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Chapter 40 A Demi-Angel’s Attractive Power
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Luis was struggling to keep himself from screaming as his body felt like someone had dug his hand into him destroying everything and then rearranging them immediately.

'What's happening to me.'

Luis groaned trying to keep himself from screaming out of pain. He dug his hands into the sheets on the hospital bed, pulling himself up and down, never in his life had he felt so much pain.

After a few minutes that seemed like forever, the pain stopped and the system was there to make it clear that it was over.

"I never want to go through that again." Luis huffed.

[ Evolution Complete ]

[ Congratulations, you have successfully evolved into a Demi-Angel ]

Looking at the message Luis had one thought in mind.

' What's a Demi-Angel?'

[ All stats has received an upgrade of (+2) ]

The messages didn't stop coming and looking at this now Luis knew he was getting somewhere for sure.

[ Name: Luis Miles ]

[ Race: Demi-Angel ]

[ 30/30 HP ]

[ 0/1500 EXP ]

[ Level: 10 ]

[ Physical Status ]

[ Strength: 17 ]

[ Stamina: 12 ]

[ Agility: 12 ]

Looking at the messages Luis could see that the bonus stats had already been added, things also got better because he still had four stat points which he had received from leveling up twice but for now he decided to leave the points unassigned because he couldn't wait to check out the best part of things.

[ Quest Completed ]

[ Congratulations on reaching level 10 ]

[ Quest reward ]

[ You have unlocked the Demi-Angel skills ]

[ You have received 02 skill points ]

[ Please choose a skill to unlock ]

[ Unmerited Favour ]

[ Mind read ]

[ Compel ]

Looking at everything, Luis was marveled, the system had never given him the choice to choose a skill before nor had it given him skill points.

'Maybe it had to do with the evolution.' He thought.

Looking at the skills, Luis could guess what each one could do but just to be sure he checked their description.

[ Unmerited Favour ]

[ When active draws people's attention to help you in whatever you are doing or want to do. Works well on soft-hearted individuals ]

Judging by the description Luis had guessed right.

'But the system did say that it worked well on soft-hearted people, does that mean it will fail against wicked and heartless.' Luis thought but he couldn't be sure.

[ Mind read ]

[ Allows the user to hear the thoughts of people close by. May not work on strong-willed people at this level ]

That one was already pretty clear to Luis but the description was still helpful, this reminded him that his skills could still level up, which meant that the mind read at level one could only read the mind of feeble-minded individuals.

[ Compel ]

[ Allows his user to force his commands on anybody depending on the person's willpower and resistance ]

Yep, he had guessed right in all of them, there was one thing which was similar about these skills and the thing was that they were all mind-related and depended on the person it was being used on.

Unmerited Favour was something Luis could do without at least for now, which left him to the last two choices.

'I mean mind read is cool but what if I start to invade other people's privacy, thoughts are meant to be private.' Luis thought.

'But then again it could help me in checking if there was anything fishy happening.'

Luis had made his choice, Compel just wasn't going to be useful to him now but a mind read would help him a lot in finding out things without much effort.

[ Mind read would cost two skill points. Would you like to unlock it? ]

[ Yes/No ]

At the end of the day, Luis had unlocked mind read but he would have to wait till the sun comes out to see how it works.

Luis thought he wouldn't have to sleep again after he had been out most of the day but he was wrong as he soon found himself dozing off.

The evolution had somehow made his body weak and he soon fell asleep without realizing the changes in his body.


[ Daily task completed ]

[ Get eight hours of sleep ]

[ 10 EXP granted ]

[ 10/1500 EXP ]

Luis woke up to his usual alarm which was his system notification, he checked his watch to see that the time was 9:30 am which meant that he had indeed slept for eight hours.

Luis sighed looking at his exp bar, leveling up again was going to be tough especially when he was here.

"You are awake."

Serene the school nurse entered with a tray of food in her hands.

While dropping the food on the table she stopped with her hand on the table looking at Luis closely.

At that moment Luis wanted to know why she was looking at him like that.

[ Mind read successful ]

'Why does he look so different, his face wasn't this smooth if I remember and the scar on his lips seems to have disappeared, his body even looks better than before.'

"Is anything wrong?" Luis asked to cut her off from her thoughts.

"No, I was just checking something." She quickly walked out of the room.

Luis could see that her cheeks had gone a little red in embarrassment, but she would even be more embarrassed if she knew that he actually heard her thoughts.

"That was kinda rude," Luis said getting up from the bed to check what was on the plate.

'Was the change from the evolution?' Luis wondered touching his face which was now smooth without any spot, Luis used to have a few pimples, though they were not that visible but they were all gone now and his face was crystal clear and smooth.

Touching his stomach, he could see that it had stiffened a little bit and he could actually feel some abs but they weren't that visible yet.

'Did the system do all these?' He wondered.

The change in looks wasn't that noticeable so he had nothing to worry about.

Luis ate up his food and quickly got ready to leave.

He walked out of the room into the main hall where Serene stayed with her seat by a corner.

"Are you sure you don't want to take the day off?" Serene asked as she saw Luis walk into the small hall.

"I think I feel better now," Luis said.

"Fine." Serene sighed. "But I am going to do some quick check-up on you first."

She pulled out a tiny box from her table and walked to Luis.

She had done some checks on him but still had one more check to do and that was his mouth or to be precise his lips.

"Your lips are healed?" Serene said touching the side of his lips, even she was surprised to be saying that.

A wound could heal in a day, that was explainable but it wouldn't just outright disappear.

Serene was frozen again as she kept looking at Luis' face.

'Flawless.' Was the word she had in mind.

'What is wrong with her?'

Luis was trying not to activate his mind read even though he was getting tempted to do so.

"I think I have to go," Luis said breaking the silence.

"Don't get into any more fights," Serene said with a soft voice.

"I won't," Luis said leaving immediately before things got awkward.

Immediately Luis closed the door Serene walked to her table and slammed her hands on it.

"What's wrong with you Serene? Were you about to throw yourself on that boy?" She was clearly talking to herself.


'But something was drawing me to him but I just don't know what?' She was frustrated thinking of what Luis would think of her after what had happened today.

Getting out of the clinic environment Luis let out a sigh.

'Am I really that attractive?' He wondered looking at himself if only he was with a mirror.

'This may be a problem if every girl starts behaving like that around me.' Luis thought as he made his way towards their class.

What many teenage boys would have considered as a blessing he thought of it as trouble.


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