My Angel system

Chapter 8 Special Abilities
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"You seem to like vegetables very much," Sarah said as she dropped Luis' plate of vegetables on the table.

Sarah was Greg's wife, she was nice and looked just like Tammy, but she wasn't blonde and seemed to have a brighter face than hers, she had welcomed Luis warmly, unlike most women would when their husband brought home a stranger.

"Yes ma," Luis said grabbing the spoons on the table, he sure hoped they would taste better than the ones he ate in the morning and they did, Luis was enjoying his food, but then he felt awkward by the sudden silence in the room, everyone was watching him.

"Is anything wrong?" he asked, slowly raising his gaze.

They quickly turned their gaze back to their food, except for Greg.

"No, enjoy your food" he smiled.

For the few hours he had been with him, Luis had come to love this man, he was caring, like the father that he never had, Greg was a well-built man, he was muscular and always had a serious look on his face, if you didn't know him, you would take him to be a no-nonsense person, but his smile would always remind anyone of how caring and loving he was.

Luis finished his meal in no time and went straight to the room where Greg had told him to stay, it was a nice room, it wasn't too big nor was it too small, he went straight to the bed he wanted to compare it with the one he slept with back at Asaka.

If the bed he slept with at Asaka was soft and fluffy, this was soft, cozy, fluffy, and very warm, it felt like a dive in the river when the weather was hot and soon Luis found himself on the bed not wanting to stand up, he scanned the room with his eyes, there wasn't much in the room except for a closet and a table with a chair slid under it.

Luis shut his eyes and tried to fall asleep even though he wasn't feeling sleepy, but then he started to hear some noise outside, that sounded like Tammy.

Luis quickly got up and went to the window, it was Tammy, she was training with a doll that was hung on a tree outside, she was hitting it in every way possible with both of her daggers, Luis watched her for a while and wondered how such a beauty could be so skilled in fighting.

At Asaka beautiful ladies were mostly lazy because they had men who would be willing to give them all they wanted, Luis could help but wonder how Tammy's situation would have been if she had come from Asaka, maybe she wouldn't have gotten to know how to fight like this she would have been betrothed to a very powerful and rich man now, that was the way things worked at Asaka.

A poor couple would wish to give birth to an astonishingly beautiful girl then they would sell her to a wealthy man who couldn't resist a beautiful woman and then they would have a better life, while their daughter got suffocated in the home of a man that she has no love for.

The more Luis watched her hit that doll the more he wanted to go downstairs and ask her to train him, but he was afraid because he felt that she hated him, but after a while, he decided to summon the courage and go ask her.

"Why am I doing this? She hates me" he muttered as he approached her, she was facing the doll and wasn't seeing him.

"I don't hate you," Tammy said, Luis was sure he had muttered that and was far enough for her not to hear it." I just hate that you are in my home," she said stabbing both of her daggers into the doll and they disappeared.

"How are you able to do that?"

"Do what?" she asked and sat beside the water fountain.

"You hear the slightest of words I say to myself"

"It's a special ability" she shrugged and then took a sip from her water bottle.

"So you all have the same special abilities"

"No, this is just a family ability," she said wiping off the wetness on her lips."We all have it plus our special ability"

"What's your special ability?"

She quickly took down the rest of the water in the can and then turned to him with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Stand straight let me show you"

"Ok," Luis said standing straight like a soldier.

She stood up and walked down to the floor, she raised her foot and stomped it on the floor, the ground started shaking and Luis was finding it hard to keep his balance.

"You are still not falling" she muttered with a smirk on her face, then she stomped her other foot on the ground and the force doubled.

Luis couldn't hold on any longer and soon fell flat on his face. He could hear Tammy chuckling as he raised his head.

"You didn't have to tell me to stand straight" he grumbled.

"I wanted it to look funny" she chuckled.

She looked prettier when chuckling.

"So getting dust on my face is your idea of fun," Luis said cleaning his face and clothes."Your ability"


"What's it called?"

"Ground shaker," she said stomping her foot on the ground to create an effect, but this time it was just a little shake.

"What of the one that all of you have?"


Not like it was used mainly for eavesdropping on people, it also served as a sort of prevention from people who usually sneaked on people or laid an ambush.

"Ok," Luis thought that was a really weird name, but he didn't say it."What's your dad's special ability?"


"What do...โ€ฆ

"He can control his body temperature and make it really hot or just warm," she said, walking to the doll."Why are you even asking me all these questions?"

"Because I want to know the world that I have found myself in," Luis said folding his hands. ๐Ÿ๐™งโ„ฏe๐™ฌ๐šŽ๐’ƒ๐—ป๐’ัตel. ๐œo๐“ถ

"Why did those demons attack you?"

"Why do you care?" her daggers had reappeared in her hands now, Luis couldn't wait to be able to do that, that is if he would be able to do it.

"Can't you be nice for once?"

"Nice" she chuckled, "Now let me show you what happens to nice people in this world, she positioned her daggers and tore the doll from its neck down to its lower body until all the foam was falling off.

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