My CEO Daddy

Chapter 27 A Family Of Three
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Kerr couldn't help but feel a bit stunned at the question he had just heard.

No one had ever said that to him. He was used to having all the women around him just hoping that he would stay with them for a little while longer, and he had never met anyone who dared to say anything like that to him.

He had no idea how to answer her question. Of course, there was no denying that she had attracted his attention, maybe even enough for him to dote on her. But there was no telling how long he would actually stay interested in her.

Kerr loosened his grip and sat up at once, stopping his inquiry. There was something he needed to think about before anything else.

Because Nicole was not like the women he used to date.

As she looked at the blank expression on Kerr's face, Nicole gave off a sigh of relief. Relieved as she was, she also felt a sense of loss in her heart.

What exactly was she expecting? She should not have expected anything at all.

"Mommy, is the woman who left a moment ago my aunt?"

When he saw Bonnie leave the ward, Jay decided not to come inside because he wanted to give Kerr and Nicole some more time alone with each other. But he couldn't take it anymore—talking to Ken was just way too boring.

He decided to come inside to look for his mommy and Uncle Gu. Once he opened the door and saw that Uncle Gu was sitting in silence next to his mommy, he found himself feeling quite disappointed. Maybe he needed to do something to help Kerr.

"Yes! She has something else that she needs to do though, so she left in a hurry. I'll introduce you to her some other time, okay?"

Nicole reached out and grabbed her son's arm while trying her best to avoid looking at Kerr.

"Mr. Gu, I just received an overseas resume."

Jared saw the resume and the letter of recommendation from the CEO of the He Group on the screen. Obviously, it was Sunny He who wanted to apply for the job in Gu Group herself.

"Go back to the company."

Without taking the notebook from Jared's hands, Kerr immediately stood up and started walking towards the door. But just as he was about to step out of the ward, he stopped abruptly and said,

"I'll pick up Jay and take him to school tomorrow morning."

Before Nicole even had the chance to respond and say no, Kerr had already left.

"Mommy, did you have a fight with Uncle Gu? Don't you like him? I like Uncle Gu very much. You know, I've already asked Uncle Gu—he doesn't have his own child nor his own family.

He even said that he doesn't hate that I entered his life. I am not disrupting Uncle Gu's life, right, Mommy?"

Jay raised his white jade-like face and looked innocently at Nicole with wide, expectant eyes.

"Jay, do you really like Uncle Gu that much? Who would you prefer then, Mommy or Uncle Gu?"

Nicole petted Jay's soft hair with a hint of worry in her eyes.

She didn't expect that Jay would start liking Kerr that much. So much so that it would even be cruel of her to erase him from Jay's life.

But if the day when Kerr would forcibly take Jay from her ever came, she knew that it would hurt more than she could imagine, and she would come to regret letting Kerr get so close.

Knowing that she couldn't let that happen, she knew that she had to be heartless right from the beginning.

"Of course you're the one I love the most, Mommy. Don't worry, I will never leave you. I don't really understand why Daddy didn't want us, but I promise that I will always stay by your side."

He stretched out his small hands and wrapped his arms around her neck. Then, he rubbed his head onto her shoulder and acted like a spoiled baby.

He didn

't want to put too much pressure on his mommy. After all, the main reason why he liked Uncle Gu was because he thought Uncle Gu could take good care of Mommy, but if Mommy didn't want that, he wouldn't force it.

"Good boy!"

After hearing her son's words, Nicole finally felt a sense of relief.

Once it was nighttime, Jared arrived at Nicole's ward.

"Director Ning, the doctor said that you can now leave the hospital. Mr. Gu asked me to take you back to your home."

"You don't have to bother, Mr. Jared Kang. I can take a taxi home with Jay."

She started packing her stuff at once, and immediately refused Jared or, to be more precise, Kerr.

She didn't like bothering others.

She took Jay's hand and led him out of the room.

"Director Ning, it was Mr. Gu who asked me to take you home. Please don't make this difficult for me."

Jared stepped forward to stand directly in front of Nicole. If he didn't take her home and Kerr found out, he would surely send him to some faraway place.

"Mom, we shouldn't have put others in an awkward situation."

Jay raised his head to look at Nicole seriously. He was meaning to help Jared out of this.

"You naughty boy!"

Nicole ruffled Jay's hair while making a face at him before turning around to smile at Jared Kang.

"Thank you, Mr. Kang."

"You're welcome, Miss Ning."

On the way to Nicole's house, they didn't speak a word. Jared merely dropped off Nicole and Jay at their apartment before immediately driving back to the Gu Group.

"Mr. Gu, Director Ning and Jay have safely returned to their apartment."

With his fingers still tapping on the keyboard, Kerr nodded at Jared.

"Mr. Gu, what should we do with Miss Sunny He's resume?"

Since he was just an assistant, he couldn't deal with matters related to the relationship between the Gu family and the He family on his own. Especially since the two families had been friends for a long time, and Sunny He had already fallen in love with Kerr.

At first, Jared thought that once Sunny He left for abroad to pursue higher education, her feelings of affection for Kerr would gradually disappear. But to his surprise, the moment she came back from abroad, she immediately applied for a position in the Gu Group.

Clearly, she had an ulterior motive.

"Whatever. I will only accept her for the sake of the He family."

He had already gotten a call from Sunny before, so he was not surprised to receive this letter of recommendation. This was actually a good thing for him. The earlier Sunny knew how he felt, the earlier she could drop the idea of the two of them together.

The moment he finished talking, the phone on his desk suddenly rang. He had a feeling that the call was from Sunny He, so he raised his head to shoot Jared a meaningful look.

Jared immediately walked over to Kerr's desk and answered the phone.


"Hello, this is Mr. Gu's office. This is his assistant speaking. What can I do for you?"

Upon hearing Sunny He's voice, Jared glanced at Kerr who was sitting next to him and made up an excuse on his behalf.

"I'm sorry, Miss He. Mr. Gu is in a meeting, so he can't answer the phone right now.

Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes, Miss He. I'll be sure to tell him that. Bye."

Jared put down the phone and shot Kerr an innocent look.

"Mr. Gu, Miss He told me that she was arriving at the airport tomorrow at 9 o'clock, and she would like you to pick her up."

Kerr cast a glance at the calendar and saw that the date for tomorrow was encircled.

"Ask one of the company's chauffeurs to pick her up."

He was going to take Jay to school tomorrow morning.

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