My Angelic System

Chapter 13 Questions
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Kye had completely forgotten the quest he had received after his evolution. He didn't know if it was because the quest in itself was absurd, or because he still thought that it was a joke, but in the end, the quest was still real.

'What do I do?' He thought while he was biting his finger. He wasn't paying any attention to the film anymore because the quest would determine if he would still be able to live or not. 'How should I proceed? Wouldn't the military know that it's me if he die? No, would I even be able to beat him in the first place?'

As he thought, it was good to think of a way to kill him or even try to escape from the military's attention, but the real question was if he would be able to beat him before even thinking of killing him.

The one who had disrespected heaven was an ability user for a long time now. And his ability was none other than rock. A very powerful ability because it was strong in defense and in attacks. And unlike Kye, he had had the time to familiarize himself with his ability and how to use it, whereas Kye only unlocked his first spell a few hours ago.

'Should I ask Yugo and Ven for help? But would they even help? Wouldn't they ask me why I need to kill him? Sure it's the one who had beaten me, but is it necessary to kill him? Won't they ask me that?'

Even though he wanted to ask them for help, he couldn't. He had only met them and been friends with them not long ago, so he couldn't destroy his new friendship because of that.

'No, why would I even need their help?' He thought. 'I decided to stand for myself now, so why do I want to ask for their help? And would the system even accept if I proceed like that?' He asked himself. 'No, I can't risk it. I don't know anything about the system, so it's better if I don't do it like that. I need to do it alone, with my own means and power.'

'Come on Kye, you can do it,' He encouraged himself, but even he had some big difficulties believing in that. He had sure obtained a spell, but would it be even effective against him? Would he be able to know when to use it to not die?

Since Holy ray was consuming 1 HP every time he was using it, he could be low HP quickly if he didn't pay attention to his enemy.

One big hit could put him in a difficult situation, and in the middle of a fight, this situation would be disastrous.

So the film the teacher put was still going on. But Kye didn't pay attention to it anymore. He was trying to make as many fighting scenarios in his head as possible to expect as many situations as possible. But since he had little to no experience in this field, he didn't know how to do it.

And even if he was able to make scenarios in his head, would he be able to react? He never fought for real since it was only a one-sided fight every time it was happening, so he wouldn't be able to see the enemy's movements even if he had planned everything beforehand.

Battle's experiences couldn't be surpassed just with theory and strategy. As it was called, experience, so one needed to experience battles to know how to react or even see the enemies' movement.

Though, there was one silver lining in all of that mess. The fact that he had managed to see his bully's movement and also dodge some of his hits. Sure he had taken so big fists in his head too, but it was because he was distracted by his emotions, and more particularly with joy.

And it was still when he hadn't improved his agility through the system. He didn't know if it would be a significant change or not, but if he was already able to see the movements and dodge them one time out of two, then this single point in agility will greatly help him. Even if it was just a little, help was still help. And every help was welcome in situations like this. Especially when the enemy was much more experienced than him.

So classes continued, and even though he had calmed a little, it was still hard to focus. If what he thought would happen, that is to say, the big man would come to him after class ended to go somewhere quiet, then that means that he would kill someone this afternoon. And he wasn't ready for that yet. 𝑓𝒓e𝑒wπ‘’π’ƒπ‘›π’π˜ƒβ„―π™‘. c𝚘m

He even had a hard time killing an insect, so killing a human was a thousand times, if not a million times harder. There would be blood, and things that would lead to him, so he really wasn't ready.

'Why do I have to do that? Is it the equivalent exchange that my parents were talking about? I got some abilities and spells, and in exchange, I need to act like an angel and kill those who had offended heaven?' He had a hard time thinking that. 'What type of sh*t I'm in right now?'

Kye, even though was preparing himself to do the worst, wasn't ready at all. He was sure that he would experience a mental breakdown after that, but well... Only if he manages to kill the guy. Otherwise, the only one who will be dead would be him.

'No Kye, you need to do it. I don't know how, but you will be able to do it. Trust yourself, and everything would be alright. I just need to remember that I now have spells and that if I don't dodge him, I would definitely die, either under his onslaught or because of Holy ray.'

As he was thinking that, the film ended and the bell announced the end of the school day, and thus, the students were free to do whatever they wanted.

And as he had predicted, the one who had to bully him this morning came.

He slapped the table where Kye was sitting and said, "Hey, we need to talk, if you see what I'm talking about," He headed out of the classroom, followed by a seemingly reluctant Kye and under the eyes of those who still hadn't gone out of the classroom.

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