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Chapter 29 Hidden School
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Today was the day, Luis and Tammy were already getting ready, Tammy was excited and Luis, let's just say didn't feel anything special or not about it.

Luis was still in his room getting ready, he wanted to make himself look as neat as possible, he had even cut his always unkept hair giving him a whole new look, then he put on something he never wanted to, the orange uniform.

After dressing up Luis picked up his sheath with his sword inside and placed it around his waist.

Luis walked out of his room and at the same time did Tammy come out from her room. She was completely dressed and had untied her usually tied allowing it to fall free but there was one thing Luis noticed and that was that she cut the hair a little bit and her blonde hair looked silkier than before, she was gorgeous with this new look of hers.

"Boys." Tammy sighed noticing how Luis was staring.

Luis heard what she said immediately snapped out of his thoughts and his cheeks went red with embarrassment.

"I just hope you don't look at every girl like that." She said walking downstairs. "Or else no one will take you seriously." She said as she continued to walk downstairs.

"What's she blabbering about?" Luis said.

Everyone ate breakfast, but after eating Luis didn't receive his usual task completed notification from his system.

'I guess it's because I didn't eat last night.' Luis thought.

Luis had gone to bed earlier than expected yesterday, it wasn't even nighttime yet and he was expected to wake up late in the night, but he never did, this didn't go unnoticed by Sarah and Greg but when they asked Luis told them that he was just very tired with all the training he had been doing so far.

After everyone had finished their breakfast, it was time for them to head off to school, Sarah wished them good luck as they got into the car, after that the car zoomed off.

The trip was silent with nobody saying a word to each other, but it got to a point where Tammy couldn't take it any longer and decided to say something.

"So dad, how fast were you able to advance to level six?" She asked.

"I can't actually say, because back in my days we just went to ordinary school and then trained afterward. There was no ranking system but in the school then but when the demons started showing up again they had to put it up in order to know who was stronger and worth keeping for the war that is to come." Greg explained.

"What if you were to guess?" She asked.

"I'll say….. three years."

"That's impossible, it took me four years."

"That it took you four years doesn't mean the one can't complete it before that, there are people who improve rapidly Tammy I don't think you've seen anyone before."

After saying that Tammy took a glance at Luis.

If her dad was talking about her not seeing someone improve rapidly then he was wrong.

She had just seen Luis someone she thought to be weak and slow greatly improve in one month.

Improve to the extent that he had completed the intense level in the fireball training on his first try something even she still wasn't able to do after many years of training.

She had also seen him overpower her in their sparring match, she never thought it would happen so soon.

And finally, she had seen him the fight of ten demons on his own without any trouble, not that she couldn't defeat ten of those demons on her own but she would be exhausted after that.

The part of everything that really terrified her was the fireball Luis had used that day.

This made Tammy to think of two things, did he always have a fire ability? But then why didn't he tell anybody? Or is he a demon? But that didn't make any sense because her necklace didn't give any reactions whenever she was around him even now that she was sitting next to him.

'Just what are you, Luis?'

The car continued moving until it had zoomed past their school which was still in ruins.

"Wasn't that the school?" Luis asked.

Greg chuckled.

"Didn't they tell you guys?"

"Tell us what?" Tammy asked.

"Your school's location is nowhere near this place."

"Then why are we driving in that direction?"

"You'll see."

Tammy wanted to ask more questions but decided to let it be, this was her father after all.

Greg had driven to an area where three rectangular boxes stood next to each other, while some soldiers stood there on guard.

"Are those?"

"Teleporters," Greg said helping her finish her sentence.

"Why do we need teleporters?" Luis asked.

"To teleport you to your school."

"Can't we just drive there?"

"Yes we can, that is if we get allowed."

"What do you mean?"

"The teleporters are here to keep the location of your school a secret and also to prevent having a demon infiltrate the school again."

That somehow made sense to Luis, but Tammy understood everything well, with the teleporters now the demons wouldn't know the exact location of the school and wouldn't even know how to get into the teleporter because they would have to go through the same thorough checkup that was being done on Tammy and Luis, they were being checked and scanned with all sorts of demon detecting devices.

After they were done with the checking Greg wished them good luck and zoomed off with his car.

"Well, I think it's time we get going," Tammy said looking at the three teleporters.

"Not yet." A soldier said.

Another soldier then walked up to them holding two black uniforms with a black circular watch placed on top of each one.

"Put these on."

Luis wasted no time to grab the clothes but Tammy was hesitant.

"What's these? I'm past level five."

"Just put it on miss."

Luis had already put on his own black uniform and was giving Tammy a weird smile now.

Tammy gave a sigh of relief and went into the building where the soldiers rested shutting the doors behind her.

She returned wearing the uniform and her face showed that she wasn't pleased one bit.


'I can't believe I am now wearing the same uniform as him.' She thought.

They were now given the ok sign and then two of the teleporters were turned on, both of the teleporters lit up and were now displaying a door-like shape in front of them, but all they could see was white.

"Just go through there and you would be on the other side safely."

Luis and Tammy went through the teleporters at the same time and they were now taken to a place where the wind was so heavy and cold.

"What is this place?" Tammy said cuddling up herself.

Luis wasn't being affected by the cold and that was because he had activated his fire ability and it was keeping him warm now.

"Look." Luis pointed and that was when Tammy saw what he was pointing to, a very large black gate, she didn't see it at first because her eyesight was blocked by the fog but she could see it now, they were finally at the school, but why put it in a such a cold place?


Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter.

Happy new year in advance ????

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