My Black-Bellied Boyfriend

Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

Level 1196 [OP]:

In the middle of last night, I was listening to music and Black Humour had just started playing when I felt a chill run down my spine.

My first reaction was to cover myself up with the blankets but before I could do it something even hotter pressed against me.

Even if I used my toes to think, I could tell that it was him. He must be crazy. What the fuck did he want to do?

And so, I decided to stay still and see what this shameless scum wanted [Pulling out my knife.jpg]

Level 1199:

What does he want? Distressed for the OP.

Level 1200:

Yeah, he already has someone so why is he flirting with you. OP kill him! So furious.

Level 1209 [OP]:

And then he fucking took out my Bluetooth earphones [Raging dog.jpg]

What was every more infuriating was that he did that while hugging my waist [Pitiful.jpg]

Hug, hug, all he knows is to hug! Laozi isn’t your pillow!

Level 1214:

Reading until this point, I really must make a comment. That guy is such a scum. If he has a girl, why is he doing all those intimate actions to OP? That’s so annoying.

Level 1216:

What if that girl is just there to help the gong?

Level 1217:

What kind of dog blood drama is that!

Level 1223 [OP]:

I instantly kicked him and typed a few words onto my phone: Keep away from this Laozi!

After just receiving a soft and delicate sister earlier, you still want to flirt with a strong and sturdy man? Making the most of both men and women? In your fucking dreams!

Level 1229:

OP is so funny! Love it!

Level 1230:

OP you should develop and become a storyteller. I think you’ll be popular!

Level 1235 [OP]:

Em.........I normally speak like this...Anyway, let me continue.

In the end, that guy wasn’t fazed by my anger and even laughed before taking my phone and typing a few words: I like you. [Like I would fucking believe you.jpg]

Now that he mentioned it, that fucker said that he had loved Laozi for years and years and, next minute, he had hooked up with another person. I’ll be an idiot if believed those words of his!

I immediately typed below: I don’t like you.

That stupid shameless bastard actually wrote: Are you jealous?

What a joke. Why should Laozi be jealous? Do you think that the world only revolves around you? Does your brain have a hole?

If course, I didn’t say this to him. I just typed: What is there to be jealous of? I’m very happy to hear that you got a girlfriend. I just don’t feel like eating the wedding candy today, leave me a couple for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll take you guys out to buy a couple ring as a show of our brotherhood.

Although there was light emitted from the phone, I couldn’t make out his expression. After reading my message, he typed an okay and then climbed back onto his bed.

Sigh, finally some peace and quiet.

Level 1239:

I agree with OP. He is in the wrong to do that. What qualifications does he have to ask you that?

Level 1248 [OP]:

At noon today, I even had lunch with those two. You’re already so fucking old now and you still feed each other! Disgusting! Even rubbing head and wiping mouths! Watching all these interactions I fucking nearly vomited but I continued to pretend to smile. I still have to go out this afternoon to buy them a couple ring! Fuck!

Never in my life have I seen such a brazen person.



Level 1268 [OP]:

Laozi is already fucking prepared to go out to buy the ring but he insisted to go along saying that my aesthetic is questionable. If you think it’s questionable then don’t take it!

What bullshit aesthetic! If I knew this earlier, I would have just fucking bought a couple for twenty dollars from the street stand near the school gates.

His girlfriend didn’t come along. Said that she had to apply a mask in the morning or something. Girls are so meticulous!

Because it wasn’t too early, the two of us caught a taxi. It was clearly very spacious, but he kept on leaning onto me and even touched me all over. There was clearly someone else there, but he still continued to flirt shamelessly.

But it wasn’t a good idea to get angry in front of the driver. I could only restrain my anger and made a mental note to scold him later.

It really was dazzling. The rings were clearly quite similar, and I had just planned to choose a random pair with an appropriate price but we ended up picking and choosing several pairs, but he was not satisfied with them all. I was fucking annoyed to death. In the end, he told me to go and sit on the massage chair for a while and that he would pick himself.

I was glad to hear those words and instantly headed over. From afar, I saw him say something to the shop assistant. The shop assistant froze before returning with a pile of rings. Seeing this, my heart bled inside [Forced smile.jpg]

Level 1270:

Can you return a pile of rings

Level 1273:

What on earth did he say to cause the shop assistant to freeze? This is a question worth thinking about [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 1274:

HAHAHA Upstairs you’re hilarious!

Level 1280 [OP]:

They had just hooked up yesterday, why is he picking out the rings so seriously?! You really couldn’t tell that he had not had a girlfriend before. He’s acting like a fish in water and is even fucking using my money!

Could this be what they call love at first sight?

Finally, from that pile he finally chose a pair. He then said something to the shop assistant who then proceeded to bring a box to him and help him wrap it up

The last sentence that he said, I heard clearly. He’ll pay [Black face]

Looking at the string of numbers on Alipay which was used to pay for his dowry, can anyone understand my pain?

Level 1285:

I’m worried that he has other ideas

Level 1290 [OP]:

Just as we planned to return, he said that it was only two or three kilometres and to just walk back. I wasn’t against it. After all, I needed to save money.

At the beginning, the two of us didn’t talk much. I felt that this atmosphere was a little strange and frantically tried to find a topic to talk about to alleviate the awkwardness.

Talking about our studies was definitely not a good idea. He was better at studying than me so wouldn’t this just be an indirect insult to me? Should I talk about the past? Am I that big-hearted? We had agreed to be single dogs together, but he actually went and secretly got a girlfriend and even fucking showed off in front of me! And so, I also tossed that idea aside.

If there was nothing else, then I might as well talk about his girlfriend. After all, I had only met her twice and was not close to her but in the future I would probably have to meet her more.

And so, I jabbed at his arms and asked what kind of person his girlfriend is.

In the end he said that that girl is cute and naïve, good at acting cute and spoiled, and is a very kind person.

As it turns out, this was the type that he liked all along. So why did he say that he liked me?

Or was it because he needed an excuse to explain why he ended up sleeping with m so he made up that lie?

Truthfully, even if he didn’t do that I wouldn’t have done anything to him. At most, I would just have a small scuffle or argument with him. After all, we had been friends for more than ten years.

I laughed and said that I had always thought that he liked loli’s and later actually thought that he was bent. Making this kind of joke with me, he’d better be careful in the future or his girlfriend might get jealous.

He said “En. Then you don’t mind what happened before?”

Of course, I knew what he was referring to. Although I felt a little aggrieved, but I drank too much that day. What’s more, what’s the point of kicking up a fuss like this? I should just treat it as bonding between straight men and let it go.

I shook my head and said that I didn’t mind

That idiot then grabbed my arm and asked angrily why I didn’t mind. And that if I didn’t mind then would it have been okay even if the other party that night wasn’t him?

What is he going crazy for? I already said that I didn’t mind it. What does he want now?

Luckily at that time we had reached a small park. There weren’t many people around and I was certain that there wouldn’t be onlookers.

Laozi threw his arm off in one movement. If you are sick, you should go and get it treated. Don’t go acting all crazy in front of me.

Level 1300:

Hugging OP. Why don’t you abuse him back one day? This idea seems a little strange... [Cover face] [Cover face]

Level 1305:

Suddenly feeling a heart attack

Level 1307:

I know you’re jealous

Level 1310:

He probably bought that for you?

Level 1312:

I have a bold thought. Could it be that starting from the girlfriend, everything until now was just him acting according to his own script? Just so that he could ascertain something?

Level 1314:

You mum, if he likes you he should tell you straight. What does he need to ascertain? Feeling bad for the OP.

Level 1316 [OP]:

He then grabbed me again and even twisted my arm to my back. If I wasn’t careless at that time, then I definitely wouldn’t have allowed him to hurt me with that move.

His expression was particularly scary. It made me feel like I was about to be ripped to shreds. He asked me again the question that he had asked earlier.

With my arms twisted like that, I felt much wronged. In addition to that, with him interrogating me like this, I instantly poured out all the pain that I had gone through for the past few days: What right do you have to do this to me? What fucking qualifications do you have? You’ve already slept with me and even flirted with me. Just as I was questioning my sexual orientation, you turned around and found another partner. What do you think I am? An idiot?

Level 1320:

OP be strong!

Level 1325:

Key point is ‘questioning sexual orientation’

Level 1330:

AHHHHH My heart hurts!

Level 1342 [OP]:

Seizing the chance when I felt his grip loosen, Laozi immediately broke free and then proceeded to land a punch on his face.

Probably because he was caught off guard, he collapsed to the ground. I was still enraged and sat on top of him while delivering several more punches. The whole time, he didn’t fight back.

Level 1346:

Good job!

Level 1348:

He didn’t fight back? Just scrolled through the above comments, did we misunderstand little childhood friend?

Level 1345 [OP]:

I was also afraid if hitting him to the point of needing to send him to the hospital so I patted his face and asked him why he didn’t fight back.

He then actually laughed and pressed my hand against his face asking me if I feel better now.

I’m afraid he had become stupid from my punches.

I ignored him, got up and headed back. Since he wasn’t dead, he could still head back himself.

In the end, before I could take more than a few steps, he hugged be from behind and asked me if it was that hard to admit that I liked him

Who likes him?! That crazy bastard

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I didn’t want to deal with him anymore, so I continued to trudge along. But on my back, I was dragging a long a one metre eighty something man and couldn’t move.

Level 1360:

I couldn’t help but laugh

Level 1362:

So passionate

Level 1364:


Level 1365:

Reading up until here, I revealed a smile like this [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 1366:

I started laughing like a crazy person on the bus

Level 1367:

Aunty laugh

Level 1368:

Aunty laugh +1

Level 1379:

So many aunty’s.

Level 1380:

HAHAHA OP is so awkward.

Level 1382:

Admit it OP. You’re in love.

Level 1389 [OP]:

I asked him to let go but he refused to and even said that he would only do so if I admit it.

I don’t like him so what was there to admit? Where did that confidence come from? He clearly has a girlfriend now, yet he still wanted to raise a rainbow flag outside. Laozi won’t become your little rainbow flag.

Level 1392:

What is this love story?

Level 1393:

OP is jealous.

Level 1394:

I feel like the girl is someone hired by little childhood friend to act as a girlfriend to stimulate OP.

Level 1400 [OP]:

The truth is, the most effective way to deal with a rogue is to be more roguish.

I just stood there and said that we could stand here the whole day if he doesn’t let go.

He probably noticed that I was angry, so he quickly loosened his arms while muttering about how dishonest I am.

I have been living my fucking life so straightforwardly all these years and you dare to say that I am dishonest?! From a man’s point of view, I wanted to give him a beating but from a rational point of view, I held back and didn’t speak. This kind of nonsense, it was best not to be played around with him

And so, I deliberately ignored him and headed off. Less than five minutes later, that shameless bastard reached over to hold my hand [Black face]

Before I could swat away his hands, that one metre eighty something man whinged that he had a little bit of night-blindness.

This wasn’t something he made up. He really is a little night-blind and once he bumped into a tree resulting in a large bump on his forehead. I even helped him massage the bump for a long time in return for a cup of milk tea.

Level 1412:

Oho, using a cup of milk tea to exchange for a rub. [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 1413:

Was eaten to death.

Level 1414:

Too cute! If you don’t want, give it to me!

Level 1415:

Upstairs don’t start a war. Be careful the OP might go and find you at night!

Level 1419 [OP]:

Seeing that he had his reasons, I didn’t argue with him and just took his hand.

But that person is the type where if you give an inch, he would take a mile. I was willing to pull him along, but he even wanted to interlock our fingers and squeeze my hand. Say, isn’t this something that is exclusive to couples? What the fuck are you doing interlocking fingers with me?!

Maybe it was because he was afraid of bumping into trees again, this idiot was suddenly very obedient and no longer mentioned anything that would upset me. Instead, he talked about the past when we coincidentally ran into my mum at the internet café. It was a pretty good atmosphere.

We continued chatting as we walked out of the small park and although there was still a short distance until the lights, it wasn’t too dark, so I intended to let go of his hands.

However, he held tightly onto my hands unwilling to let go. I pull my arms away, but he continued holding on and followed me. In the end, I decided to use all my strength to throw him off, but he interrupted my thoughts with a sudden sneak attack.

What was worse was that the enemy’s sneak attack was a kiss.

Level 1423:

You mum, this is too sweet!

Level 1424:

Sweet like honey

Level 1425:

Why is this so sweet~

Level 1435 [OP]:

I really wanted to bite him to death! Just looking at his face I wanted to knock his dog head off. My instinctive reaction was to raise my hand to hit him but he had pinned down my right hand. I changed to my left hand but he easily blocked it again. In an instant, he had both my arms pinned down and he kissed me several times.

Throughout the whole process, I didn’t have the ability to fight back.

I really felt ashamed.

Level 1437:

Don’t blame yourself. It’s because the other party is too strong [Smirk] [Smirk]

Level 1438:

I feel like OP is one of those proud shou HAHAHA!

Level 1440:

OP use your teeth!

Level 1441:

Upstairs, are you a demon?

Level 1445 [OP]:

Just thinking that he then would go and kiss another person made me feel sick

Level 1446:

It’s jealousy. Definitely.

Level 1447 [OP]:

So I threw out all the swear words that I knew in my whole lifetime at him.

And then......

I was fucking bitten again. A real bite [Black face]

He sinisterly warned me not to swear in the future or he would bite me once for every curse I say.

Level 1449:

Automatically filling in my imagination with his evil charms

Level 1450:

Don’t accept it, bite back!

Level 1451:

Bite back +1

Level 1452:

Bite back +2

Level 1453:

Bite back +3

Level 1454:

Bite back +4

Level 1460 [OP]:

He’s an idiot isn’t he?! Why should Laozi listen to you?! Who the hell do you think you are? Why should you control what this young master is going to say? Good things, bad things, curses, it’s all up to this Laozi’s mood!

And then he said it’s because I am his.

What fucking emotionless overbearing president type route is this?! Brother, you have the wrong partner!!!

I looked at him as if he is mentally retarded and asked him if he is crazy

Then he said that I’ve already gifted him a ring yet I still don’t want to admit it. He asked why I am so dishonest

I’m done

When the fuck did I gift him a ring?!?

Level 1465:

HAHAHAHA It was all a trap!

Level 1466:

I knew those rings wouldn’t have been something so simple!

Level 1470 [OP]:

And then this scum actually pulled out the ring box and shook it around in front of me asking me ‘Isn’t this it?’

My eyes nearly popped out. I immediately spluttered out ‘Isn’t that couple ring for you and your girlfriend?’

He then laughed very deviously saying that yes, it’s a couple ring but no, it’s not ‘girlfriend’.

For a moment I couldn’t comprehend his words and while I was confused, he hugged me. He whispered next to my ear and said, ‘Boyfriend, let’s get along from now on’.

When the fuck did I agree to this?! I haven’t! HAVEN’T!

For the whole day, I was dumbfounded

I am not bent, I am straight! I need to go look at photos of beautiful women!

Level 1478:

HEHEHE devious boy!

Level 1480:

What a dishonest man

Level 1483:

Just accept it OP! I feel bad seeing you getting in to his traps all the time.

Level 1484:

HAHAHA Upstairs is correct.

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