My CEO Daddy

Chapter 28 Special Treatment
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"Okay, Mr. Gu."

It was quite expected. But now, Jared felt a little sorry for Sunny He. It was widely perceived that it was easier for a woman to chase a man. But in Sunny's case, it was no bed of roses. It was so difficult for her to even get Kerr's attention.

Early morning, when Nicole had hastily packed her stuff and brought Jay downstairs, she quickly noticed that Kerr's car was already waiting for them.

"Good morning, Uncle Gu!"

Recognizing Kerr's car, Jay ran towards it and greeted him politely.

"Good morning!"

Kerr got out of the car and opened the back door for Jay. After he saw him get in the car, he turned his attention towards Nicole who was standing behind him.

"Mr. Gu, you really don't have to do this. If you'd be willing to give me the address, I'd definitely feel duty-bound to send Jay there."

She looked at Kerr, feeling embarrassed. Since Kerr left the hospital without a word yesterday, she had been reflecting on herself. She thought she shouldn't have said those harsh words to him.

Her words yesterday sounded like it was she who had demanded a future with Kerr.

"If you keep on refusing, we'll probably end up being late."

He welcomely opened the door for her.

Since Jay had already gotten in the car, she didn't truly have much of a choice than to follow his lead. Sitting in the passenger's seat, Nicole didn't part her tightly pressed lips throughout the while when the car cruised through the busy street. When the car eventually stopped in front of the school door, she noticed that the principal seemed to have been expecting them for a while.

It was only guessable that Kerr had informed him about their arrival in advance.

"Welcome, Mr. Gu. Everything has been arranged with regard to the child. Please don't worry. This is the head teacher who's in charge of Jay's class."

The principal was in his fifties and was dressed in a black suit, which made him look very energetic. When he saw Kerr, he immediately bent slightly towards him and shook his hands elegantly.

"Good morning!"

Jay greeted his teacher happily. His mother had made it the mission of her life to ensure that he always remained a polite and obedient child.

"What a charming boy!"

The principal stared at Jay with admiration in his eyes. The children who were able to join here were anything but ordinary. He was also the first child who was brought here by Kerr. The principal wouldn't dare to neglect him.

"Thank you for taking care of Jay in school."

Nicole nodded at the teacher and the principal respectfully.

"You're welcome, Miss Ning."

"Mom, Uncle Gu, you may go for work. Let me also go to my classroom. You may have to hurry or else you'll be late."

Jay waved his hand to bid goodbye to them.

Kerr nodded back and left with Nicole without much hesitation.

"Mr. Gu, how much do you estimate I should pay for Jay's tuition and all other related expenses?"

Nicole felt embarrassed for bothering Kerr so much already. She was keen on not allowing Kerr to pay the tuition fees for Jay. She felt she was the one who was primarily responsible for Jay.

Upon hearing that, Kerr was a little surprised. He turned around and looked at her in a way that didn't quite hide his emotions.

In the past, women had always demanded money from him. Nicole was the first woman who wanted to return him the money. In addition, Nicole's action reminded him of the woman who had left 2,642 dollars and fled from him seven years ago.

Perhaps, that woman had the similar personality as Nicole's.

"The school

where Jay is studying doesn't require any tuition fee. It was built by Gu Group. All students who enter this school must have a high IQ of at least 120. Gu Group has spent a lot of its resources to cultivate them but on one condition."

He paused for the sake of an emphasis on what he was about to say.


She felt as if there was a catch in this generous offer. When she looked at the calm expression on Kerr's face, she felt a little nervous reflexively.

She already felt as if she and Jay wouldn't accept this condition. At that moment, she felt grossly remorseful. She had just voluntarily sent Jay into a school without conducting necessary enquiries. If something were to happen to Jay while he was in there, what would she do? How would she be able to forgive herself for it?

As expected, Kerr's words made Nicole highly uneasy.

"The only condition is that they will work for the Gu Group throughout their lives."

The elites of his company were all from this company, including Kerr himself. This school had a certain history and had been successful in producing many exceptional talents. Maybe that was the reason behind the good international reputation enjoyed by the Gu Group.

"No way! He is way too young to figure out what he wants to do in the future. If he doesn't wish to stay here, you can't force him to do so."

She looked nervously at Kerr and he detected a trace of fear in her eyes.

Last night, she had even decided to leave Gu Group when the time was ripe. She wanted to bring Jay back to Manhattan, so that Jay would have less opportunities to meet with Kerr.

But the labor contract she signed when she joined the company was a bit troublesome.

"Stop the car, Kerr! I'm going back to pick Jay up! I can't leave him alone."

She would be willing to compromise on any matters, except for Jay's matter. He was the apple of her eye. She wouldn't let anyone harm him, not even his biological father.

"Calm down, Nicole. He has the privilege to make a choice for himself in the future. I can assure you that only Jay himself can decide whether to stay in the company or not by his own free will."

He had planned to use Jay to keep them here forever, but when he saw how concerned Nicole was, he quickly retracted his idea.

He knew how important Jay was to Nicole, but he did not expect her to explode with emotions at the sight of a slight danger to him.

Kerr's words soothed Nicole's troubled mind. She glanced at Kerr hoping for further assurance.

"Why do you treat Jay so well?" she asked.


He turned to look at her and said earnestly,

"Because he is your son."

'I like you, so I like your son too,' he thought.

Feeling a bit awkward, she turned her head away. She stole a glance at the car driving into the parking lot of the Gu Group. She breathed a sigh of relief. Every time she was with Kerr alone, she would be inexplicably nervous.

Kerr always said something that she couldn't immediately respond to. Even if she had expressed her mind, he still didn't care.

When the car stopped, she opened the door of the passenger seat and got off without any hesitation. Just as she was about to walk towards her office, she heard a sweet female voice behind her, which attracted her attention.


As soon as Sunny got out of the car, she saw Kerr's car. She trotted over to him and held his arm intimately with a surprised expression on her face.

"Why didn't you come to pick me up? After returning home, the first person I want to see is you."

She was wearing a light yellow dress.

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