My Abilities Come with Special Effects

Chapter 229 - 229: Concealment and Third Exploration
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Chapter 229: Concealment and Third Exploration

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The atmosphere in the tent fell silent.

Lin Yan was slightly shocked. Liu Lanqing and Ling Shuangxue suddenly stopped talking after hearing that he had created his own Force Feature.

They stared at Lin Yan with an inexplicable expression.

Lin Yan coughed. “It’s just deducing a Force Feature. Aren’t all Force Features created by humans? Issuer Liu, Teacher Ling, you don’t have to be so surprised, right?”

Upon hearing this, Liu Lanqing and Ling Shuangxue narrowed their eyes. There was a similar strangeness on their beautiful faces that clearly had completely different styles.

It was Liu Lanqing who spoke. “Creating a new Force Feature, especially a Black Grade Force Feature… Lin Yan, do you know that it’s been a few years since a new Force Feature appeared in the prefecture capital?”


Lin Yan was even more stunned. It was indeed extremely difficult to deduce the Force Feature, but it had been a few years since a new Force Feature appeared. He did not expect it at all.

After a moment of silence, he said helplessly, “Then my luck… is too good?”

“To be able to deduce the Force Feature, it can’t be explained by just luck.” Ling Shuangxue looked at Lin Yan, her eyes shining slightly. “Most people who deduce the Force Feature are unique geniuses with very sharp perception of force.

“Such a person might not have strong combat strength, fast cultivation speed, or the desire to attack, but he has extraordinary talent in the deduction of the Force Feature.

In this world, other than the Force Features that have been passed down since ancient times, most of the other Force Features were deduced by these people.

“Such people often don’t deduce just one Force Feature.

In their life, they can always deduce at least six to seven Force Features. Once someone discovers them, they will be in high demand for the various factions… 𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝒃𝒏𝓸𝓿𝒆𝙑.𝒄𝓸𝙒

“Lin Yan, are you also such a person?”

Lin Yan: “…Perhaps I was just lucky?”

Ling Shuangxue was about to say something when Liu Lanqing interrupted her. “Lin Yan, have you told anyone else about your deduction of the Force Feature?”

Lin Yan shook his head.

“Then don’t tell anyone else in the future. Tell everyone that it’s… You got an ancient book excavated from the ruins and found a Force Feature.”

Lin Yan frowned slightly. “Issuer Liu, didn’t they say that such a person is in high demand?”

Liu Lanqing narrowed her eyes and sneered. “They’re indeed in high demand, but at the same time, it’s also a death talisman and a cage.”

Lin Yan was puzzled.

“In the prefecture capital, there are many major factions and countless factions. The opposing factions can’t wait to beat each other’s brains out.

“Regarding our Demon Suppression Division, there are no less than ten enemies with grudges.

“Even the Qianyuan Academy, which is known to be extraordinary, can’t exceed it.

“What do you think your enemy will do if they know what you’re capable of?”

The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. “If I can’t get it, you can’t either.”

Liu Lanqing nodded. “It’s good that you know. It’s not a bad thing to have talent, but if you stand out in the forest and threaten others, it will be a disaster…”

After making things clear, Lin Yan and Liu Lanqing finished speaking and went back to rest.

After displaying his strength, no one dared to disturb him anymore.

The next morning, Lin Yan opened the curtain door and went out. He realized that a large group of people had already gathered at the entrance of the camp and were waiting there.

The people exploring the Underworld were naturally the experts of the various factions. The other genius seeds were gathered in the outer circle with inexplicable expressions.

They were all smart people and had probably guessed a lot. The focus of this Dingdeng Genius Battle was not them at all.

Even the battle itself was not important.

When Lin Yan walked over, the gazes of all the geniuses turned cold.

They were clearly at the same age and level, but Lin Yan suddenly became the center of the entire camp.

Jealousy, envy…

Naturally, there were many of them.

Lin Yan only walked forward to the middle of the large group of people. The originally high and mighty Noble Realm experts of the prefecture capital all moved aside to make way.

In particular, Huo Qing, Tong Baiwei, and the few Noble Realm cultivators who had stopped Lin Yan and planned to search his body hid behind the crowd.

Lin Yan’s display of strength last night was very effective.

The Noble Realm cultivators present were all smart people. They still had to rely on him to enter the underground waterway. At this moment, naturally, no one provoked him.

Looking around, there were dozens of people. All of them were wearing anti-poison suits and were highly vigilant.

They had probably squeezed out all the anti-poison suits brought by all the factions.

Liu Lanqing gave Lin Yan a look. Lin Yan walked forward and didn’t say anything else. After saying that they were leaving, he led the way into the underground waterway.

His current strength was much stronger, especially with the help of the Spirit-Snatching Demonic Flame and the Azure Dragon Riding Wind and Thunder, he could deal a lot of damage in a short period of time. He was confident that he was not weaker than Liu Lanqing and Ling Shuangxue for a short amount of time.

Therefore, the way he walked towards the underground waterway was much more leisurely.

The group following behind had suffered a lot in the underground waterways recently, so they followed suit and were very careful.

“With so many people, if they can follow my instructions, I can clean up the

Corpse Buddha Cockroaches in this underground waterway…”

With a thought, Lin Yan was like a fish in the sea as he quickly shuttled through the entire underground waterway.

Soon, he led everyone into the underground plain world from a newly discovered hole that was hidden in the greenish-blue forest.

Most of the people in the crowd were here for the first time. When they saw this shocking scene, they let out low cries.

“Hmm? Mud Fruit!”

Liu Lanqing shouted softly.

Not far from the entrance of the cave, there was a purple-black Mud Fruit crawling under a huge green tree.

Scarlet flames ignited in her hand and she was about to throw them out.

“Issuer Liu, wait!”

Lin Yan quickly stopped her and walked towards the Mud Fruit.

“Lin Yan, this Mud Fruit is very dangerous. You… Huh?”

However, Lin Yan actually reached out and grabbed the Mud Fruit. He pulled it up and wrapped it around his body like a cloak, making it stick to his back.

The others didn’t think much of it, but Liu Lanqing, Bai Ling, and the others who had seen the Mud Fruit were all stunned. What was going on?

“Issuer Liu, my Force Feature can isolate the suction force of this Mud Fruit. Carrying it on me can deter those Corpse Buddha Cockroaches. I also used this to approach the shore of the lake.”

In fact, this Mud Fruit was arranged by his clone here in advance.

This underground world was filled with large Corpse Buddha Cockroaches. If he didn’t have this Mud Fruit armor, he really didn’t have the confidence to enter safely.

Liu Lanqing and Ling Shuangxue looked at each other, and a faint light flashed in their eyes. Yesterday, Lin Yan had already briefly mentioned his Force Feature. No matter how they looked at it, it didn’t have the ability to isolate the Mud Fruit clone.

Liu Lanqing seemed to be deep in thought as she said indifferently, “Everyone, he has already brought everyone in. Next, let’s split up. How many Unusual Items we obtain will depend on everyone’s ability.”

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly. “Issuer Liu! What do you mean? This underground world is dangerous. If we split, we will suffer. If we unite, we will benefit. Let’s walk together!”

“Walk together?”

Liu Lanqing’s voice was as cold as ice. “Everyone, do you want to stay under my Demon Suppression Division? It’s not impossible. You just have to listen to my orders and hand over all your gains to the Demon Suppression Division.”

“You! Liu Lanqing! You’re burning the bridge after crossing it! Have you forgotten the order of the Demon Suppression Division’s Hou Zun?! The various factions should be united and focus on mining the underground mystic realm!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he did not expect Liu Lanqing to suddenly be angry. “Bastard!”

A stream of flames surged and drowned the person who spoke.


That person’s expression was incomparably terrified. Liu Lanqing’s scarlet flames actually did not hold back at all. They were completely aimed at killing him!

Fortunately, he had companions beside him. They cooperated and unleashed forces crazily, barely putting off the flames on his body.

However, in a short period of time, his body was already covered in blisters, and his clothes were completely burned.

“You still dare to mention this in front of me?

“The place was discovered by the people of my Demon Suppression Division!

“The route was also stepped out by my Demon Suppression Division!

“The people from my Demon Suppression Division brought you in!

“You guys are just a group of flies. You don’t have any contributions. It’s fine if you rely on the faction behind you to suck blood from my Demon Suppression Division, but now you still dare to spout nonsense here?”

“If not for Hou Zun’s warning, none of you would have been able to return today!

“Piss off!”

Everyone’s expressions turned even uglier, but they were also incomparably afraid. The cold killing intent surging from Liu Lanqing was not fake at all!

She could really do it, and she also had the strength to do it!

“Teacher Ling, please say something fair…” Someone looked at Ling Shuangxue for help.

Don’t look at me.” Ling Shuangxue raised her hand. “What All Qing said… isn’t wrong. She’s already brought all of you in. If you want any Unusual Items, just go and get them yourself. Why are you still hanging around?

“My Qianyuan Academy upholds justice, but I’m not a nanny.”

Helpless, the other people from the prefecture capital were all covered in dust and scattered into the greenish-blue forest.

Lin Yan glanced between Liu Lanqing and Ling Shuangxue. These two must have reached an agreement.

Otherwise, with Issuer Liu’s violent temper, it was impossible for her to wait until today to explode. Her current performance was clearly free of shackles and restrictions and she had started to be unscrupulous.

Soon, there were less than ten people present. Other than the people from the Demon Suppression Division, there were also the few people from the Qianyuan Academy led by Ling Shuangxue.

At this moment, Liu Lanqing glanced at Lin Yan. “Lin Yan, tell me about the Mud Fruit on you.”

“I really can’t hide it from Issuer Liu…”

Lin Yan had no intention of using the excuse of Force Feature isolation to convince Liu Lanqing.

“Issuer Liu, this is a species that I found underground these few days. It’s different from the Mud Fruits on the trees! I call it the Earth-grown Mud Fruit!”

“Earth-grown Mud Fruit?” Liu Lanqing and a few people who had been to the Underworld felt that it was strange.

“Yes. This Mud Fruit looks the same as the hammer-shaped Mud Fruits hanging on the trees, but it’s actually not the same breed.

“They… can’t transform into fruit forms!

“Such Mud Fruit is always lying on the ground in the form of mud. Furthermore, its movements are slow. Most of the time, it’s in a motionless hibernation state.

“I accidentally discovered them in the forest. They are extremely rare.

“I originally wanted to kill them and obtain Unusual Items.

“However, I accidentally discovered that they didn’t hurt anyone.

“Wrap them around your body. It can extremely effectively intimidate the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches, preventing them from approaching.

It’s also because of this that I was able to approach the lake without being drowned by the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches.”

This string of words contained a huge amount of information, causing everyone present to be stunned.

At this moment, Ling Shuangxue asked indifferently, “Don’t you need to feed the Mud Fruit you mentioned?”

Lin Yan praised her in his heart. Ling Shuangxue’s reaction was indeed fast.

“I don’t know how they survive either. I’ve captured some small Corpse Buddha Cockroaches from the underground waterway for them. They will eat them too.”

Seeing that he didn’t know anything, Ling Shuangxue immediately thought of something else. “You said that these Mud Fruit clones basically don’t move… Where are they?”

This time, a look of admiration appeared on Lin Yan’s face. On the other hand, the others reacted much more slowly. “Where are what? Could it be…”

Ling Shuangxue said indifferently, “It doesn’t hurt anyone and doesn’t move. It can even intimidate the Corpse Buddha Cockroach. With your intelligence, you must have already collected such a good thing, right?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Teacher Ling’s reaction is really fast.”

With that, he led everyone to another direction and entered a hidden forest.

“They’re all here.”

Opening the leaves and branches, there were seven to eight purple-black Mud Fruits of various sizes lying under the leaves and branches without moving..

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