My Angelic System

Chapter 14 The Decisive Fight
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The big guy came to where Kye was and then slapped his table. "Hey, we need to talk, if you see what I'm talking about," He headed out of the classroom, followed by a seemingly reluctant Kye.

The big guy was walking ahead, and Kye was following him without saying a word.

They walked for quite a long time, and wherever they were passing people were glancing at them strangely. The high levels with expectation because they knew that it would be a great time for the big guy, while the low levels were pitying Kye because they also knew what would happen to him. Though they were glad that it wasn't them, and not a single soul came to try to protect Kye.

Not that Kye wanted anyway.

If his 'bullying' was reported the next time, it would only mean that the death door would be closer to him. So it was better to do things now than later.

He was also glad that neither Yugo nor Ven immediately came to his classroom after the bell had rung. It would only complicate things more if they were to come because how would he explain to them what he would do right now?

He won't be able, right?

So it was really good that they didn't come. And it was also one of the reasons why he hadn't called them to help him. Sure if they were here, it would be far easier to complete the mission, but then, he would need to explain why he had done this, and above all, there would be witnesses that would see what he would do.

So it was better that he was alone and that nobody came to help him.

And after walking for a while, they finally came somewhere where there wasn't anybody. They were in what seemed a little forest that was near the academy's building.

The forest wasn't too dense, but it didn't need to be since there wasn't anybody here. And since they were pretty far from the entrance, there was even less risk to be seen by someone.

"We didn't finish something last time, don't you think?" The big guy said.

Kye didn't really know what to say, but in the end, he decided to go the provocative way.

"Did we? I thought I had won our little spar though," He smiled. He had thought that when the film was playing earlier during class. A fighter who couldn't keep his calm would always do mistakes in a fight, so the best solution to win was to provoke him as much as possible.

"What did you say?" He shouted. "You tr*sh, I'm going to kill you!!" He rushed toward Kye as his arms began to be enveloped by rocks. Though, he was quite slow. Even slower than this noon.

'It worked. And I can even see his movement clearly,' He thought with a lot of joy, but quickly calm himself after remembering how he got punched easily because he was distracted.

And in the end, he managed to avoid his first strike and took a few steps back to reposition himself.

"That's all? I was expecting a little more from a level three, to be honest," Kye provoked him one more time, and the boy couldn't take it anymore.

It was the first time in his life that he was humiliated like this, and it was no less than a level one who was humiliating him.

"You son of bi*ch, I will fuc*ing kill you!!!"

Hearing him shout like this, Kye was happy. He had managed to provoke him enough to not let him think straight. Though the fact that he had insulted his dead mother of a bi*ch was enough to erase this smile, and instead, let a cold glance on his face.

And when the big guy was once again rushing toward him, Kye finally use his new spell, Holy ray

[-1 HP]

This HP loss would surely put him in a bad situation as time passed, but if he could damage him enough with it, it would be worth the risk.

The golden light headed toward the big guy at a fast speed, and since he was in range and the guy didn't expect something like that, he got hit in his left shoulder.

"ARGHHHHHHH!!!" He screamed in pain. All the rocks that were in his left arm had felled down, and now, in his left shoulder, there was a medium hole.

He wanted to ask how it was possible. How could a level one could have such a strong ability and stay level one, but Kye didn't let him.

The latter rushed toward him quickly when he saw that he got to his knees, and punched him as strongly as possible in the face.

The big guy was sent a little to the back, but not that much. Kye was surely fast, but he didn't have any strength. Not with a body like his in any case.


And seeing that he didn't do much, he took once again some steps back.

The big guy was still feeling the pain in his shoulder, but he managed to get up. It was clear that his enemy wasn't holding back, so that means that he was also ready to kill him. And because of that, he used his strongest spell.

He put his hands on the ground and all the surrounding rock began to float in the air.

"HAHAHA, did you really think you would do any sh*t against me?" He shouted while laughing. "Die you fuc*ing bast*rd," He said as he sent the rocks toward Kye.

Seeing them, Kye got scared.

But he remembered that he wouldn't be able to do anything or think straight under stress, so he calmed down.

He then quickly observed the situation he was in and only saw one thing to do.

Using as much Holy ray as possible to kill him.

If he didn't do that, it would be him who would die.

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