My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 197 Not easy to deal
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Chapter 197 Not easy to deal

"M'Madam Layla, something big is happening in our village! Four people arrived in a very luxurious carriage with a few soldiers accompanying them!"

"What?!" Madam Layla was taken aback, her brow furrowing at the soldier's words. The others in the hall shared her concern, their expressions mirroring her own.

'This is totally unexpected! They have arrived much quicker than I expected. It seems that the situation is much more complicated than I thought... I need to prepare for any possible outcome,' Madam Layla pondered inwardly, her face etched with thought.

'The soldier mentioned an extremely luxurious carriage. Such a privilege is only granted to a select few in the kingdom. Even some noble families don't possess such extravagance.'

'From this information alone, I can infer that these four individuals are of extraordinary background, possibly even kingdom officials... How should I handle a situation like this, when we don't know who they are or their intentions for coming here?' Her mind raced, lost in contemplation.

After a moment, Madam Layla turned her attention back to the soldier. "You said that the four individuals arrived on a very luxurious carriage, correct?"

The soldier promptly nodded. "Indeed, Madam. Two of them were middle-aged men dressed in opulent attire. The elder of the two wore a mage's robe. As for the other two, they were females, both strikingly beautiful and adorned in very luxurious dresses. One of the females also had a robe."

"I see... Two females and two males. By the way, did you notice any flags or insignia on the carriage?"

After considering for a moment, the guard responded, "The carriage did bear a flag. It was light green with a golden wing insignia."

"Light green flag with a golden wing insignia..." Madam Layla murmured under her breath, her gaze fixed on the table as she delved into thought.

As she delved deep into contemplation about the flag's origin, Rose's voice broke through her reverie.

"Mom, isn't that our kingdom's flag?"

Her daughter's words snapped Madam Layla out of her thoughts, and she nodded in realization. "Oh, Rose, now that you mention it, it is indeed our kingdom's flag."

'This is even more troublesome than I thought. The individuals who arrived in our village appear to be none other than officials of the kingdom!' Madam Layla's concerns deepened.

Since the four unknown individuals who arrived in their village turned out to be high-ranking officials of the kingdom, the situation became very complicated for her to deal with. Most importantly, she still didn't know why the officials of the kingdom had arrived in their village.

She was confused at this moment! Were they really after Yuan and his wives, or was it something else? And if it was indeed something else, then what could it be? What were they really after?

A minute later, Madam Layla addressed the soldier, "Is there anything else you have to report?"

"No, Madam, there's none!"

"Is that so? Then you can return to your duty."

"I understand, Madam." The soldier slightly bowed and left the scene.

After the soldier departed the dining hall, a heavy silence descended, and no one spoke a single word.

A moment later, Madam Layla turned to Yuan and asked, "Yuan, do you think the high-ranking officials from the kingdom have come into our village for you and your wives? With your unique abilities, you would certainly catch their attention."

Yuan gazed at Madam Layla for a moment before replying, "Well, actually I don't know."

"Perhaps they wanted to recruit you into their ranks, which is why they are here... And if we connect all the dots, it is indeed very possible that they are here to invite you all to join their ranks," Madam Layla suggested, offering a warm smile.

"Well, if they are here for that, then it's too bad they're wasting their time. I'm not interested in becoming someone else's guard dog," Yuan remarked with a confident smile, as if the entire kingdom was insignificant before his eyes.

Madam Layla was stunned by his words, and not just her, but the entire Monroe family, including Rose.

'He really doesn't even consider the kingdom's offer. If the officials from the kingdom came here hoping to recruit Yuan and his wives, then they are indeed wasting their time and effort. Yuan isn't the kind of person who will bow to others...' Madam Layla thought inwardly, looking at Yuan with a surprised expression.

At this moment, Jason studied Yuan for a moment and pondered inwardly, 'Does he truly have no interest in serving the kingdom? Isn't it a great honor to do so? How can he turn down such an incredible opportunity?'

Before Jason could finish his thought, he felt an invisible pressure around him, and suddenly he heard Xi Meili's cold voice.

"Do you think a lowly kingdom is worthy to be served by my hubby? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! In front of my hubby, this kingdom is nothing and doesn't even deserve his respect. How dare you call it an 'honor' to serve this kingdom?"

Witnessing the bright golden eyes of Xi Meili as she spoke in a cold tone, Jason felt cold sweat forming all over his back. He felt like he was standing in front of a beast rather than a human.

'Oh, shit! Why did I have to open my mouth for no reason? I'm such an idiot! Is she going to kill me now? Why am I so unlucky to provoke this monster?' Jason cried inwardly, feeling threatened by Xi Meili's aura. He forced a smile on his face, trying to hide his fear, and stammered, "It's a misunderstanding, I was just blabbing things, don't take it seriously, hehehe~"

"Hmph! Utterly risible..." Xi Meili exclaimed with an annoyed voice.

Looking at the scene, Rose shook her head and muttered inwardly, 'This idiot is really planning to die by provoking this dragon...'

'Sigh! How did I give birth to such an idiotic son? Is this perhaps a punishment for me for the crime I committed in my past life? It's really disappointing...' Madam Layla sighed inwardly.

Meanwhile, Julie and Ava only shook their heads in disappointment at their brother.

A minute later, Madam Layla said, "Well, we can discuss the situation later, but first let's finish our lunch, shall we?"

"Definitely..." Yuan and his wives nodded and returned to eating their meal.

Some time later, after finishing lunch, Yuan and his wives gathered in his bedroom. Anna looked at Yuan with a worried expression and asked, "Dear, how are you going to deal with the people from the kingdom? I'm sure that even if we refuse them, they will still pester us until we join them."

Grace looked at Yuan and quickly nodded, "Indeed, Darling. I'm also thinking the same. Since they were high-ranking officials from the kingdom, it will be very hard to deal with them. It will be much more complicated than dealing with Viscount Lewis and his family. They were just a viscount family, but now we're talking about an entire kingdom."

Lily also nodded, "I agree with both Mom Anna and Mom Grace here. The strength of the kingdom can't be underestimated. They have many powerful high-ranking mages at their disposal, and not only that, the kingdom has a very large army of about fifty thousand soldiers. It will be very difficult for us if the kingdom puts a bounty on us for killing their high-ranking officials."

Yuan looked at Lily for a moment after hearing her words and said, "Alright then, since we can't kill them, we won't kill them. However, we can beat them. I'm sure they will understand our meaning after getting a few punches from me..."

"Ah...!" Lily looked at Yuan with wide-open eyes, stunned after hearing his words.

"Hehehe~" Anna, Grace, Emma, Xi Meili, and Rose couldn't help but chuckle after hearing his words.

Grace smiled at Yuan and nodded, "That's right, Darling. We can't kill them but we're free to beat them until they understand our meaning..."

"That's settled then, if they try anything funny or try to be arrogant, we will give them a proper beating..." Yuan said with a smile.

"Definitely," his wives nodded with smiles, ready to follow Yuan's lead.

After that, Yuan lay on the bed and quickly pulled Anna into his embrace, surprising her. She didn't dislike it and wrapped her arms around him, smiling at him.

Yuan also smiled, looking into her blue eyes, and quickly locked their lips in a passionate kiss. A minute later, they broke the kiss and Anna said with a smile, "You've become very naughty lately, darling..."

"Am I? I don't know that..." Yuan smiled back at her.

Anna then shook her head and gently kissed Yuan's forehead before laying beside him.

After that, he looked at Grace who was staring at him with a lusty expression on her face. As soon as their eyes met, Grace seductively licked her lips and said, "Darling, it's my turn to kiss you now..."

"Come here, my seductive beauty..." Yuan smiled and quickly pulled her into his arms, locking their lips in another passionate kiss, just like he did with Anna.

Some time later, after breaking the kiss, Yuan repeated the same with Emma, Lily, Xi Meili, and Rose. Julie and Ava didn't come here with him because they had work to do, so they couldn't join the group.


At the 'Silver Moon Inn', inside a spacious room, four people were sitting around a round table, sipping tea. They were none other than Lord Ivan, Lord Joseph, Lady Eliza, and Lady Diana, looking quite relaxed, except for Lord Joseph.

"Lord Ivan, should we start our investigation or waste our time enjoying tea here?" Lord Joseph's voice resounded, causing the others to twist their faces in annoyance.

'Why did his majesty send this man with us? He is such a pain in the ass... sigh!' Lord Ivan thought inwardly with frustration. "Lord Joseph, be patient. My underlings must be on their way here with all the details they have gathered about our targets. Why don't you just enjoy this delicious tea until they arrive?" Lord Ivan suggested calmly.

Lady Eliza smiled and nodded, "Absolutely, Lord Joseph. You should enjoy life more. Only then will you feel like living. You shouldn't always be in a hurry."

"I see, then I will take your advice, Lady Eliza," Lord Ivan hurriedly nodded at Lady Eliza, taking a sip of tea. "This tea is indeed delicious, and it has a refreshing effect." π’»π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘’π‘€π‘’π˜£π‘›β„΄π˜·π‘’π‘™.π’Έβ„΄π‘š

"Fufufu~ I'm glad you like it, Lord Joseph," Lady Eliza said to Lord Joseph with a forced smile, hiding her distaste for his personality.

As the four of them enjoyed their tea, they suddenly heard footsteps approaching from the other side of the door.

Knock! Knock! Someone rapped on the door and called out, "My Lord, it's us."

"Oh, you guys are finally here. Come inside, the door is unlocked."

Two individuals, their faces initially concealed by black cloth, entered the room. Once inside, they uncovered their faces.

The two figures revealed themselves to be none other than Ryan and Tyler, Lord Ivan's underlings.

"Is the report about the targets ready?" Lord Ivan inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, my Lord. We've gathered as much information as we could regarding the targets," Tyler affirmed. He retrieved a small notebook from his magic pouch and handed it to Lord Ivan, saying, "Everything about the targets is in this notebook. However, I can't guarantee that every detail is completely accurate."

Lord Ivan accepted the notebook, nodding in understanding. "That's understandable. No one seems eager to speak about the Hero of this village. I can't fault you for that."

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