My Artist Is Reborn

Chapter 34 – Champion
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Chapter 34 – Champion

The order in which the champion and runner-up competes is chosen by the highest approval ratings on the Internet.

Li Zihang has been firmly in first place since the beginning of the top ten, but Ye Cang chased him in the later stage. From the first game, the support rate of Ye Cang was one tenth that of Li Zihang. By the end of the last game, their Internet approval rating had been very tight. Ye Cang’s votes grew so fast that the gap between the two narrowed, and Li Zihang’s fans struggled on voting for him before they managed to stay ahead.

At the moment, the screenshot of the network support rate became displayed on the big screen, the support rate of Li Zihang and Ye Can’t was almost even, with a gap of only three votes, but Li Zihang is still qualified to choose the order of appearance because of the measly difference of three votes.

Li Zihang chose to appear first, and the host asked him why.

Li Zihang said with a helpless smile: “I am afraid that after watching Ye Cang’s performance, I will not have the confidence to sing my own song.”

To be able to let Li Zihang, who has always been very confident, say such a thing, it can be seen that the previous performance of Ye Cang had a great impact on him. And that let the audience found out that Li Zihang would actually sing his own original song.

Not to blame them, Li Zihang has been very stable in the upper circle from the beginning of competition. Although he is very strong in the public perception, he does lack some sense of expectations.

Nowadays, the pearls and jade in Ye Cang’s “The World After Death” sat right in front of them. They have already eaten a delicious delicacy, and naturally will demand more from Li Zihang.

Although Li Zihang said that he did not have self-confidence, but in fact, he was still very confident in the song he was going to sing.

He had told Ye Cang that he was already working on a new album before, and he was not joking. The song he is about to sing is the hit song of his new album.

Li Zihang is not the one who makes hot headed decisions. He has been preparing for this since he decided to choose the road of music. This song has been polished for several years. It is the killing ace he chose for this competition.

As a result, the frightened audience, who had just been pressed by the “The World After Death” began to boil their blood under the guidance of Li Zihang, and the excited cheers seemed to shatter the whole studio.

Wait till the end of Li Zihang’s performance to sweat.

The bosses of the guest table looked at each other.

Bai Lin: “Are the children so terrible now?”

Fang Jing: “Hey, the heart of this old man can’t stand these ups and downs.”

Ye Hazel: “This year’s best newcomer may be quite the contest.”

Chang Min: “... I don’t want to talk. I’m too tired.”

Two amazing songs in a row, and two high-quality performances in a row, not only caused the ratings of “Star of Tomorrow” to soar, but the barrage on the live broadcast went crazy.

[Gods fighting ah ah ah!!!!! ]

[Ah ah ah ah ah, Li Zihang and Ye Cang! These two are treasures!! Why are you on a show?!]

[My trembling hands, they don’t know who to support!]

[Who can understand this happy yet painful choice?]

[I didn’t expect Li Zihang’s original song to be so beautiful! He’s so charming on the stage, Ye Cang is in little danger]

[Eh! Unfortunately, Ye Cang, didn’t put off the song “The World After Death.” it should have been put on in this stage, if you put it in this game you would win ah!]

[Hey! Maybe Ye Cang’s next song is also very good. Don’t make up your mind so early]

[Impossible! This kind of quality song, the music industry can not come out with it every year, it can be used to compete for the best songs award, even for geniuses a song like that is not so cheap!]

[I don’t believe it! Cang must have something better than the vicissitudes of life! Cang! Cang! Cang!]

In this disturbance, Ye Cang stepped onto the stage against the light.

The light curtain in front of him is familiar yet unfamiliar to him at the same time. He went step by step from the dark to the bright place, is it not a portrayal of his life?

For him, the hardest thing to endure is not the loneliness in the dark, but the thought that he can no longer walk on the stage. At first, he also collapsed. It is not God’s mercy for him to die, but punishment.

But when he saw the light again, and even had the opportunity to stand on the stage and sing again, the pain and suffering seemed to be irrelevant for a moment, and he understood the value of life more than anyone else. So he cherished this opportunity to live more than anyone else.

Ye Cang stood in the middle of the stage, but the light did not dim, but began with the light above his head, constantly extending around. The fragmented light was shining like a night sky full of stars.

Ye Cang held the microphone and looked in a certain direction below the stage. In fact, he could not quite see the audience below the stage, but he had a kind of inexplicable intuition. Shen Huai was standing in that position.

The audience boiled up at once.

Standing in the crowd was Shen Huai, as if separated by the heavy crowd and Ye Cang’s line of sight, although Ye Cang quickly recovered his line of sight, but Shen Huai’s heart could not help beating violently.

Ye Cang closed his eyes.

The harp on the other side of the stage struck the first note, and the smooth and gentle music flowed from the strings.

However, the audience was in a bit of a commotion.

Chang Min was surprised and said, “This song...”

Fang Jing song lifted his eyebrows: “The style of the previous song is completely different, eh... It’s kind of interesting.”

As the big boys said, the theme of the song is so warm and peaceful, which is totally different from the fierce and repressive “The World After Death”, that it is almost impossible to believe that it was written by the same person.

In the arrangement, there is mainly the piano and violin, but they are in extremely rich levels. It seemed to contain the bitterness and loneliness of life, but left a warm aftertaste after.

Although the title of the song is “Long Night”, but in fact, this song is not dark, but rather like the joy of first sunrise after a long night.

New world, new life.

If “The World After Death” is from life to death, repressed to the extreme, then “Long Night” is from death to life, bringing new hope.

As the camera passed the auditorium, many of the audience unconsciously smiled, and some of them shed tears. Even the host could not help rubbing her eyes.

The huge studio was so quiet that only songs could be heard, and even the live screen was much quieter.

When the last note fell, Ye Cang put down the microphone. The huge emptiness coming from his heart at that moment makes him a momentarily get lost in trance. He almost subconsciously looked in the direction of Shen Huai.

And just then, the applause that came like a storm pulled back his eyes.

The audience stood up and applauded, even the special guest in the guest seat.

Backstage, Li Zihang’s expression was complex, and finally it turned into a relieved but helpless smile, applauding Ye Cang.

The host stepped onto the stage and although she quickly reapplied her makeup, you could still see some redness in her eyes.

The host helplessly said, “As a professional host, I have tried very hard to endure, but I really can’t help it. I thought, bad, it must be fined money, but I turned around and saw several of our directors have already burst into tears.”

A burst of laughter broke out at the scene, and the camera specially gave a close-up to several directors off the stage.

Although several directors responded in time to cover their faces, they still saw their red eyes and tears on their faces.

The host made a joke so that the atmosphere of the scene relaxed a lot, then asked the guests and the judges.

“I don’t know how many teachers have heard this song. What do they want to say?”

Several big stars looked at each other and finally handed the microphone to Fang Jing. Fang Jing didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Junior Qiu had been muttering before that he didn’t know where you came from. Now, I also want to ask this question, where on earth did you come from?”

The scene burst into laughter. Ye Cang also felt some helplessness, he did not expect to see that after decades, this old man is still so narrow.

When the laughter stopped, Fang Jing added, “I take back what I said before. You are even better than I thought. If you enter the music world, we old guys will be under a lot of pressure.”

Fang Jing has always been steady. One thing that should be said is that not everyone can get such an appraisal, which was enough to show his appreciation.

The fans at the scene were excited, shouting Ye Cang’s name, Li Zihang’s fans quickly responded, and shouted Li Zihang’s name.

Before the final result of the duel came out, fans got a head start on the battle.

Ye Cang and Li Zihang stand together, behind them is their network support rate, but at the moment the data above has been covered, only two light pillars of almost the same length can be seen.

Before the game, Li Zihang was ahead of Ye Cang by three votes. At the moment, it is still unknown who will win the final victory after these two songs were over.

The host held out his hand and shouted the five-second countdown.

By the end of the vote, all the audience’s eyes were focused on the two pillars.

The director handed the final number of votes to the host. The host looked at it and expressed surprise: “The votes of the two contestants are surprisingly close, only a thousand votes apart. That being the case, let’s start with these thousands of people.”

The number on the big screen keeps scrolling, and finally fell on the “5”. One person has 50 million votes, almost accounting for more than half of the votes of the top ten players.

Numbers keep appearing on the big screen and finally stopped at the thousand digits.

The host looked at the two judges at the guest table and said, “Shall we ask the judges who supported these two contestants to announce the next two crucial figures for us? Please welcome Mr. Xia Fei and Tang Ruoyi.”

Xia Fei and Tang Ruoyi stepped onto the stage from the guest table.

At this time, both the scene and the audience in front of the screen are already very nervous. The host would not say anymore, which meant that these two people would tell the final results of the vote.

Xia Fei said “7.”

Tang Ruoyi said “5.”

At the last moment, Ye Cang exceeded 2,000 votes. The loss on Li Zihang’s face flashed by, and he was the first to applaud him. Soon, Xia Fei and Tang Ruoyi also followed the applause.

The host announced loudly: “Congratulations to Ye Cang, who won the championship of “Star of Tomorrow” with 56,347,231 votes.”

A bunch of fireworks exploded around the stage, the colored balls above their heads cracked, and golden pieces of paper fell down, accompanied by applause from the audience.

Ye Cang’s championship was well-deserved.

At the moment, in the dressing room of the Golden Gate Theatre in Dongjiang City, several young actors were gathering to watch the finals of “Star of Tomorrow.” They were all fans of Ye Cang. When they saw Ye Cang win the championship, several people shouted excitedly.

But soon, outside the door came the teacher’s rebuke: “What are you doing? The performance will begin soon! Aren’t you ready yet?”

Several girls were caught off guard, and even their cell phones were not turned off in time before they hurried out.

When they left, the dressing room quieted down, leaving only the mobile phones left on the table to make a sound.

There seemed to be a slight wind blowing through the dressing room, and there was a small noise from the shelf of clothes, but it soon stopped, and a white foot appeared abruptly in front of the dresser.

This was a very beautiful woman, a fit dark red cheongsam outlines her slender figure, slender white arm wearing a lanolin jade bracelet, you could not tell whether the bracelet is whiter or her arm.

Under the slender willow eyebrows were pair of charming phoenix eyes, eye tail slightly picked up, the eyelashes moving slightly, but also having a different state from a heroic and valiant daughter.

She slowly approached the dresser, but the makeup mirror opposite was empty.

Her eyes were attracted by the mobile phone, which had Ye Cang in the award speech on the screen, and the camera was facing Ye Cang.

The woman looked moved when she saw Ye Cang in the camera.

“How can it be...”

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