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Chapter 1467: Chapter 1467

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In such a huge venue, there were no seats left empty. Some people tactfully handed out red packets and could only leave.

However, the vast majority of people were still reluctant to leave. Today’s wedding was packed with people. Even if they could not get familiar with each other’s faces, they had to at least finish watching the wedding ceremony.

Today’s wedding was hosted by the president. This was personally requested by the president. This kind of honor was not something that ordinary people could have.

Although Elder Ye and Granny Ye were unable to personally organize the wedding, the people of the Tang family naturally could not chase them away since they were here to attend the wedding.

Elder Ye and Granny Ye took the initiative to greet the guests as if they were the hosts. Many other insiders and outsiders did not know, but Elder Ye and Granny Ye were showing off in all sorts of ways.

It was a small eyesore, but it was not good to say anything on this joyous day, so they could only let them be.

On this joyous day, no one wanted anything unpleasant to happen.

Meng Yuyan did not come. After all, the Ye family had already announced her death, and Ye Bowen did not come either. Who knew if it was because he had not received the news, or because he did not want to come?

Of course, the two darling children had also come. Today, Tang Zhimo and Tang Zhixi, the two darling children, were child attendants.

When the crowd saw the two darling children, they could not help but discuss in private. However, since the two darling children were the biological children of Third Young Master Ye and the eldest daughter of the Tang family, the crowd did not dare to say anything else.

“Today, I will be the one to officiate the marriage of the two newlyweds.” When the time came, the president looked at Chu Wuyou and Ye Lanchen with a light smile. “Today...”

“Wait a minute.” However, at this moment, a voice suddenly came and interrupted the president.

When everyone heard this shout, they were immediately shocked. Today was the wedding of the Tang family’s eldest miss and Third Young Master Ye, and it was personally officiated by the president. Yet, someone actually called for it to be stopped. Did he not want to live?

Everyone followed the voice and looked over, wanting to know who was courting death.

Shangguan Hong slowly walked over. Butler Zhong followed behind him step by step. Of course, there was also a group of bodyguards behind him. fre ewebn ovel

Because Shangguan Hong had not managed the matters of Ghost City for so many years and had not shown his face for so many years, no one present knew him.

There were not many people who had seen the city lord of Ghost City.

However, Butler Zhong would sometimes appear at the various branches to handle some matters. Today’s wedding was attended by people from Ghost City, and some people recognized Butler Zhong.

“Isn’t that Butler Zhong?” Someone looked at Butler Zhong in astonishment.

“Yes, it’s Butler Zhong.” The person beside him nodded slightly.

“Then who is the person in front of Butler Zhong?”

“Who else do you think can make Butler Zhong respect him?”

“You mean the city lord? That’s impossible, right? The city lord hasn’t appeared for many years, and he doesn’t even care about the matters in the city. Why would he appear here?”

“Who are you people? Don’t you know what kind of place this is? How dare you come and cause trouble? How can we allow you to cause trouble at the Ye family’s wedding?” Elder Ye was the first to walk over, wanting to stop Shangguan Hong.

Shangguan Hong did not even look at him. Over the past few days, Butler Zhong had investigated everything, including the matter of the two elders of the Ye family bullying his daughter. He did not look for them to settle the score because of his son-in-law.

Ah Zhong naturally recognized Elder Ye.. He glanced at Elder Ye, his eyes slightly darkened, and then waved at the two bodyguards beside him.

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