My Angel system

Chapter 386 Dark Red Sky
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"You are telling me that you are an Angel," Tania said with a baffled expression on her face. "Like the ones my mother used to tell me about that had wings and mystical powers."

"Yeah, that fits the description," Luis said with a nod.

,m "Okay, but I don't see any wings," Tania said, turning her gaze to his shoulders.

"They always want to see the wings." The Angel muttered.

[ Flight activated ]

His wings quickly sprouted out from his back as the one on his right had gone straight for Ace's face.

"Dude." Ace said after falling on his bed to avoid getting hit by the wing.

"Sorry," Luis said.

Tania had her mouth wide open in shock as she slowly got up from where she was sitting and reached for the Angel's wings just to make sure that she wasn't seeing things.

"Can you fly with them?" She asked, feeling the texture of the wings against her fingers.

"Yeah," Luis replied with a nod.

"Can you show me?" She asked quickly, turning her gaze to his face.

"I would love to but I can't just go flying around in an area like this," Luis said.

"Okay, I understand what I don't understand is how this happened," Tania said. "If you had these powers then why did you allow your aunt to treat you like that?"

"I didn't have any of these powers at Asaka," Luis said.

"You didn't?" Tania said with a surprised expression on her face.

"Yeah, everything started happening after I arrived after that book went missing." He said.

"What book?" Tania asked.

"A little brown book I found in my aunt's library kept, it kept telling me about a great war. That book is the main reason why I am here today." Luis said.

"It kept telling you about a great war?" Tania said with a confused expression on her face.

"Yeah and I think I know what the great war is all about now," Luis said.

"You do?"

"Yeah, you know about Lucifer and his demons right?" Luis asked.

"I've been told but I haven't seen a demon before," Tania said.

"Well, you're certainly going to meet one someday as long as you're here," Luis said. "Lucifer and his army are planning an attack on Earth, that's what the great war is about."

"Yeah, but we are preparing for it, we know the day will certainly come and that's why the military and the world leaders are getting ready for it." Ace said.

"So the book brought you here to help in the war against Lucifer," Tania said.

"More like it brought me here to lead it somehow," Luis said.

According to the ultimate quest the system had given him, he was required to gather allies and lead the war against Lucifer.

"And I thought our world wasn't peaceful," Tania said. "These demons, what do they look like?"

"The weakest ones which are experimental demons have dark red bodies and they are really ugly but the real demons look just like humans and you wouldn't be able to tell if you see one." Ace said.

"Then how are you guys able to tell if a Demon isn't among all the humans in this place right now?" Tania asked.

"We have demon-detecting devices, it's in our academy, I'm sure it's in this academy and some of the students even have special mobile versions of it." Ace explained. "The device reads the aura of a demon within its range and then warns us about them, it works pretty well."

'On demons that don't have their auras suppressed.' Lena said.

"Okay," Tania said.

"I don't need those things to spot demons," Luis said.

"You don't?"

"Yeah, I have something called aura vision that enables me to see the aura of anything that has an aura," Luis explained.

"Oh, the aura vision," Tania said finally getting the answer to another one of her questions.

"Yeah, now back to what caused me to bring you here." The Angel said. "You have to be careful with your movements and no matter what, do not engage in a fight in public."

"Okay, what if I get into a tight spot?" She asked.

"Then contact me with your watch," Luis said, pointing at her watch.

"Ummm….I don't think my watch can send a message to yours." Tania said, raising her watch which had the number one displayed on it. "Only students from my academy are on the list."

"Oh, then you have to make sure that you don't get into a tight spot or….."

____ ____

White light appeared in front of the skyscraper building and when it cleared up, Luis could be seen standing there with Tania.

"Thank you, I think I can make it back from here," Tania said.

"No, I'm making sure you get to your room without anything going wrong," Luis said.

"Okay," Tania said with a warm smile before leading the way to her dorm room.

The two of them walked into the elevator as she quickly pushed the number seven button for the elevator to close.

Floor number seven wasn't that much of a distance from the first floor so it didn't take long before they got there.

She walked to room number three as Luis followed her and just as she was about to press the passcodes to open the door, the door had been opened by Chloe who was surprised to see the two standing there now.

"Where did you go?" The blonde-haired teenager asked. "I searched around the area for you and couldn't find you or Ace, I came back here expecting to see you but you still weren't here."


"Where did you go with Ace and why is he here with you?"

"I didn't go anywhere with Ace," Tania said.

"Then where did you go?" She asked.

"Something happened after you went back into the cafeteria and if it weren't for Luis, things could have ended badly for me and Ace," Tania said.

"What happened?" Chloe asked as a worried expression immediately appeared on her face.

_____ _____

"Alright guys, let's get going," Bryan said, walking out to the living room.

He had returned home yesterday with good news about the outworlders.

Their identity documents had been processed way faster than expected and for that reason, they were going to be heading to the tournament today but before that, there was something they had to deal with first.

The elf twins along with Jude had walked into the living room putting on the uniforms Bryan had chosen for them.

If they were going to be with him during the tournament then there was a condition that had to be met and that condition was for them to be military people.

That was the reason why they were dressed in the military black uniform with blue stripes running down the sides to signify that they were just sergeants and the Eukerion crest which was a specially carved letter E placed in the place of their badges.

"Nice," Bryan said with a smile before sliding his hand into his pocket and bringing out their national identity cards and military identity cards. "Pick yours and let's go, it's almost time for the portal to open."

He dropped the cards on the small table for them to pick their own before making his way toward the door.

It didn't take long for them to arrive at the military base as Bryan had cranked up the speed because they were already running late.

They arrived at the base with just seven minutes remaining before the portal opened.

He quickly made his way to his office and opened it to find Layla sitting in front of his computer.

"How did you get in here?" Bryan asked with a baffled look on his face.

"Can you worry less about that and quickly get over here?" She said, gesturing to him to come.

Bryan quickly made his way to her as the elf twins and Jude entered the office.

Looking at the monitor's screen now, they could see that Layla had already taken off with the drone and was heading toward the spot where the teleporter opened every day.

"Do you mind telling me how you got into my office now?" Bryan asked.

"You should be glad I found a way to get into your office, Bryan," Layla said, flying the drone closer to the sky.

"Yeah, that's why I want to know how you got in," Bryan said.

"Any minute now," Layla said, ignoring his question. "Hi, guys." She said, turning to the three standing behind her.

"Hi, Layla," Tuchel said.

"Ten more seconds." She said as she had kept the drone hovering on the spot.


Just like she said, the portal had opened after ten seconds all she needed to do now was fly the drone into it.

"Here we go, I hope nothing brings this one down." She said before flying into the portal. "We're in!" She added with an elated voice.

"It's nighttime," Bryan said, viewing the dark forest from the monitor screen.

"Yeah, but is the sky supposed to be that color?" Layla asked with an awkward expression on her face.

"What are you talking about?" Jude asked.

"This," Layla said before controlling the drone to point its main camera at the sky.

Both Jude and Tuchel had shocked expressions on their faces after seeing the sky and they slowly turned their gaze to Tauriel for an explanation.

"No, the sky isn't supposed to be that color." The she-elf said with a shocked expression on her face as she slowly shook her head.

The sky was dark red with no stars or moon in the sky, it looked like it was about to rain blood, which was something very unusual.

All of them in the room now we were beginning to get the feeling that something strange was going on.

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