My Black-Bellied Boyfriend

Chapter 13 - [Extra]
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Chapter 13 [Extra]

The first time he saw Ji Yan, He Ming didn’t like him.

That little boy, with looks more beautiful than a girls, fleshy soft cheeks and pink full lips, he was not masculine at all.

I don’t want to play with people like him, thought the eight-year-old He Ming.

“Come Ji Yan. Say hello to everyone.” The gentle female teacher led the beautiful little boy up to the podium.

He wasn’t afraid of strangers and he sweetly introduced himself: “Hi everyone. I am Ji Yan. I transferred from S Xinxian primary school. Please take care of me!”

After the introduction, he even bowed respectfully.

The teacher seemed to be very satisfied with the new student as she pulled him along and directed him to sit next to He Ming: “Good. Then Ji Yan, you can sit here!”

“Thank you teacher.”

He Ming glanced at his new desk mate and couldn’t help but think of a phrase that he had just learnt yesterday —- Oily and slippery.

The oily and slippery Ji Yan very quickly got close to He Ming’s classmates. He poked him with his elbow before leaning his small face closer: “Hey desk mate, what’s your name?”

Classmate He sat stiffly: “He Ming.”



“How is little He today?” Mother He picked up a few vegetables and placed it into his bowl as she asked this.

“The usual.” He Ming took a bit and answered his mother vaguely.

Afterwards, he seemed to have remembered something so he added: “I just got a desk mate. Just transferred over.”

“That’s good. How is little He getting along with him?”

“It’s just like that.”

Mother He is aware of her son’s personality. He likes to be alone, and didn’t like to deal with people. At such a young age, he already acts like an elderly.

Mother He secretly prayed inside and hoped that his desk mate would talk to her son more and help make him a little more cheerful.

Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

The doorbell pulled Mother He’s senses back. “Coming!” She placed down her bowl and opened the door. Who would come at this time?

“You, you are....”

At the door stood a lady she had never met who was holding the hands of a cute little boy.

“We just moved here and live opposite you. Ji Yan, say hi to aunty.” freewebnovel .com

The little boys clear and crisp voice could be heard: “Hello aunty.”

Mother He felt very fond of this child and quickly moved to the side: “Quick, come in. I haven’t had the chance to clean up yet, sorry about the mess.”

He Ming had just finished eating when he saw his own desk mate sitting on the sofa being very well-behaved.


Before he could finish talking, his desk mate spoke out: “He Ming!”

Ji Yan said with a face filled with excitement: “Mom, this is my desk mate!”

Mother Ji was surprised: “Such a coincidence?!”

Mother He looked at his son who expressionlessly nodded and was also surprised.

From this chance ‘fate’, the two mothers chattered with each other and eventually could no longer stop. Mother He peeked at He Ming before asking him: “Little He, bring Ji Yan to your room to play. I’ll chat with aunty here.”

He Ming felt helpless. He held his desk mates’ hand: “Let’s go.”

Ji Yan’s hands were smooth, and very warm

He Ming who had always been cold still understood the concept of common courtesy. With manners that reflected proper conduct of a host, he pulled out his game console and showed it to Ji Yan: “Want to play games?”


Sometimes, friendship between boys are strange. After only playing games for half a day, He Ming’s impression of Ji Yan had changed from oily to cute.

It was to the point that when he left, they promised to play together again next time.

The next day when He Ming opened the door, he suddenly saw a black shadow in front of him. He was scared that he nearly fell over but after looking carefully, he saw Ji Yan raising his hand preparing to say hello to him.

He Ming could no longer maintain his expressionless façade and couldn’t help but yell angrily: “What are you doing!”

Ji Yan looked at him with innocent eyes: “I wanted to go to school with you.”

Since then, He Ming had another person accompanying him to school and this went on for more than a decade.

However, after getting to know each other, He Ming realised that Ji Yan had two faces and was different when he is alone with him.

Before teachers, classmates and elders, his words a smooth and eloquent and he acts very obedient but once it was just them, he liked to act proud. Once, just because he played with the boy sitting in front of him for a bit, he had grabbed his bag angrily and ran off. It was only after chasing him for a few streets that he was able to grab onto that persons’ bag.

“Ji Yan why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Go away!” Ji Yan threw away his hands.

He Ming didn’t understand: “What happened?”

“What’s that got to do with you?”

“If there’s nothing wrong then why are you speaking so rashly?”

“Go away,” Ji Yan rolled his eyes at him: “I’m hurrying back home to do my homework!”

He Ming stretched out his arms and blocked his path: “Can’t you just wait for me for a little bit?!”

Ji Yan coldly said: “Who knows how long you were going to play with that boy for.”

He Ming couldn’t laugh or cry: “Then I’ll bring you along too next time okay? I’ll treat you to a lollipop today. Don’t be mad.”

Ji Yan humphed twice: “You offered this yourself. I didn’t asked for it.”

“Then okay, strawberry flavoured.” He Ming hooked his hand around Ji Yan’s neck and the shadows of the two boys stretched as the sun set.

So easily angered? He Ming couldn’t help but laugh. But thinking carefully, Ji Yan’s first friend after transferring over was him. Usually they would go home together and head to school together so he shouldn’t abandon him like that.

Although He Mind didn’t say it explicitly but he still subconsciously increased his distance with the boy in the front desk. In the future, no matter who he played with, he also always remembered to bring along Ji Yan.

He Ming sometimes thought that they were almost inseparable and that was that.


He Ming noticed his feelings for Ji Yan when he was in junior high school.

During summer, the boys sweated like pigs on the basketball court and as He Ming gazed across the court, he found that his gaze continued to linger on Ji Yan.

The young boy was still at the stage where his body was growing and he was thin and slender. Although not very tall, he was still filled with vitality. The basketball in his hand seemingly had a life of its own. He turned, jumped and dunked while revealing half of his small pale waist. The scene made He Ming become dazed.

Since they were young, time had unknowingly changed him from that cute and proud little boy into the young and slender teenager that he is now. He Ming for the first time felt his heart tremble.

“He Ming, let’s play together!” Ji Yan smiled as he threw the ball over.


He Ming is good at his studies and was usually cold and unsmiling – except for when he is with Ji Yan. The teachers were very fond of this top student and, with his good looks, many girls also regarded him as their idea lover.

During adolescence girls were like sunflowers, bold and enthusiastic. He Ming’s desk would be filled with coloured papers almost every day and they all came from different girls. The language were tender and warm and filled with admiration but seeing these blush inducing words, the first thing that came to He Ming’s mind was Ji Yan.

Every boy in as they grow up would have this kind of experience. After waking up, He Ming reached down and touched the sticky part of his body and thought back to the person who had appeared in his dream. Unconsciously, his lower half once again began to react. Even a cold shower could not wash away those indecent thoughts.

Liking his best friend. He was afraid that had really gone crazy.

Since then, He Ming only dared to conceal his thoughts and emotions...until that day.

Doing something like this and being discovered by his mother was already embarrassing enough, not to mention the fact that he was using a photo of his best friend. He Ming was prepared to be harshly reprimanded by his Mother He but she only softly rubbed his head and said, “Talk to mum.”

He Ming blushed and didn’t know where to start.

“Do you like Ji Yan?” Mother He sat beside him and gently held his hand.


“Just tell mum. Do you like him?”

He Ming hesitated before finally speaking out: “Yes, I like him.”

Mother He didn’t speak and He Ming panicked: “Mum, did I do something wrong?”

“Nothing wrong little He. Whether you like boys or girls, mother will always support you.”

He Ming raised his head with hopeful eyes: ”Then Mum, do you mean that I can go and confess to Ji Yan now?”

“You can.” Mother He’s expression suddenly became serious: “But little He, have you thought about what impact you may bring if you confess to him?”

He Ming: “........No.......”

“Mum accepts. But that doesn’t mean that others will accept it. It’s fine if you don’t care about what other’s think about you but what about Ji Yan? Little He, why don’t you think about him a little?”

He Ming hesitated: “What should I do then?”

Mother He rubbed his head: “When you are able to protect him and have the ability to fight for him, go and confess. Of course, that is if you still like him at that time.”

Until he has the ability?

No matter how many times he recalled this memory, He Ming was glad that he had a good and reasonable mother. Not only did she encourage him, she also taught him how to love.

“You’re skipping class again today?” He Ming walked in holding two bottles of cold soda and closed the classroom door.

“Don’t say that, aren’t you also?” Ji Yan received the soda and patted He Ming’s back: “As always, He Ming you treat me the best. On such a hot day, let’s just relax in the classroom!”

He Ming’s eyes couldn’t help but be attracted to his red and shiny lips. He really wanted to give it a taste.

“Come, come! Listen to this!” Before he could react, an earbud was shoved into his ear and a clear and pleasant voice sang out: “The wind by the river, ruffling the hair, fluttering, feeling inexplicably moved as I held your hand.” (notes: Simple Love by Jay Chou lyrics)

“What is this—-“

“Shhh.”Ji Yan exaggeratedly placed his index finger onto his lips: “Simple Love. Very good song.”

I wanted to hold your hands and never let go.

I hope that love can forever be simple and never sorrowful.

My Ji Yan, I also wish that you would never be sad.

As for whether Ji Yan liked him, He Ming always has his doubts. If he didn’t like him, Ji Yan was still closest to him and from time to time he would even try to act cute. If he liked him then why would he have no reaction every time he received piles upon piles of love letters? Did he have not sense of competitiveness? He Ming felt like he was going to dry up.

Every time he deliberately wanted to attract Ji Yan’s attention, he was never able to get the desired result. The other party even often slept on the same bed as him. If He Ming said that he had no intentions, then that would be a lie. If obviously would have the urge but he continued to suppress it.

But that string was almost guaranteed to eventually break.

One summer day, at noon, He Tian watched the sleeping face of Ji Yan as he internally debated with himself. In the end, he finally persuaded himself, just one kiss. Just one is enough.

It started off like a dragonfly touching the water surface but, as if he was seemingly possessed, he kissed him again and again. His kiss was clumsy and without skill but it was filled with desire. In the end, Ji Yan’s lips had become swollen and there was also a small tear. He Ming was embarrassed and lied that it was the cause of a bug bite.

“What kind of bug can be so cruel!” Ji Yan covered his face and cried tearlessly.

He Ming snorted. That bug is right by your side.


When Ji Yan got into high school, his height immediately shot up. He had become even more handsome, and better looking than when he was in junior high school. Naturally, with his lively and outgoing personality, he had numerous pursuers. However almost every time He Ming would take away his love letters and this eventually evolved into Ji Yan voluntarily handing his love letters to He Ming.

He also didn’t know why he was so obedient. If you really wanted to find a reason, it was probably because he inexplicably found He Ming cute whenever he sees He Ming’s face darken when he sees the love letters.

When he once again handed over the love letters to He Ming, Ji Yan unsurprisingly saw his dark expression again. His cheeky side played up at this instant: “He Ming!”


“Why do you always stop me from reading those love letters? If those girls found out, they would be very sad!”

He Ming’s fingers stiffened. He then turned around and asked him: “You want to know?”

Seeing his serious expression, Ji Yan became even more expectant. He wanted to hear what flowery words He Ming would spout next.

He Ming calmly said: “I wish for you to be able to enter the same university as me.”

I want to be with you all the time. That was all.

“What is that....It’s because you think I’m stupid.....”Ji Yan felt his heart skip a bit. Deep inside, he felt slight hope.

After splashing cold water onto his face for the third time, Ji Yan was once again awakened. That He Ming, how can he be so good at studying!

“I’m so sleepy He Ming~” After school, Ji Yan leaned against He Ming’s shoulder and yawned.

He Ming emotionlessly held his hand: “What did you do? Play games all night again?”

“What do you mean by again? When did I not invite you along?”

He Ming was curious: “Then what were you doing?”

From behind him came a muffled voice: “Studying........”


“Didn’t you say that you wanted me to go to the same university as you.......I obviously can’t let you deliberately perform badly.....”

He Ming’s heart was in a state of turmoil. He grabbed Ji Yan’s arm and tried to keep his voice steady: “Then you’ll have to do your best.”

“I know.” Ji Yan got up from him and stretched: “If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t study so hard.”

Those light words were like snowflakes falling into the surface of a lake and disappearing without a trace. However for He Ming it was an unforgettable moment that moved his heart.

As it turned out, I am someone who he is willing to work hard for.


That summer, after the sound signalling the end of the college entrance examination, countless books and papers piled at the bottom of the box, never to be looked at again. When He Ming was cleaning his room, he also shoved love letters in as well. Ji Yan, in the future just having me by your side is enough.

When the admission notice was realised, their first reaction was to call each other.

“Hello Ji Yan. I was accepted.”

“Me too. Then, let’s pull an all-nighter?”

“Okay, open the door.”

As the two laid next to each other in bed, He Ming was overwhelmed with happiness. If things can continue like this, then it would be great.

University life was indeed a lot easier than high school and there were plenty of new and fresh things. What remained unchanged was He Ming’s feelings for Ji Yan.

On the night of the dinner with the other members of the dormitory, Ji Yan drank a lot. In the end, he collapsed after taking a few steps. He Ming supported his waist and placed his arms around his shoulder.

“Ji Yan, why did you drink so much for?!”

Clearly knowing that he would not understand and would not be able to give a coherent answer, He Ming couldn’t help but scold him

He also blamed himself for not watching over him more carefully.

The early spring breeze was quite strong and this was especially the case at night. It blew over Ji Yan’s face and he subconsciously shrinks into He Ming’s arms.

He Ming daringly held him in his embrace and with his warm breath against his ears he said: “Ji Yan. Did you know? I like you.”

Ji Yan naturally did not answer and He Ming also didn’t wish for anything. He just wanted to be by his side. That alone was enough.

Something like alcohol always caused more harm than good. Just as Ji Yan reached the entrance of the hotel, he vomited his guts out. He Ming endured the smell of alcohol and bring him into the bathroom. Running warm water, he stripped him of his clothes. The moment the warm water touched his body, Ji Yan kept on moving causing He Ming to become drenched as well.

He Ming had no choice but to press the other man against the wall: “Stop moving around Ji Yan! Be good!”

Ji Yan was very confused and the alcohol made his whole body flush red. With teary eyes, he gazed into He Ming’s eyes.

Facing someone he had loved for so long, and even looking at him with that kind of expression, He Ming wasn’t Liu Xia Hui, so he soon started reacting.


He scolded himself softly and turned his head away from Ji Yan while quickly scrubbing him down.

After struggling for about half an hour, Ji Yan was finally dragged out and thrown onto the bed. He Ming held back his temper and covered him up with the blankets before sighing and preparing to go and take care of his desire. But just as he stood up, his hand was caught......

From Ji Yan’s mouth was, don’t go, sleep with me, I want to be together with you, you aren’t allowed to play with the others.... It was filled with nonsense.

But the last two words, he heard it clearly, “He Ming”.

He Ming took a deep breath in. You’re the one asking for it.

The moment his kiss landed onto his sweetheart, all his sense of reason broke. He Ming’s mind went blank and he could only follow his most primitive instinct; to invade and to conquer.

At the end, Ji Yan was held in his embrace as He Ming planted a small kiss on his forehead. My Ji Yan, I’ll treat you well for eternity.

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