My Angelic System

Chapter 15 Bad Timing
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Once classes had ended, Yugo and Ven took their time. Kye wouldn't suddenly disappear just in a few minutes after all, right?

And even if he did, he would surely contact them first, right?

So they decided to go slowly to Kye's classroom. Though, what they heard in the hallway wasn't that reassuring.

People were talking about a low level that had been transported with a high level, so it wasn't hard to know what would happen. But since there wasn't any physical description of the low level, the boys just thought that it wasn't Kye.

There were a lot of low-level people in the academy, so Kye couldn't possibly be the target every time.

Though, when they heard something, they just accelerated their walking pace.

They heard from one girl that the low level had beautiful blue eyes and that she would have dated him if he was a high-level student and not a low-level.

But the only thing they remembered from that was that the low lever had beautiful blue eyes, and they only knew Kye with that criteria.

So they rushed toward Kye's classroom, only to see that he wasn't there.

"Excuse me," Yugo said to one of Kye's classmates. "Do you perhaps know where the two boys who were fighting during lunch went?"

"Uhm, I think they went outside, and probably toward the forest if they wanted to do something," The girl said with a little bit of fear. She was just level 3 whereas Yugo was level 6. Sure she wasn't as bullyable as level 1, but a level 6 would be able to make her suffer without even her knowing it, so she just said what she knew in the end.

Without even thanking her, Yugo who was followed by Ven went there.

They hoped with all their heart that nothing had happened to Kye, because if it was the case, it would be hard for them to apologize to him.

They were high-level and were able to protect him. So if Kye was once more in a hospital bed, they wouldn't know what to do anymore.


Kye was surrounded by floating rock. He couldn't count them because it would only distract him more than anything else, but just with a glance, he could see that there were a lot of rocks.

And strangely enough, these rock looks oddly sharp. He didn't know if they were naturally sharp or if it was the guy's ability who did that, but either way, it wasn't good for him.

He didn't want to know how much damage he would receive with just one rock, so if all of them were to impale him, he will surely die.

So he tried to analyze the situation as much as possible, but fear was slowly taking over his rationality.

'Come on, why did he need to have such a strong ability?' He thought in desperation. 'No! I too have something that could go to par with his ability. I just need to aim to a vital and everything will be good.' He thought as he made a gun-like shape with his hand and put it in front of him to have a better aim.

Earlier he had sent his Holy ray with a fist, and it had done a lot of damage. But doing it like this would probably be better.

The penetration would be even stronger, and he just hoped that by doing this, his spell would be as strong as a real gun.

Though, it wasn't as if the boy would have let him do his things.

All this time, he was gathering the rocks and was controlling them, but once he saw what Kye was doing, he unleashed his spell on him. He would have loved to gather more rock, but since he needed to stay idle when he was using this spell, he would have been an easy target for Kye.

So like this, he would still be able to move and avoid a fatal injury. The last Holy ray had made him suffer a lot earlier and he didn't want to live that pain again, so he used his spell even though it wasn't at its maximum capability.

Though, he was sure that it would have been enough to kill him.

He didn't know from where he got this golden ray, but at the end of the day, he was still a level 1 with a body of a level 1. So he wouldn't survive to that many rocks.

Or so he thought.

Kye began to receive rocks, and every time one came to him, it pierced him. He had already numerous holes in his body. It was extremely painful every time a rock was piercing his body and got stuck in it, but he greeted through the pain.

His HP was going down, but he still needed to aim at his bully without fault.

One mistake and everything could be ruined.

So even under the immense pain, he almost didn't scream in pain because if he did, it would just distract him more than anything.

[Be careful! Your HP is dangerously low.]

[5 HP remaining]

'Tch,' Kye thought as he finally got a good firing line. 'Holy ray!'

[-1 HP]

[3 HP left]

He didn't look at the last few messages because all his focus was on the Holy ray.

It was as if he was looking at a slowed film, where he could see everything around him but couldn't interact with them.

His bully was moving slowly and was trying to avoid his golden ray, but the latter was heading right toward his heart.

It was as if a sniper had aimed at him so much the ray had been aimed goodly. It didn't look as if it was a simple student who had aimed.

Though, in this slowed world, Kye saw something. It was at the side. He could see two teenagers.

And he recognizes the faces immediately since they were his roommates and his new friends.

Yes, it was Yugo and Ven, and they saw what had happened in the end. Especially when Kye had sent his golden ray.

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