My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 1039 - The Consequences Of A Scumbag Woman’s Death Were Terrifying (I)
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Chapter 1039: Chapter 1039 The Consequences Of A Scumbag Woman’s Death Were Terrifying (I)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

But tonight, he was too fierce, too ruthless, as if he wanted to kill her.

She could not bear it.

Previously, she did not know why he did it, but now that she knew, she knew that he would be even more ruthless in the future.

But, could she refuse?


The moment the agreement was signed five years ago, she knew that she could not. She had no right to refuse.

“Situ Murong, it’s been five years. Aren’t you tired of me? Actually, you can find another young and beautiful woman.” Liu Ying could not help but say this when she felt his body pressing down on her.

In fact, she really did not quite understand why Situ Murong would do this.

It had been five years. was he not tired of being with only one woman?

With his status, he could find any woman he wanted. After all, their agreement only forbade her from dating men, but there was no rule that forbade him from finding women.

Could he not find other women to vent his strong and terrifying desire? Why did he have to torture her?

The smile on Situ Murong’s lips turned colder. Was she trying to push him to another woman?

Or had she always thought that way?

“Thank you, but I prefer the older and uglier ones. I don’t want to change my taste for the time being.”

Situ Murong’s words were almost squeezed out from between his teeth. Then, he fiercely and forcefully..

Liu Ying. “...”

Such a perverted answer really left her speechless.

Liu Ying secretly sighed and closed her eyes. With him like this, she reckoned that she would pass out soon!

When Situ Murong saw how she looked like she was trying to compromise and had nothing to live for, his actions became even fiercer and fiercer.

Chu family residence.

After Chu Wuyou took the medicine back, because Elder Chu’s condition had not been too good, she stayed with him and did not leave.

When Elder Chu was sleeping soundly, Chu Wuyou looked at the time. It was almost midnight.

At this moment, in another room.

Chu Zhijiang and Li Min were not asleep. They were waiting...

“They called to ask when we can make a move.” Li Min looked at Chu Zhijiang with a face full of fear and ruthlessness. “Should we make a move?”

“That b*tch is still in Elder Chu’s room. If we make a move now, I’m afraid we’ll alarm Elder Chu.” Chu Zhijiang had been observing the situation. He did not see Chu Wuyou coming out of Elder Chu’s room.

“What are you afraid of? If we alarm the old man, we’ll get rid of the old man as well. At that time, all the shares of the Chu Corporation will be ours.” Li Min had already lost all humanity. For the sake of money, she would do anything now.

In any case, harming one person was bad, and harming two people was also bad. It did not make much of a difference to her.

Chu Zhijiang was obviously stunned. He originally wanted to object, but when he heard Li Min’s last words, his eyes flashed, and he was obviously hesitant.

The shares of the Chu Corporation were too tempting for him.

“Let’s wait a little longer. The old man should be sleeping soon.” Chu Zhijiang thought about it, but he was still a little hesitant. He did not want to make a big deal out of this.

They might be able to hide their plans for Chu Wuyou, but if something happened to the old man, it would not be so easy to hide it.

“You’re always so careful when you do things. You’ve been afraid of this and that your whole life. What’s there to be afraid of?” Li Min was very dissatisfied. She was afraid that those people would become impatient from waiting. Those people were not so easily provoked.

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