Nicole's office, Jared wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as a curious look appeared on his face under his black framed glasses.

At 5:50 in the afternoon, Nicole found herself standing in the restroom of the Gu Group's building while staring at her reflection in the mirror. She was dressed in a conservative but dignified black business suit.

By all means, she looked nothing short of a standard professional woman. Satisfied with her appearance, Nicole confidently smiled at herself in the mirror.

The moment she arrived at the parking lot, she immediately saw the black Rolls Royce with the special logo of the Gu Group and briskly walked towards the car.

The driver caught sight of Nicole, and immediately got out of the car to open the door to the backseat of the car. She gave the driver a slight nod and thanked him before getting into the car.

However, when her eyes fell upon the man sitting inside the car, she suddenly wanted to run away.

"Mr. Gu?"

Without opening his eyes to look at Nicole, Kerr merely hummed a single syllable in reply.


Ever since she found out that Kerr was Jay's father, she had instinctively done everything she could to avoid him. She just didn't think that a man like him was suitable to be Jay's father.

She was well aware of how dangerous it was for her to spend time with Kerr.

Nicole could feel how nervous and shaky her breathing was. She tried to occupy as little space as possible and stay as far away from Kerr as she could on the backseat.

The air in the car was filled with dead silence, making Nicole feel even more awkward. Then, all of a sudden, the sound of a mobile phone ringing broke the silence.

She hurriedly took out her phone and was shocked to see the phone number on the screen. Apparently, she had forgotten to tell Jay that there was a banquet she had to attend tonight.

"What time will you be home?"

Jay was standing in front of the fridge while looking at the food Baron had prepared for him and Nicole. He looked just like a small adult.

"I'm sorry, Jay. I have a very important appointment tonight, so I won't be home for dinner. I'll call uncle Fang and ask him to eat with you. Is that okay?"

Despite the fact that Jay was very smart for his age, he was still just a six-year-old child, and Nicole was not comfortable with leaving him all alone at home.

When they were in Manhattan, she spent all of her free time from school and work on Jay. However, when they returned to the city, she no longer had a lot of time to spend with him.

Jay closed the fridge door and frowned.

"No, I don't want that. Uncle Fang always treats me like a child. I can stay at home by myself. Don't drink too much. You need to be home before I fall asleep."

Nicole found Jay's words both funny and a little bit annoying. It seemed as if she was the child that needed taking care of and Jay was the adult.

"Okay, I'll try."

Preoccupied with her

conversation with her son, Nicole didn't notice that the gentle tone she had used to talk to Jay had attracted Kerr's attention.

As he looked at the small smile playing on Nicole's face, Kerr found himself quite stunned. Judging by the maternal glow on her face, Kerr could only imagine how much Nicole cared about the person on the other end of the line.

"Was that your son?"

As soon as she hung up the phone, she was surprised to hear Kerr's interested tone as he spoke to her.


Before Kerr could ask another question, the car stopped abruptly in front of the Golden Club.

The only people who had the privilege of coming to that place were either immensely rich or noble. Every single one of them was dignified in appearance and had a certain spark to their demeanor. However, there was also often a mysterious darkness in their aura. Who was it again that said that where there were lights, there were also shadows?

The driver immediately opened the car door for Kerr. Meanwhile, Nicole was utterly relieved that Kerr had stopped asking her about her son. She took a deep breath, got out of the car, and silently followed Kerr.

By the time the waiter pushed the door open for them, the room was already full. The other guests had obviously arrived earlier and were simply waiting for Kerr, but no one dared to complain.

After a brief exchange of greetings, Kerr took his place in the main seat. Just as Nicole was about to sit on the seat away from Kerr, he suddenly grabbed her arm.

She had no choice but to sit exactly on the right side of Kerr.

She knew for sure that a group of girls would definitely show up in a party like this, and because she was the one sitting next to Kerr, she had to block out unnecessary women for him.

"I don't like strange women approaching me,"

Kerr said as he glanced at Nicole out of the corner of his eye. Even though his voice was very low, he was sure that Nicole could hear him.

Nicole curtly smiled at Kerr while secretly despising him in her heart. If he didn't like strangers, then was it a ghost that she slept with seven years ago?

But at that moment, there was nothing she could do but keep her accusations to herself.

She couldn't let Kerr know that she was the woman from seven years ago.

Not long after, the club manager led a group of women in bright suits into the private room. Everyone in the room had their eyes fixed on Kerr, not daring to speak as they all waited for him to say something.


Kerr leaned his body on the leather seat and put his arm on the back of Nicole's seat. His intention was obvious.

"You are all welcome."

Upon hearing his words, everyone in the room chose one girl to sit beside them.

Meanwhile, the president of the Chu Group named Jeremy Chu who was sitting on the left side of Kerr, did not pick one. Instead, he merely looked at the woman named Nicole who was sitting beside Kerr with interest.

Jeremy was a few years older than Kerr. He was the successor of Chu Group which paled in comparison to the Gu Group. In the past, Kerr had also attended a similar dinner with another female companion.

But today, the woman sitting beside Kerr was obviously not his woman.

"Mr. Chu, don't you want to look for your own companion?"

Kerr said, meeting Jeremy's gaze when he noticed him staring at Nicole.

'She is mine and I won't let anyone take her away from me easily,' Kerr thought to himself.

Jeremy was an intelligent man, and there was no way he could miss the threat in Kerr's words. With that, he simply gave him an embarrassed smile and snapped his fingers to call the club manager over.

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