My Angelic System

Chapter 2 The Angelic System
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Kye had slept the whole day. He had come home at two p.m yesterday and had slept until seven a.m. He was so tired that he didn't even remember what happened after he came home.

He was also feeling quite sick, probably because he had caught a cold because of the girl's water ability and the wind outside, but he didn't have anything now. It was as if everything he had yesterday was a lie, and that he was beginning a totally new life.

And to begin this new life in a good way, Kye decided to take a shower. It was seven a.m, and the military was supposed to come and pick him up at 8 a.m, so he had all the time to take a shower.

He didn't need to take any luggage because he didn't need it. The military was providing them with everything, and since they would be in uniform once there, they didn't need clothes either.

So he went to the bathroom.

When he entered, he first took his clothes off and looked at himself in the mirror. Kye had clear brown hair that was just a little wavy. He had turquoise blue eyes and a normal-looking face. He wasn't as ugly as some of his bullies, but he wasn't handsome either.

Though, he had the impression that he had changed a little.

"Is it I or my hair are a little smoother?"

It wasn't just his imagination since it was real. His hair was wavier yesterday, whereas now, they had lost a lot of that.

"It's not like I usually care about them anyway, so there's no point in me focusing on that." He said and entered the bathtub.

He then took a long bath. He had the time, so he cleaned himself as much as he can.

Though, he remarked something else when he was shampooing himself.

"My skin isn't as beaten as before too. It's as if I gain new skin overnight."

Not lingered more about that, he continued his shower, and after thirty minutes or so, he got out. It was so refreshing that he had the impression that all his worries went away.

Not that it was possible anyway. But still, it reassured him thinking that. The military would be something totally new. There wasn't a lot of information about what they were supposed to do there.

The military was quite secretive about that. It didn't want to leak any information to the outside world because one, it wasn't the only big force on Earth, there were also big families. So if the military was sharing their training and other stuff, they would lose their advantage. And even though those big families weren't based on Earth and instead on other planets that they had found habitable after the venue of the monsters, they still had a lot of influence on Earth. And second, they didn't want to leak what they were doing to the enemies. They had indeed signed a peace treaty with the intelligent monsters, but that doesn't mean that conflicts completely stopped. They were often fighting for lesser monsters that didn't have any intelligence on the planet they had found for resources or even materials to craft items.

So they needed to be secretive to prevent the enemy from taking advantage of them, and the allies to know how they proceed.

Peace was only there because there were enough powerhouses on both sides that were preventing each other from attacking. So if the military were to be attacked, the balance will be distorted and another war would begin.

So after coming out of the bathroom, Kye put some clothes on him and prepared himself something to eat.

He only cooked eggs since he only had that. Not that he would have been able to eat more anyway. His stomach was quite small since he needed to keep living even without much food.

Once the eggs were ready, he put one in his mouth. However, something happens.

The eggs had the taste of dirt, and it was really disgusting. So in the end, he just spit them out from his mouth.

"How come? I ate eggs yesterday morning, so they shouldn't have this taste," He was only talking to himself, but something appeared before his eyes.

It was golden in color and looked like a video game system that rich kids would play after school.

[Host has eaten something poisonous.]

[Cleansing process initiated]

"What's that?" He asked, but this thing didn't answer. Instead, he just felt good and didn't have this disgusting taste in his mouth anymore. As if he was cleansed for real.

The alert then disappeared.

"Wait, wait, do go like that," Kye said, but nothing happened. He then tried to visualize this window again, and miraculously, something with numbers appeared in front of him.


Host's name: Kye Vermillion

Race: Human

Exp: 0/100

HP: 10/10

Strength: 10

Agility: 10

Stamina: 10]

"What is that?" He got scared.

This golden window appeared out of thin air. It was strange because numbers were indicating his stats in real life.

He even tried to touch this window, but the only thing that happen was his hand passing through it.

"Does that mean that I'm the only one who can see this?" He then rushed to his bathroom to see it through the mirror, and there was no window reflecting.

"Yes, I'm the only one who can see it," He now got curious about it.

Under the numbers that were showing his supposed to be stats, there were still tabs under it.

He then clicked on the first one, which was the Skill tab.


Skill lock:???

Skill lock:???

Skill lock:???]

"Come on, obviously it would do that. Who saw any level one having skills?" He got angry but quickly calmed. There were still two more tabs to go through.

[Holy shop --> Lock

The host needs to be level 10 to unlock the shop.]

"Obviously, it would have been too easy otherwise."


Main quest

Additional quest]

This tab, unlike the other ones, had two subcategories. So Kye went in order and thought about the main quest category.

[Main quest:

Reach level 10]

"What a pain."

He then went toward the additional quest tab.

[Additional quest:

- Drink a liter of water

Reward: 5 Exp

- Do five push-ups

Reward: 5 Exp]


"That looks far easier," Kye then turned toward the clock. "Wow, it's already 7:55 a.m, I should try those quests just to be sure that everything is real."

Kye then got on his knees to try to do push-ups. Since his physic was quite poor, he got a hard time doing it.

[Congratulation, you earned 5 Exp]

"It's real," He almost shouted and then went toward his eating table to take a one-liter water bottle.

He drink it quickly, and the same message as earlier came.

,m "That's so cool. I don't know what is this thing, but I'm glad I have it," He opened his status tab just to check if the Exp had indeed gone up, and it did.

[Exp: 10/100]

"That's so cool," Kye said with a lot of joy before hearing his apartment bell.

"The military's here," A man's voice came out from behind the door. "Please open the door or I will have to open it by myself."

'It's already that time?' Kye thought as he looked at the clock. It was indicating 8:00 am. "They are right on time," He said and then went to the door.

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