My Black-Bellied Boyfriend

Chapter 9
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Chapter 9

Level 1500 [OP]:

Later, I couldn’t help but ask him what was going on out of curiosity.

In the end, he shamelessly said that from the beginning he had never said that he was her girlfriend and that it was all a misunderstanding that I had conjured up myself.


Then why didn’t you fucking clarify it! You even played along!

He just slyly hooked his hand around my neck and reached over to squeeze my face and said: Isn’t this all because of you?

He then explained to me very seriously: Isn’t it all because you didn’t express yourself so I could only resort to asking someone that I had just rejected for help. I was so embarrassed pretending to be lovey dovey!

He wasn’t aware of the fact that he was about to get a beating and proceeded to rub my chin and comment that I was good at acting. He almost couldn’t tell that I was so good at hiding my feelings.

As someone who will be successful in the future, I naturally grasped onto the main point. Despite the fact that I was furious about being deceived and having fallen into his traps, I became aware of a small detail.

Around the time when he commented that I should be more honest if I like him and turned around to look at me, I smiled as I stretched my hand out towards him

You better fucking return Laozi’s money!

Following this, the situation became chaotic. I chased him around and along the way we attracted the disdainful gazes from many onlookers.

Level 1520:

HAHAHA Waiting for the aftermath.

Level 1540 [OP]:

The key point was that I only realised that something was wrong after I chased him into the toilets.

The toilets here are the ordinary individual stall toilets. Before I could stop, I ran into him and what was worse was that before I could speak, he shoved me into one of the stalls.

With two people inside, it was too crowded. I fucking didn’t dare to yell out. Although there was no one here at the moment but what if someone heard! If someone saw this, I wouldn’t be able to clear by name for all eternity.

Level 1541:

NONONO OP no need to clear it. Leave it like this, it’s pretty good.

Level 1542:

So sweet. Even insulin can’t keep up!

Level 1543 [OP]:

Then he pinched my chin and said that he would definitely not return the ring that his boyfriend had gifted him and asked me if he could pay me back physically.

I [Raining curses.jpg]

I didn’t dare look at his eyes. I twisted my head to the side and told him to get lost. At most, I could just give him the ring for free and he wouldn’t need to pay me back.

That guy actually then proceeded to take out the ring and put it onto my finger and said: Now that you mentioned it, I almost forgot. It’s a couple ring.

I wanted to give him a kick, but we were squeezed inside the stall and I couldn’t raise my leg. In the end, I was kissed again.

While he kissed me, he reached under my clothes and even pinched my waist as his hands slowly moved down.

Why are you so obsessed with my waist! [Angry but forcing a smile instead.jpg]

That feeling should I put an electric shock. (Although I haven’t touched one before, but I guess that’s how every describes that kind of numb and tingly sensation). In the end, I couldn’t even tell if I ended up succumbing to him

As a steel straight man, I obviously had my own fantasies about toilet scenes, but it wasn’t with another man of the same gender!

Fortunately, it seemed like this idiot finally got back to his senses and released me. He even erotically used his thumb to rub my lips and ask if it was okay to do it once a day.

Fuck your mum! You want it once a day?! Aren’t you too shameless?

But this person is an opportunist and I was clearly in the weaker position at this moment. To avoid getting bitten by this mad dog, I could only compromise and say that we could talk about this after we leave. In the end his intelligence seemingly started working and he saw through Laozi’s scheme. I had no choice but to promise him. Sigh, looks like I’ll have to deal with it when the time comes!

Today’s one wasn’t done yet. I better hurry and figure something out.

Level 1565:

Just a few minutes ago OP was still warming up [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 1568:

Now he is already cooled down [Cover mouth laughing]



Level 1600 [OP]:

Last night, I nearly lost my life [Thankyou life for reminding me of my dog life.jpg]

Level 1601:

Made it to the live broadcast. What happened now OP?

Level 1602:

Sitting in the front row learning about how to flirt!

Level 1612 [OP]:

I thought that it would be okay if I managed to last until midnight but I didn’t realise that I was being too naïve [Black face]

After the lights went out, I surfed through Weibo for a while and was happily planning to go to sleep when the nightmare started.

He fucking crawled into my bed! MY bed!

The other roommates were not asleep yet and he still dared to be so lawless. The excuse he found was pretty good. He said that the heating had turned off and he didn’t like the cold so he requested to sleep with me. (This bastard even used a shamelessly loud voice to say this so I couldn’t reject him.)

A young and sturdy man like him is fucking afraid of the cold?! I have personally experienced how high your body temperature is! Fuck this old man is so bad. But the other roommates didn’t care about this and didn’t react. Not one of them offered him a hot water bottle to sleep with instead of sleeping with me.

Helpless, I could only allow him to share the bed with me. By now, my desire to sleep was all gone. How could I sleep with such a perverted wolf sleeping next to me!

I just closed my eyes and pretended to sleep since my acting skills are pretty good but soon I could no longer pretend

He fucking started to touch me all over (▼皿▼#)


And he even had started to move his hand downwards. Until there was only one last line of defence left, I intercepted that sinful hand of his.

He then proceeded to roll over and press me down

Without a warning, he kissed me and even bit me a few times.

Afraid of alerting the other roommates, I didn’t dare call out. I could only retaliate. Only until there was an iron taste of blood, he finally released his hold.

I unhappily glared up at him. I clutched his neck and said in his ear: Stop taking advantage of me. Tomorrow I’m going to teach you a lesson.

In the end he said that I shouldn’t always resort to violence. If we really did fight, who knows who will win.

Laozi was instantly enraged. I will definitely fight you. Just wait for it.

He then asked why it had to be done tomorrow. He added that we could fight now and if I didn’t dare to then I’m a chicken.

His provocation worked. I couldn’t suppress my anger and now I regret it to death.

At that time, I ended up following him out. I was really stupid. I actually believed that bastards words and followed him out into the corridor.

I even stupidly told him to make his move first. I was as moronic as ever.

Level 1615:

I think that guy is probably afraid that you would cry HAHAHA!

Level 1627:

Pleading for a follow-up!

Level 1629 [OP]:

And then he really made his move. He moved to hold my face in his hands and leaned in to kiss me. All the moves that I had planned to throw out instantly dissipated and by the time I could react to what had happened, I was already pinned up against the wall

He kissed me while his hands reached inside my singlet and felt around. I desperately tried to twist my head away but he had pressed me down to the point that I was out of breath and completely powerless.

And then, I hard.

Level 1636:

Nothing to be ashamed about. After all, he was the one who made the first move [Snicker]

Level 1638 [OP]:

When he noticed, he immediately dragged me into one of the toilet cubicles. Again, it’s that accursed cubicle.

The lights in the toilets were not extinguished but this only made me feel even more embarrassed. My clothes had been pushed up to my neck by him and you could easily tell what he had done earlier. The key point however was that I still hoped that he would continue [Screaming in horror.jpg]

He leaned against my ears and asked, “Should I help you?”

Go go go! Who wants your help!

I was almost angered to death by him!

He then rested his head against my neck very dejectedly. I felt like I could see dejected dog ears on his head.

I pushed him out and demanded that we should talk.

Since that incident last time, we have not had the chance to sit and talk things out. I thought that we might as well use this opportunity to clear things up.

And so, in the middle of the night, the two of us sat in the corridor and talked. I didn’t know what to say at the beginning, so he started talking about the past.

He started first and I listened. At some unknown point in time, he had looped his arms around my waist and held me in his arms. By the time I noticed this, I was already firmly held in his arms and could no longer escape.

As we reminisced about the past, more and more, I became aware of my feelings. It seems like I really do like him.

His voice was very nice. Slowly, he said that he would feel happy as long as he could see me every day and that he didn’t want to be my friend and instead he wanted me to be his one and only.

I like you, he said. Can you answer me properly now?

Level 1675:

And then OP? What did you say?

Level 1676:

OP please give us the details!

Level 1678:

I made it in time!

Level 1680:

Finally, the results are bearing fruit? [Crying motherly tears.jpg]

Level 1700 [OP]:

This might be the first time I had said such a sacred word from the depths of my heart. If possible, I also hope that this would be the last time.

For the first time, I took the initiative to hold his hand. I looked into his eyes and very seriously said, I like you.

And then, he actually cried. As his tears rolled down, I was surprised and quickly reached out to help him wipe his tears. He then suddenly laughed.

Facing me, he opened his arms and smiled. With a face covered with traces of tears, he said, come and give your husband a kiss.

He really is an idiot.

But I just happened to fall in love with this idiot.

I scolded him that he is shameless as I held his face and kissed him. As expected, it was very soft and warm.

A sliver of moonlight entered through the windows and just happened to shine onto our interlocked hands and the couple rings. I felt happiness that I had never felt before. For the rest of our life, please take care of me my husband.

Level 1710:

Wow wow wow! Throws confetti!

Level 1711:


Level 1712:


Level 1725:


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